Police: Man attacks girlfriend

A Sandusky man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in an hours-long attack Monday morning, police said.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 16, 2014


Randy Kimble, 44, of the 1100 block Farwell St., was charged with felonious assault.

Kimble’s girlfriend was at his Farwell Street home Monday morning when she told him she was leaving and he became upset, according to a Sandusky police report.

Kimble allegedly accused the woman of wanting to be with someone else. The woman told police she stayed to avoid a confrontation, but Kimble soon made his roommate leave and began his attack, which would last most of the morning, the report said.

During that time, Kimble allegedly hit the woman repeatedly and kicked her stomach. At one point, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the backyard, where he threw her to the ground, the report said.

Throughout the attack, he yelled at his girlfriend about wanting to be with someone else, the report said.

Afraid to leave, the woman stayed and endured the assault, the report said.

Not until 7 p.m. Tuesday did police learn of Kimble’s alleged actions. The woman had called her daughter to tell her she was in severe pain. Not knowing if her mother would refuse a ride to the hospital, the daughter instead alerted police.

When officers arrived at the woman’s Fourth Street home, she was covered in bruises, the report said. Her eyes were black and blue and swollen, her stomach in extreme pain, her arms, legs, chest, stomach, and back bruised, and she even experienced slight bleeding.

The woman’s daughter took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where a doctor said she’d require follow-up care from her physician.

When officers went to Kimble’s workplace to arrest him, he denied touching her, the report said.

On his way to the Erie County jail, Kimble said he never hit her, the report said. He remains in jail on $20,000 bond.


There you go again

Horrible!!! You think this was the 1st time he beat her?!?!


You are so right. It is horrible. So is the judgement of others after the incident.


This man has a history of this. Why only $20,000? Will he be Erie County's next murderer? I hope not. He has addiction demons and needs treatment far away from here and for a long time. Just sayin'.


Very good point Clementine.


Some man,, I dont care what the situation, he doesn't belong hitting on some woman. Someone needs a goods azz whooping himself, ya ask me..


we need tougher domestic violence laws, especially for jerks like this.


Now that's a real man!


It doesn't matter if this was the first time he's hit her or the 101st time he's hit her, $20,000 bond is crazy low!!! I can't believe that's all it is!!! While he's in jail I really hope that the girlfriend goes and gets a protection order against him, not that a little piece of paper stops someone from hitting them again if they really want to but at least the next time it happens - if there would be a next time - with a CPO he wouldn't be able to get out quite as easy.


Have you looked at his record? He has been arrested over 40 times! Once for CPO violation, TPO violation, domestic violence and a prior felony assault.

A CPO does not mean JACK! When you have a prosecutor who refuses to prosecute when they violate. She can call the police, sheriff or prosecutor and tell them he is driving by, calling or threatening her and they will just look at her like she is crazy.


I didnt look at his criminal record, however if its as bad as your saying it is Dick Tracey. Then the judge needs to be re evaluated at some point. You can not allow people to keep doing this and letting them out with a $20,000 bond, which equals what, $2,000 cash. This is wrong man, just all wrong.


A violation of either a criminal temporary protection order (TPO) or a civil protection order (CPO) is a crime under Revised Code Section 2919.27 and also constitutes contempt of court. Generally, violators are prosecuted under Section 2919.27, convicted, and sentenced to the applicable criminal penalties. A first conviction of violating a protection order is a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. A second or subsequent conviction of violating a protection order is a felony of the fifth degree, punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. Law enforcement officers are required to enforce domestic violence civil protection orders (CPOs. The CPO statute requires law enforcement officers to enforce CPOs. See RC 3113.31(S). Moreover, Ohio’s preferred arrest statute provides that arrests is the “preferred course of action” when any officer has reasonable cause to believe that someone has violated a domestic violence civil or criminal protection order. See RC 2935.03(B).


I agree with you , the only thing that is going stop this is to lock him up and throw away the key , Shes lucky he didnt kill her from what it sounds like .I would like to see him try that with a real man ,, he would be the one going to the hospital , Not that I condon fighting . Its not the answer , but for something like this I would have to make an exception

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(girlfriend goes and gets a protection order against him)

I think they come in 9mm, 45 caliber and other page sizes that can be served very quickly : )


The black woman that fired a warning shot to fend off an attack from her husband got 20 years in prison. Many civil rights leaders finally made enough noise to get her released pending a new trial. This was in Florida of all places!

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No color should matter, she should have put one in him if he was beating her. That is what the stand your ground law allows. Men are such losers that beat women, it is a control thing. I hope some others in the slammer slam him around a little!