UPDATED: Police chief’s newsletter offends some

Chief reprimanded. A satirical newsletter pilfered from a police chief’s desk has ruffled some feathers in Vermilion.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 28, 2013


UPDATE: Vermilion’s mayor has reprimanded the police chief for writing a satirical newsletter containing inappropriate content.

Mayor Eileen Bulan said a letter of reprimand will be placed in Chief Chris Hartung’s personnel file, to document his misconduct.

Bulan became aware of the newsletter, “The VPD Insider,” after copies were anonymously mailed to area newspapers.

When Hartung returned to Vermilion Monday after a week-long training engagement, he met with Bulan to discuss the four-page document.

“Although your purported newsletter was authored in jest and not intended for public distribution, the contents of the same offended certain individuals,” Bulan stated in the letter.

“You explained that it was not your intent to embarrass any officer or employee of the police department, which is an explanation I believe,” she said. “But to avoid any further incidents, refrain from authoring any other like publication.”

Hartung readily admitted to authoring the document, which he has since said was an inappropriate use of work time and equipment.

He told the Register he wrote it in about 15 minutes during a lunch break. He declined to offer any further comment this week.

In one story, the satirical newsletter suggested the police department saved money on energy costs by removing a refrigerator from an employee’s office. Another story said the police department was grappling with a crisis one day because no one could decide where to buy lunch.

When asked about “The VPD Insider,” a four-page document mailed anonymously to the Register, police Chief Chris Hartung confirmed he did author the piece.

“I wrote it in about 15 minutes on a lunch break,” he said. “Creative writing is one of my fortes.

“I remember, I was actually eating a I guess.” Quarter Pounder with Cheese,” Hartung said.

The newsletter jabs at department employees, local politicians and the department’s fundraisers for the police dog. It was likely an inappropriate use of work time and equipment, Hartung said.

“It was in my desk,” he said. “Someone decided to poke around, The single edition of the newsletter, dated July 31, 2013, was never distributed through the department, he said. Any consequences of authoring the newsletter — which makes light of hairlines, intelligence and eating habits of employees and former employees — will be up to Mayor Eileen Bulan.

“I’m sure I’ll be in her office Monday,” Hartung said.

Made aware of the document this week, Bulan said she’ll meet with Hartung Monday when he returns from a week of training.

“We’re definitely going to look it over more and go from there,” she said. “I’ll read the newsletter and then hear background on it.” “It certainly isn’t appropriate to be doing it on the city computer,” she said.

It’s unclear what consequences Hartung may face.

Download the newsletter below, harsh language included, viewer discretion is advised



That was some of the funniest stuff I have read in a while. The register may want to put him on staff as most of this is way more creative than anything Westerhold could ever come up with.

From the Grave

Creative writing is NOT his forte(and that's pronounced fort, BTW). Shouldn't he be out there looking for that late night vandal?


Look, it's not like he sat down and wrote War and Peace(1400 pages). Poking fun at yourself and coworkers, you think this is the first time this was ever done? All the time Chris "donates" to the department and city, I think he gets some latitude on this. No harm-no foul as they say. Don't be calling for a good man's head on such a trivial matter in my opinion. Remember, he did "step up to the plate" on responsibility.

From the Grave

Maybe it would be funny if someone took the newsletter and cut eye holes in it and held it up to their face, like a KKK mask...let's get a picture of that!


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From the Grave

The Amish jerks and f$@%^*# Jehovah's Witnesses might disagree.


It is satire.

Lunch break.

What crime was committed?

Who stole the satire piece from his desk?

Did he steal guns like that corrupt police chief west of Vermilion, Ohio?

The Sandusky Register readers need to be more concerned of shady and illegal actions behind closed doors.

Stop It

Satire it may be, Centauri, but it is city property regardless.


Yes. Just like the hundreds of thousands of dollars in government property/assistance that Mayor Bulan (with Vermilion's law director Ken Stumphauzer) while working at the Port Authority helped provide our county prosecutor's defunct company Island Express.

