Another drugging reported

Put-in-Bay visitor becomes violently ill; paramedic says a lot more will get 'roofied'
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 3, 2014

A woman who spent her birthday with her boyfriend in Put-in-Bay suspects someone drugged her at a downtown bar, rendering her unconscious.

The woman, 26, tested positive for the psychoactive drug Benzodiazepine, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

At about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, police arrived at a cottage the pair rented and spoke with the woman's boyfriend, who was caring for her, according to the report.

The woman had vomited and defecated on herself and was unresponsive, but breathing, he said. 

The man called paramedics after she passed out in the bathroom.

Paramedics eventually called a medical helicopter and transported the woman to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

At about 10:20 a.m., one of the victim's friends called Put-in-Bay police to provide additional information, according to the report.

The woman was awake at the hospital, she said.

Additionally, the the victim told police she remembered drinking alcohol at Mr. Ed's Bar and Grille and Level 2 Nightclub. She also visited T&J's Smokehouse, but she does not believe she drank anything at that establishment.

The friend said the woman was not concerned about being raped while unconscious because she spent the entire night with her boyfriend, according to the report.

— Serial poisoning?  

Tuesday's situation is one of a handful of suspected druggings in Put-in-Bay this year.

Most recently, a woman alleged her boss raped her May 4 inside a popular island bar where the pair worked. She was unconscious and may have been drugged.

After drinking alcohol with the man, the woman became unconscious and awoke with him on top of her, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

The report detailing the incident claims the woman did not want to pursue charges against her alleged rapist, but it's unclear how police obtained that information.

It appears police only spoke with a trauma nurse from a Michigan hospital, not the victim, following the alleged attack. 

Police did not respond to requests for additional information.

On June 7, two women passed out mid-afternoon at Mist swim-up bar, and paramedics believe they were also drugged, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

"The EMS worker informed me that it was most likely (sic) ruphy and stated that there will probably be a lot more individuals getting (sic) ruphied," police said in their report.

Additionally, on June 13, three women and two men believed they were also drugged at a bar, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

The group lost consciousness for several hours after posing for a picture with a group of unknown men at Mojito Bay, where they claim someone slipped drugs into their drinks.



Mist had 2 drugged too.....interesting....seeing how that's owned by Mr. Ed too


Hm. If you ask me, all the bars over there need to have cameras set up above the bartending area/bar. If the bars don't do anything about it, boycott. There's a pattern here, victims are women and they're all drugged by bars under the same ownership, stating the obvious. There needs to be extensive investigation done on all male employees, including top dogs. SR, please press owners and Ottawa County on this. It's sad that it takes several people being severely injured for something to be done. I'd also like to see if owners of these bars where the druggings occur will respond to questions by media.

Benzodiazepines are anxiolytics and tranquilizers that are VERY dangerous if they're taken in high amounts, and have worse effects when alcohol is consumed with a benzodiazepine in the system. They're often abused.


Setting up security cameras would make a lot of sense if one was operating a business with concerns for security of customers, employees and legitimate business interests. However, if one is operating a cash based business that is laundering funds or is being skimmed of cash to avoid paying all taxes and only has cursory cares about other people cameras would expose too much.

You're right about the class of drugs called benzodiazepines. This class includes the trade name drugs Librium, Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin. If consumed with alcohol there is a synergistic effect between the two drugs that is dangerous and can in certain people be deadly. Most likely the drug used was Xanax as it is widely available illegally.

It's increasingly apparent that either PIB law enforcement led by Chief Ric Lampala and county prosecutor Mulligan are utterly incompetent or there are financial/political reasons that compel them to ignore some criminal activities committed by some people or organizations.


I'm a nurse, of course I know that. : )


Two things stand out in this article.

1.) The boss-employee rape happened inside Mr. Eds bar? I guess I pictured them actually going out (like a date) and ending up I hotel room.

2.) This is the first I have heard of the drugging at Mist on June 7. Of course this is very significant since both locations have the same owner.

The drugs in the drinks are not surprising, I have heard this rumor for the last couple years.


Most bar owners are total creeps in my experience.


It appears they need a detective there instead of police doing nothing but handling drunks all the time.

Dwight K.

Goes to show you don't need to drink for a good time or at every freaking event there is. Not a lot of good comes from alcohol.


It should be apparent now more than ever that THIS BAR MR ED'S and his band of marauders are a community wide problem. My friend was raped by one of his managers Chris Blessing and now others are coming forward to substantiate that there is indeed a problem there. It seems very clear now that the police department there is not qualified to police what happens on that island or simply turns a blind eye to what's going on.

My last trip up there I saw many officers fraternizing with girls and in bars taking photos with girls, some in not so flattering positions. Why this ongoing type of behavior would be tolerated is beyond me. Is it going to take someone dying before action is taken? No woman (or man) should have to worry what is contained in their drink when out to enjoy an evening together. This girl was with her boyfriend. Do they really think it's funny to do this? I predict someone will have blood on their hands before this comes to an end.

got it commin

WOW!...This is a big surprise..Never heard of this before..Your right Brenda..someones gonna die...then What will the position of Ed be..National media is gonna love this..When all the crap go's down and its all too late..Ed..I hope you take a good long sensible look at all this and hope that Keeping and standing by this dipsh#t was all worth it..Your sticking up for a criminal instead of the victims...bad you will see

The governed

People have already died
#phillip masterson
A paramedic on the island told me once " it's not uncommon to find at least a dozen bodies a year. we keep it quiet, there's no sense in scaring off tourists."


To The Register, Some advice! get rid quickly the blog written by "Brenda 1991." She has provided a Mr. B____ing ammunition for giving him ammunition to file charges of "possible" libel, but definitely for "defamation."

And, of course, Ms. 1991 is not guilty of anything (I don't think). it is the newspaper which made her comments public.


Wow! You suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Sorry, looks like I provided too much "ammunition. in the first graph.


Then tell him to sue me when he gets out of prison. Facts really bother you don't they. Where there is smoke there is fire. You must have missed school the week they studied freedom of speech and that funny little thing called the Constitution. Knock the cobwebs out and note it's spelled with one B both in cob and web.


Brenda, have you noticed the name of the alleged rapist whom you named in your 7:53a.m. blog has been removed?

And the "single" word for cob web IS cobbwebb. That's my middle name.

And, again, no one is going to sue you. It's the person, or people, who allowed it to be made public. Sorry if I offended you.