Three officers suspended over dispute

Disapproval of relationship, profiling lead to discipline
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 27, 2013


An internal investigation stemming from a dispute between a supervisor and a patrolman has led to a three-day suspension for a third officer at Vermilion Police Department.
Last month, administrators began probing the rift between Vermilion police Sgt. Aaron Bolton and Officer Craig Howell.

The long-running feud centered on Howell’s relationship with his own girlfriend and Bolton’s disapproval of the relationship, according to internal police documents the Register obtained through a public records request.

Bolton also accused Howell of profiling women by age and appearance during traffic stops, according to the documents.

After speaking to Howell about the allegations, police supervisors determined they were unfounded.

In a formal complaint dated Sept. 10, Howell said his friction with Bolton started in April. That’s when Howell started dating a woman who was friends with Bolton and Bolton’s wife, according to the complaint. Bolton made it clear he didn’t approve of Howell’s relationship with the woman, the document stated.

Other events transpired in the months that followed, but Howell never made a formal complaint — that is, until Bolton sent an email to the commander of Erie County’s Special Response Team. The email suggested Howell wasn’t suited for the unit.

At that point, Howell sent his supervisors a three-page letter detailing his formal complaints against Bolton.    In short, he accused Bolton of various misdeeds, such as providing Howell’s private address to a resident during a police ride-along, and making false allegations about misconduct. He also accused Bolton of namecalling and defamation, among other things.

Supervisors interviewed Bolton, Howell and a third officer, David Jones, about the allegations.

The bulk of the investigation’s findings have since been sent to Vermilion law director Ken Stumphauzer for review.

Jones was suspended for three days. Police documents show Jones played a part in driving a police ride-along passenger past Howell’s home. The passenger was previously engaged to Howell’s girlfriend.

“While the lion’s share of the blame for that incident rests on another’s shoulders, you still bear your share of the blame for failing to recognize a malicious and inappropriate act and partaking in it,” police Chief Chris Hartung wrote in a disciplinary letter to Jones. “You and you alone answer for your integrity and cannot allow your actions to be guided by those of questionable character.”


Stop It

I couldn't even read all of that soap opera/drama. Sounds like teenaged girls yappin'.

Julie R.

Gee, Kim Nuesse didn't act like a teen-age girl yappin' like the Vermilion cops ....... or a raging-hormone teen-ager like some of the Sandusky cops. She didn't get a DUI so the joke Erie County courts could publicly chastise the city manager Nicole Ard for firing her from a part-time police officer position. She didn't sleep in her patrol car for two hours of her shift. She didn't even sit around writing satire on the taxpayers dime like the Vermilion police chief and then leave it on her desk so some "unknown" person could find it and give it to the Register and the Journal in an unprofessional and juvenile attempt with the city leaders to sabotage an up & coming mayor election.

entitled to my ...

Re:Julie R.
You need to move on-NOBODY CARES ANYMORE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO KIM NUESSE!!!!(except for you)


Entitled...... I'm not sure she was speaking about Kim Nuesse specifically. I took her comment more as Women vs Men in this situation. ?????

entitled to my ...

Maybe, but EVERY time she comments on ANYTHING she mentions Kim Nuesse- Just sayin.....

Peninsula Pundit

That's right.
Wrongdoing has been done in the past.
The powers-that-be have successfully covered it up and time has passed.
It is impolitic to now dredge these points back into the light where the public can be reminded of these bad actors' past deeds!
How do you think they maintain their hold on power, Julie?
You may be entitled to your opinion, but not entitled to a memory of past misdeeds, it seems.
You probably still wonder when the loan to the Baxter's Kelley Island Ferry is going to be paid off.
Or what about those crazy cocaine days on Kelley's?
And Elsbeth's still in jail.
'All in the Past, All in the Past.'
'Let bygones be bygones.'
And these posters wonder why nothing changes.


where do you get off saying 'nobody cares anymore'? I care and so do many others! Mentioning injustices against another and demanding justice to prevail are ALWAYS are on the table until JUSTICE is actually served! Only fools believe that justice has some form of statue of limitations, rubbish! Sandusky should DEMAND UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE to make things right. With the idea that nothing can be done only teaches the powers to be that they can do ANYTHING if they let time pass by. I personally believe some of the powers to be need some jail time for that fiasco.