Pterocarya frax...

"What crime was committed?"

He admitted he did it in his office. Ohio ethics laws are quite clear on the use of government property for personal use. It is illegal. Also, I am not sure about Vermilion, but many law enforcement are on duty and expected to respond to calls while eating lunch. If that is true for him, that is another clear violation of law.


Pterocarya you are right about not using gov't property for personal use. I hope that gov't employees do not use the bathrooms as they will be using "gov't" water and paper towels to wipe their hands and toilet paper to wipes their a$$es. I hope no gov't employee plugs their cellphones in to charge while at work as they would be using "gov't" electric. No gov't building should allow wifi as the employees may be "stealing" it while they are at work. etc etc etc

Give me a break. ALL gov't employees at one time or another use abuse gov't property. Nothing new unless people like you make it a big deal.


Omg really....that's lime saying everyone steals from work so I did too so its OK! Hello he is the Chief! he is to set an example not be the example of what not to do I just hope he doesn't lose his job over something silly like this but he shouldn't have wrote such a thing on company time or government time!


Because your not writing this comment from a Company computer I hope, or connected to your Company's Wifi. Its the same thing. Corporate property for personal use is against all business rules for most if not all businesses.

If your not, that's fine, still trying to make my point to others though. Everyone uses Company property for personal use at some point.


LookingDown, I don't condone the theft of anything. I believe it says that he was on HIS lunch break. If you can tell me of one employee of any entity that has never used a company phone, computer, copy machine or anything else no matter how small for their personal use I would be surprised.


Use that argument when your charged with something mikesee, "Everyone else does it!" : Like hearing school children excuses.

The very act of this being turned in shows that there are those in his department that do NOT think its funny or right, so there can't be any excuses made for this.

To those who say its a guy thing among workers, so was hanging up pictures of nude women until it was ruled that it created a hostile workplace. Anyone with a brain would say his writing was HOSTILE.


Have you, Truth, ever used anything of your employeers on work time? I not saying that is an excuse.

I guess that the VPD should turn this over tho the Prosecutor's Office and bring formal charges. Is that what you are after Truth?

From the Grave

Bathroom use is a pis s poor example.

Stop It

Uh oh...Do you like your bacon Xtra crispy?

Darwin's choice

Good grief! Get over it! That's funny stuff!


Geez lunch break. Bunch of old ladies......take a joke . . .r


The chief might want to spend a little more time cleaning the drug problem in his town that's what the clown is really being paid for.haha


A blight on all decent Police who take their jobs seriously and wish to set an example to children.
Vermilion trusts this man to be an example of children and youth, he testifies against those who are charged with a crime and his mind is twisted with such disparaging filth. No decent parent would want this man speaking to their children in school about how they can trust a Police Officer when he writes such things. Such offices should set an example above and beyond society to look up too, I consider such language as filth and the humor disrespectful and deranged.
His integrity is also in question when he claimed to write it during his lunch break, then later saying it was 'an inappropriate use of work time and equipment," WHICH ONE IS IT, personal time or work time?
Those who think this is appropriate because its funny reveals the decay of our society.
And to think that Sandusky fired their Captain over a parking ticket.

The Mayor should confiscate his computer and send it in and find out when it was written, during lunch or on the clock.


Truth2u: Agree 100%. Maybe I have no sense of humor, but he is a man holding an important position in the city. A lot of people will see a joke of a police officer when they look at him now. I did notice that the paper had a date stamp of 8:48 am. That's a really early lunch hour.


Becuase Police only work 8-5?


you're right grandma--you obviously have no sense of humor.


looks like more than just a few minutes to me.


Is this a setup to get the chief out? What is someone going through his desk in the first place? Did the Mayor put someone up to going through his desk?


Just got through reading the so called newsletter. This is coming from a police chief? It doesn't make for setting an good example for his men. There are laws about sexual harassment in the workplace and poking fun of various religions. It was very distasteful and an embarrassment to his department. Is this guy mentally stable or fit to command? What a shining example for the city. The City of Vermilion can do better.


