Two arrested after carry out fight

A large fight broke out near Cliff’s Carry Out on Pierce Street Monday afternoon
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 26, 2014


Robert Crabb, 34, 100 block W. Strub Road, was charged with disorderly conduct. A boy, 16, 400 block E. Washington St., was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

A caller reported 30 children fighting near the carry out just after 3 p.m. Monday, but when officers arrived, the crowd scattered, according to a Sandusky police report.

Crabb and the boy, however, were still actively fighting.

The boy told police Crabb hit him with a bicycle and mop when he tried to defend his cousin who Crabb was allegedly “grabbing on”

Crabb meanwhile said the boy instigated the fight.

A hospital employee saw a group of children jump onto Crabb during the fight, but caught no other details.

Two mothers also approached police, saying their daughters were the ones who started the fight, the report said. One wanted to pursue charges, but officers referred her to the juvenile prosecutor’s office.




This really has nothing to do with Cliff's!


This has got to be some of the most stupid sh!+. Come on Robert you to old for this.


He didn't do anything...... I'm not gonna let 29 little punk kids beat the breaks of me either....why should you allow yourself to get assaulted by these kids and not defend yourself???????? Maybe you would allow these punks to assault you , and not do anything, but not me. Nor Mr. Crabb as well.....


I wouldn't let them assault me like I wouldn't let you since you have a problem with me.