Julie R.

@ entitled to my: If you don't like my sarcasm about the injustice served upon Kim Nuesse, there's plenty of others I can use. The list is endless.

entitled to my ...

I happen to agree with Julie R. What was done to Kim Nuesse was wrong in every way. However, there is nothing that can be done to change what happened and it's just my opinion, but b***hing about it in every post is a bit much.

Julie R.

It's people like you that the corrupt old boys & girls love. They not only love you, believe me when I say they also laugh about you behind closed doors.


"However, there is nothing that can be done to change what happened and it's just my opinion, but b***hing about it in every post is a bit much."

You are entitled to your opinion. This particular newspaper site can be viewed in every state of the Union and all countries around the world. If Julie wants to post the truth so that nobody ever forgets, what is so wrong with that? The United States has innocent political activists behind bars. Some have been murdered in order to silence them. I and others work hard to expose the truth and expose the lies.

There is an old saying that if a big lie is repeated often enough, it is accepted as being the truth. Those lies are spread through the mass news media and many people are brain washed to believing every lie propagated by the news media. The Vietnam War was based on a big lie propagated by the news media for the masses.

What is wrong with repeating the truth over and over again so people will not forget? I follow the comments by Julie R. What right do you have to deny me and others from reading the comments of Julie R.? Nobody is forcing you to read the comments by Julie R. People need to be reminded of the truth so that nobody will forget. Many people in other states read the comments here because I and others provide links to this newspaper site. Many of those readers are new and had no idea that Ohio was such a corrupt state that puts into prison political activists and gets rid of honest police chiefs and honest public servants.

"However, there is nothing that can be done to change what happened and it's just my opinion,"

You are very wrong. Everything can be done with past events where the lies were allowed to propagate and innocent people's lives were destroyed by those lies. Look at all of the innocent people who were on death row all because of lies yet they were set free by the truth such as DNA and misconduct of prosecutors who face no punishment.

I have exposed many lies to where the truth came forth. Some sheeple refuse to see the truth, even if the mass news media reported on that truth. For my efforts, I am called a conspiracy theorist because I point out the truth as well as the lies. Conspiracy theorist is a derogatory name given to critical thinkers. Critical thinkers have very open minds and look at all of the facts as well as the lies. They also ask a lot of questions to prove if the theories are true or false. Americans believed that Nixon could do no wrong yet it took the number two man in the FBI to go anonymous and expose Nixon to a couple of newspaper reporters. He had to go anonymous or he would have been murdered and his death ruled a suicide. How was Mark Felt any different than Eric Snowden who also exposed the truth?
"Felt had the means and the motive to help uncover the web of internal spies, secret surveillance, dirty tricks and coverups that led to Nixon’s unprecedented resignation on Aug. 9, 1974, and to prison sentences for some of Nixon’s highest-ranking aides."

Eric Snowden exposed the truth about the American government yet many want Snowden to get the death penalty. I consider Snowden a hero and true American patriot. We need more Eric Snowdens to expose all of the lies that the American government feeds to its citizens. If somebody like Snowden exposed the lies that led to the Vietnam War, there would have been no Vietnam War. There were advisers in Vietnam but JFK refused to go to war using American ground troops.

Video is almost 2 hours long.
Link to same video

entitled to my ...

Geez- didn't mean to offend anyone.....

Dispute Lite

Why is there no link to the investigation report? I know they have posted links of these reports for Sandusky and Perkins PD. This story is so poorly written its hard to follow. Show us the report please.