It's workplace humor among guys. Same thing at every place I have ever worked, except for the fact we never write it down. Don't get sucked into making to much of this. "Bigger fish to fry" as the saying goes.


They probably don't work at fun places. If they work at all. Having a bit of fun WITH your coworkers is necessary in my opinion, keeps attitudes and team moral higher.


Shook my head in disbelief when bnjjad used the phrase "team moral higher" Calling co-workers D* heads, F'ers, A**es and other derogatory things?

As I stated the comments on this shows how low our society has falling in terms of morality and common sense.

Bigger fish to fry? I agree, HE SHOULD BE DOING HIS JOB
And when is it appropriate for tax dollars to be used to have fun with?


TBH. I didn't actually read the newsletter until after I commented. But my thoughts still stand for having fun in the workplace. It does increase team moral.

And when is it appropriate for Company dollars to be used to have fun with or use for personal time? EVERYONE does it.


It's really disrespectful stuff, and immature. Our security shouldn't be entrusted with him. That's sacred. He's evidently not professional enough to hold his position. What if this kind of disrespect plays out in his management style and enforcement actions? How could it not? He needs to be fired or demoted. He's not a leader to be entrusted with our safety and security.

Pterocarya frax...

How can a commanding officer expect or command respect and loyalty from his staff after insulting many/most of them? Add that to the clear violations of law for personal use of city property. Is this the quality of person you want as your police chief?

Fire him!


THIS JUST IN!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!! It has been discovered that Police Officers and human and not robots.

I find it odd that the Register acts like stuff like this is not created at every workplace. The SR should look through Franko's (AKA The Big Kahuna) files as well as a couple guys in advertising that I will not name since they may still work there.

Hey kids, remember Franko? Maybe this will remind you... http://www.vindy.com/videos/2013...


Yes, I remember Franko. Wasn't he editor while Jim Hofmann was publisher? Hey kids remember Hofmann? He did three years for sexually abusing a little boy in Huron when that dang Huron police report got leaked by Erie Voices.

Maybe Chief Hartung could resurrect Erie Voices. He's a better writer.


Thanks 2Tim! I have been trying to think of Hofmann's name, ever since the Register let the felon from the press room write his own column. Everyone was commenting on the trash that has been employed there, but it is hard to beat Ole Jim, the child molester. He wasn't just a basement working, minimum wage guy, he was at the top, big publisher. Now he has a mugshot on the sex offenders website.

mimi's word

I would like to know how many commenting here have NEVER done anything personal on the clock during work hours....call from a spouse or child, looked up a bill or info on internet, called a dr's ofice or set up an appointment, etc. If anyone can say they have not is a liar.


Exactly. Company Property includes all computers, phones and data. Everyone at my office would be fired years ago if they were terminated for use of Company Property for personal use. Yes they do agree not to use it for personal use when they are hired, but it doesn't stop them.


If any of you have never worked in a Law Enforcement capacity, then in my opinion, you have no right to act so outraged. If you only had a clue what these men and women have to deal with on a daily basis, you would applaud the Chief forstill having such a great sense of humor and outlook. Now granted, I'm guessing a couple of the officers may have been offended, but by the sounds of it, they're probably deserving of the Chief's critique. I found it hilarious and when he retires, I think his second career should be in comedy--whether stand-up or writing it--and hell, I don't know a darn thing about the VPD. I agree with Mimi-- remember when you point a finger you have three pointing back at yourself. Also, shame on the person that didn't have the guts to send it in with his/her signature at the bottom. Or, do what LE is taught to do, follow the chain of command if you have a beef.


Sorry, your logic doesn't hold water. YOur saying that because someones job is stressful this excuses their behavior which is offensive, filthy, derogatory and creates a spirit of mistrust?

And I have FOUR VERY CLOSE Relatives and five friends who are in law enforcement and they would consider this a violation of trust and their oaths.


