Woman unconscious before rape

Employee at popular Put-in-Bay bar can't remember what happened prior to sexual assault
Alex Green
Jun 27, 2014


A woman told an Ottawa County sheriff's detective she was raped by her boss May 4 inside the popular island establishment where they both worked. 

The sheriff's office received the complaint after the incident was initially reported to the Put-in-Bay police by a trauma nurse at a Michigan hospital where the victim went for treatment after the alleged attack. 

The Put-in-Bay police report states the victim did not wish to pursue charges, but it's not clear how police obtained that information. 

Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampela did not respond to a public records request for any additional reports — previous or subsequent — involving the same suspect identified by the woman. 

Chief Lampela also was asked about the conflicting information in the police report. He did not respond to the request. 

State law prohibits public officials from ignoring public records requests. 

Put-in-Bay police only spoke with the trauma nurse, according to a report filed May 5, immediately after the alleged attack. The report suggests, however, the victim told police she wasn't interested in seeking to have the suspect arrested. 

"When asked if she wanted to pursue charges she declined and said she did not want anyone to know because she was afraid she was going to lose her job," the police report states.

The woman no longer works at the establishment.

It's not clear whether the Put-in-Bay police ever talked with the alleged victim before filing the report.

Ottawa County Sheriff Stephen Levorchick said Thursday he could not talk about the investigation his office is conducting since it is ongoing. The sheriff's office often investigates rape cases on Put-in-Bay, he said.

But his detective is actively pursuing charges against the suspect, he said.

"I do not want to hinder the investigation of one of our detectives," Levorchick said. "Our job is to find out what truly happened, gather the evidence and document any true statements or facts pertaining to that criminal investigation."

Levorchick said the detective conducted interviews related to the investigation as recently as this week.

The initial Put-in-Bay police report states the woman told the trauma nurse she worked past midnight on May 3, into the early hours of May 4.

She went out for drinks with the suspect, but at some point lost consciousness. 

When she regained consciousness the suspect was on top of her. She told him "no" but he ignored her and raped her, the report states.

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my oh my

Typical Put in Bay covering up and failing to follow the laws to attempt to keep up " the family island experience". And just because victim refuses charges doesn't state have authority to automatically file especially with rape right?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks my oh my. It does not appear the victim refused to cooperate as stated in the Put-in-Bay police report. PIB police chief Ric Lampela did not respond to inquiries from the Register about the apparent inaccuracy, or other questions about related subjects. Read more here: Five PIB visitors claim they were drugged unconscious

Whiskey in a Teacup

The state can pick up rape charges, it only becomes difficult to prosecute without the willingness of the victim to testify later.
I hope the Register waits those requests_ I may be reading between the lines but something tells me that wasn't going to be an option.

The governed

The state or federal govt needs to step in on both PIB and Kelley's. I would consider both islands lawless and not safe or worth visiting at this point. The way Lampela in particular tends to cover up serious crimes scares me.


Agreed, but the Feds also need to look at the prosecutors' offices in both counties for the lax enforcement and prosecution.

Peninsula Pundit

It is evident that, along with the article where multiple people in a group are being drugged, that someone who works at this bar is the culprit for these druggings. It appears they now have been discovered. Someone might slip a mickey into one drink without being noticed, but to slip multiple doses into drinks means someone has to have opportunity to do so. The most likely time is when the drinks are being made.
What I want to know is WHICH BAR IS IT?
The public should be made aware so they can avoid this establishment.


Yes, please name the bar!

Seen it All

Mojito Bay is the place named in the other article where 5 people claimed to have been drugged.


Isnt it funny how the SR accuses PIB PD of hiding something, when the SR themselves wont "out" this establishment.