Wasn't going into his desk and taking it theft?

Simple Enough II

I find his satire top notch! maybe he was blowing off some steam aand having some fun while doing it. Wonder who was the douche nozzle who was rooting through his desk?


Its the TAX PAYERS DESK, his work was paid for by tax payers, his time is paid by taxpayers, the computer was paid by taxpayers including the paper and ink!


How do you know when he did it or where he did it? Maybe it was done on his own time on his own computer and brought into the station to show? Man truth2u..get a sense of humor will u? Or are you Amish?


I can't imagine how he wrote it at home when he says he did it on his lunch break, how many hours does that department get for lunch to leave, go buy food, take it home and eat and then write this paper. Im sure most will agree that this paper took much longer to write than 15 minutes.

There is nothing humorous about this paper, its demoralizing, filthy and disgusting. Would you allow your child to say these things about others? If not then why is it acceptable for a POLICE CHIEF to say such things?

“I wrote it in about 15 minutes on a lunch break,” he said. “Creative writing is one of my fortes.

“I remember, I was actually eating a I guess.” Quarter Pounder with Cheese,” Hartung said.


Considering the content is actually pretty small, about 15 minutes to write it i would guess.

and last time I checked, a Police Chief has to be over 18 so whether you let your child say it is null and void.


Just because its the Tax Payers Desk you do NOT go through your supervisors desk. That should be just as much as an offense as this is. What if the person had taken something a bit more important like a wallet or ID badge.

Heck if I used that excuse for the companies that I am invested in (I invested in this company, its my right!) I would have been charged with something I am sure.

Colonel Angus

At least he was awake while on the clock. We need more cops like him in Sandusky.

G George I du kno

It was funny however, who wants their boss taking cheap shots at all his employees? And this took him way longer than 15 minutes while he ate his quarter pounder! I bet if an officer spent time at work writing tasteless jokes about him they would be in hot water! Unprofessional and should be fired!

G George I du kno

It was funny however, who wants their boss taking cheap shots at all his employees? And this took him way longer than 15 minutes while he ate his quarter pounder! I bet if an officer spent time at work writing tasteless jokes about him they would be in hot water! Unprofessional and should be fired!

And it looks like he still has the quarter pounder in his cheeks still!

Clark W. Griswald

Who cares? This is hilarious! As a vermilion taxpayer, I approve.


Yeah Clark!!!!!


July 31, 2013 Volume 1 Issue 1

9 pages total but only 4 pages shown.

Time Stamp of the 4 pages: 9/27/2013 8:48 AM


What is the source of the time stamp?
Does the time stamp represent the date copies were made of the originals?

Who went through the police chiefs desk?
Does the police chief have the original 9 pages?
Why are 5 of 9 pages missing?
Did the person who stole the satire piece use police equipment to make copies?
Why did the Sandusky Register only show 4 of the 9 pages?

I feel that somebody within the Vermilion Police Department wants the chief gone. Why?

Where were all of you to chastise the former Ottawa County Sheriff who used public funds for personal use and faced no criminal charges?

looking around

Ah yes......the missing five pages........Vermiliongate


Where's Bob Woodward when you need him? Too funny looking around!


Read the "newsletter". It's below high school level.


How many of you use Facebook when working on the job? Should Facebook be used on your own time?


"Chief Rob Hickman uses Facebook page to bash Register's request for public"


Who in their right mind would believe he is telling the truth when he says he did this in 15 minutes? Why even make such an unbelievable statement?


I am curious if the actions against the police chief has anything to do with the election for Vermilion's mayor?

"VERMILION — November will bring a rematch at the ballot box for two candidates who hope to become the next mayor of Vermilion.
Mayor Eileen Bulan and her predecessor, Jean Anderson, will square off again at the polls."