TKeegan73's picture

The LE on both these Islands is pathetic, more PIB than MBI though. I've traveled to both several times and both of these places are nothing more than a tourist attraction for Alcoholics. Every visit there always ends up the same way, we always have an altercation with some drunk Rambo or some loud mouthed drunk female. It's hard to even go there and enjoy a family outing because we never know what our children will end up subjected to while we are there. One trip there we had to deal with a middle aged guy standing in bushes and as we rode by on bikes he stepped out of the bushes exposing himself and urinating on us as we rode by on bicycles and this was in the middle of the afternoon. Unfortunately for this creep I took justice into my own hands and let's just say everytime he looks in the mirror he will see his crooked nose and remember me! I now violence isn't the answer but I tried the correct approach and got a police officer and explained the situation that my wife and kids had to endure and I got laughed at by the officer and asked if my shower felt refreshing!?!? Really!!!??? This is supposed to be someone that protects and serves us and he's going to crack jokes about assault with bodily fluids(which is a felony), had it just been me I wouldn't have taken as offense to the officers snide remarks but my kids were subjected to this sick a$$'s antics(my kids were 6 and 8 at the time). Then when I had enough of officer dipsh!ts remarks I made a smart a$$ comment to him and he gets all offensive and threatens to take me to jail, seems to me that these officers find everything humorous until it happens to them. This happened back in 2011 and we haven't returned since and have no intentions of ever taking a trip back over to either Island. I almost feel sorry for the actual residents that live on the Islands and having to deal with all these drunken fools. I have family that owns property and a couple homes between the 2 Islands and things have gotten bad enough that both properties are up for sale because they are tired of all the BS that goes down and how little LE has done to stop any of this or to even try to put a stop to it. Nothing like having a half million dollar property and can't even enjoy it because all summer long is spent fixing vandalism from drunken idiots and worrying about what's going to happen next. We were having a family get together and were all setting around the fire(about 15-20 adults and roughly 20 children under the age of 12), when a guy in his early 30's and his hooker girlfriend decided they were going to come on our property and he was going to enjoy a BJ from his girlfriend while laying in our hammock. When the two were discovered by 3 six year old boys the guy asks the boys "who wants their *explicit* sucked next"?!! Society is pathetic anymore and apparently no one teaches their kids morals and respect anymore. Oh and we called LE on these 2 individuals and all they did was tell them to get off the property and go get a room somewhere, and LE looked right at the female perp and told her the only thing they better see her sucking on in public is a straw and these immature officers made all these comments all within an earshot of all the children who all clearly heard the comments and then a few of them asked the officer why he wasn't taking them to jail...his reply to the group of children.."no need to take a couple of drunk horny people to jail just because they couldn't wait to get back to their room for a good time". PATHETIC! Even more pathetic is the fact that when they were told the guy asked a group of the boys "who wants their sick ducked next" the officer made the comment "where does the line start" under his breath.
"If it's tourist season why can't we shoot them?"


Just read comment above and that about sums up the pathetic turn the Islands have taken. A former resident, and island enjoyer, I spent many weekends at PIB and KI. While we did drink and dance, we never had to worry about being drugged or sexually assaulted. Now, seems that scum has found a new hangout. Too bad law enforcement isn't doing their job. Perhaps a sign of greater problems??


I am a friend of the girl who was assaulted and it's well known on the island that the employee (a manager) was Chris Blessing and the bar is Mr. Ed's Bar. No doubt somehow she will be made the victim in all of this but in speaking with others who know this man and the owner of that bar this has been alleged numerous times in the past and specifically regarding this manager named Chris Blessing.

Why an owner would permit this to go on, turn a blind eye, and even permit the manager to still be in a position of power of girls is beyond belief. Maybe if people chose not to spend their money there he would stop this vicious behavior. This is SICK SICK SICK, dangerous to even go to work for a girl at that establishment!


Ed Fitzgerald is the owner and he owns a lot of property on the Island and in Port Clinton. If the allegations are true and he has knowledge that this has gone on, he better be prepared to open his wallet as he will be sued.


Mr.Ed's is the establishment and Chris Blessing is the manager under scrutiny.


Call Mr.Ed's and ask them why it goes on yourself (419) 285-5042


We know why it goes on; that is the culture that has taken hold in PIB. The PIB business community and local government decided to make the local economy revolve around intoxication. Why? Money talks - the markup on served booze is often around 1000%.

PIB is going through the normal life cycle of any alcohol based entertainment district. It's taken longer than it did with Cleveland's Flats and Warehouse district because of the access issue, but the progression is always the same. The socioeconomic and cultural level of the clientele declines steadily, and eventually, everybody with money to spend has moved on to another, newer location that the riffraff hasn't yet discovered. It's inevitable because the clientele you don't want strongly desires to mingle with the clientele you do want, and once the former discovers a place, they flock to it and drive out the latter. People emulate those in whose position they want to be. People in a desirable position in life, in turn change their habits to distance themselves from those in whose position they do not desire to be. It's a basic dynamic of life and you can't change it. The best you can do is mitigate its effects by NOT basing your business model on diminished judgement and misbehavior.

If you can get a copy of the glossy color magazine on which Huron wasted taxpayers' money, you'll see how that city's leaders want to be the next ones to ride the merry go round. They never learn, because they only look at such places when they are at their peak.


Yours is a very insightful comment. I noticed a deterioration since Lonz collapsed and closed (where a lot of riff raff hanged) and a bunch of new money pouring into the Island from Cleveland area interests over the last 12-15 years. A bunch of new bars all needing to reward investors without any real ties to the Island community.

You're right.. PIB is rapidly becoming if it is not already passé. Port Clinton like Huron is trying to jump on the bandwagon. Ironically, I predict Middle Bass Island will now that the State of Ohio is looking to partner with private developers for Lonz become the next beautiful people's hot spot and the cycle will repeat itself. Rattlesnake Island on the other hand will always just be.


I was an employee of Mr. Eds for many years and have never had that experience or felt that I was being treated disrespectfully. I have all the love in the world for my Mr eds family and it was an honor to be a part of their business. l


Why did the victim go to a hospital in Michigan?? Firelands not good enough?..lol


She probably would have been transfered to Toledo. Just read the shovelface story.


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I am speechless reading this article. I have known this so-called accused person for multiple years. He is a highly respected and respectful person in the community. Why would the "victim" not report this sooner and why would she "not want to lose her job" and work in that kind of environment if this were true???? Also absolutely mind-boggling why she would not continue to press charges if she felt threatened in any sort of way? Really??? Not making sense... also, I'm a little confused on why this is even being published if she herself didn't want anyone to know and is not moving forward with any prosecution? The accused 'Chris Blessing' will never get to defend himself ever. I think girls need to be aware of how they act around the island life. It is absolutely unbelievable to me the things that I see and the things that they do over there. It is no one else's fault but their own when they get completely trashed and then wake up the next morning unclear of what happened. They're trying to play the innocent victim who accuses an innocent person and ends up ruining else's life by trying to make themselves feel better about the bad choice they made hours before. I support anyone that has been raped 100% but in this situation it's not adding up, He is a good person and will be supported by many. I feel very comfortable around Mr. Ed's establishment and around Chris Blessing himself. I will support them 100%.

The governed

Typical bully tactic, making the victim the bad guy. The last thing I think of when considering whose a respectable member of the community is a slimy bar owner or his slimy bartender.

Whiskey in a Teacup

: / What an incredibly ignorant and barbarić statement.


Please be more specific. Are you referring to the preceding comment? If so, there's a reply link to post your comment in direct response to it. And, if so, the preceding comment is quite long and contains several statements.


I'm sorry whiskey in a teacup:) maybe you were "reading between the lines";) I've said what I've needed to say. This is a blog for the open. Support it how you want and carry on.


It is sad that all I read in the sandusky register article comments is put in bay bashing. No matter what the article is about, it is constant put-in-bay bashing. I live in Michigan and go to put in bay all summer long because of the friends and work and fun and happy lifestyle that is there. Dozens of friends of ours boat up there and spend time (50+ age range). Many friends I personally know work here (21+). All in all, never ever had a problem or heard of a problem like what is being libelously claimed. I've known Ed and all the regulars on his staff for years. Never seen, heard, or witnessed a problem even close to the one claimed here. Chris Blessing is above reproach and the fake posts by anonymous people only confirm that. If you have any cojones you would not post anonymously. I chatted with a girl who saw the entire incident on the date in question (and also works there) and she refutes this 100%. Shame on the haters in Sandusky who have nothing better to do than perpetuate myths and stigmas. If you don't know the facts and the people involved then shut the heck up. I don't know what your agenda is, but loss of business and lack of tourism hurts everyone from the "rich idiot bar owners" down to the hourly gas station attendants. Less tourists, less work, less employees, less income, less everything. Before you rip any area business, be it on the island or mainland, think about the ripple effects you are causing.

The governed

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


I will not get into an argument on this because you obviously don't know how to read based upon your red herring response... (1) I am not even close to being a bar owner, maybe working at different ones now and again, but not an owner (my userID is quite obvious to everyone who knows me here and I am no money-bags owner); (2) I did not say anything about LE because I agree with just about everything everyone says about the lame island LE and how they are violating the Freedom of Information Act by not disclosing their reports and how they do not train their rookies properly so that they think their only two jobs here are to take pictures with bachelorette parties and gang up on individuals (while ignoring 4-person golf carts filled with 6 people all holding beers and not wearing seatbelts as they drive right by these rookie rent-a-cops); (3) owning a bar does not create a casual-rape environment any more than opening an amusement park creates a casual-pedophile environment (should we close Cedar Point because there are kids there and pedophiles are drawn to kids? That's the same as you saying that bars attract pretty girls and cause rape.); and (4) how does any of this have to do with murder? That is so off-topic that it is a complete red herring to try and tie this apparently innocent bar manager to a murder. Laughable at best.


@8888 Read between the lines? Your rapist sems to have a few lines out there already! As does the reputation of the Mr Ed's dive joint. Ask most members of the community over there and you will find it is consdiered a public nusience. Here are your "lines"