"Vermilion police chief reprimanded for spoof newsletter"

"The reference was disappointing, Anderson said, but it appeared the chief was spoofing his officers, not her campaign. She also acknowledged some police officers were not happy about contract negotiations that took place during her term as mayor.
The phony newsletter did not affect her respect for the chief and his work, Anderson said.
“I really admire and respect Chief Hartung,” she said. “I was really happy he was appointed our chief of police and I really look forward to working with him on some issues I believe we agree on going forward.”

Stop It

I reckon that just makes it dandy and all A-OK?

Julie R.

I think you nailed it, Centauri. I think it has EVERYTHING to do with the election. I wouldn't even doubt that the police chief was in on it just so the derogatory remarks made about Jean Anderson would be made public. After all, Baxter & Co. and their favorite Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole sure don't want Anderson as the mayor again. They want to keep good old girl Eileen Bulan.


And while we're on the subject of sabotaging elections ---- did anybody notice the "timing" on the cases involving the fired Sandusky cops being reinstated and how Tone and Binette publicly chastised the city and the city manager, Nicole Ard? You don't think the "timing" had anything to do with their attorney bud Murray running for Sandusky city commissioner, do ya?


How many people rock on the clock, I know, where I used to work a supervisor and a qc tech was outside the building doggie style on the clock. Midnight shift.

Needless to say they both got fired and the guy had to go explain to his wife who had just had their firstborn a month prior, why he no longer had a job.

Julie R.

Duh, wait a minute here. Why was somebody poking around a police chief's desk? If his billfold was on his desk, would somebody have the right to poke through that?

Also, DUH ...... didn't the former mayor of Vermilion, Jean Anderson, have to file a lawsuit against the new mayor Eileen Bulan, the city law director Rich Stumphauzer and Stumphauzer's Lorain County law firm (who handles legal issues for the city) after they refused to provide itemized accounts of what the law firm was charging the Vermilion taxpayers? In other words, didn't they say it wasn't any of the taxpayers business? So if it isn't the taxpayers business to know exactly what the law director's Lorain County law firm was charging them for, why would personal items on a police chief's desk be anybody's business?

As an afterthought, why would a police chief let something like that lay around on his desk? Even better, why would somebody ~ obviously a cop ~ take it and give it to the Journal and Register to print? (this is beginning to smell)


Go ahead and put me in the "holy CRAP, that was funny" category, will you?

I agree with the people suggesting that this is just workplace humor, mostly because it IS just workplace humor. If you can pay for seminars on "getting along," and if you can pay for a holiday party, this seems to be a pretty cheap morale booster for the return!

As for me, I have a good time at work even though I DO work. Why? Because we've banned political correctness and refuse to take anything too seriously. We work hard, we put out a really good product. What's it to you what we discuss or what we do otherwise?

As far as I'm concerned, the same thing is true for the police department. Are the phones answered? Are officers dispatched as needed? Are patrols conducted as scheduled? Are the bad guys ticketed or arrested? Then what's it to YOU what they discuss or what they do otherwise? Sorry, chief, that too many people are so busy finding reasons to be offended that their lips are permanently pursed and people like you get to pay for their self-inflicted misery.


Exactly. Same thing in my office. Being "PC" is not even a concern with my coworkers. We know each other well enough that we can say things that would otherwise be frowned upon by some of these pursed lips.


And some of those things are probably against the law. Especially for those in positions bound by rules of ethics.


Not like I'm blasting it out to anybody. They are my teammates and friends. We know each other. We have fun with each other. If the people who are involved are not taking offense then there is noting wrong with it. Legal ethics laws go too far sometimes. This country is too obsessed with being "PC" that nobody is allowed to say anything without being ridiculed. Bad enough people are discriminated against and treated lower than dirt because of their life styles. Now nobody can say what they want in their own company without a nosy somebody overhearing and taking offense and causing a ruckus for something that doesn't concern them. Freedom of speech is gone if you believe some of that.

This would be a non issue I'd nobody had ever saw itit or he did it on his own conputer. And if nobody saw this until now how is it being unethical? Not like it was freely distributed until the SRag got a hold of it and posted for all to see.

Tired of people hiding behind "ethics". I deal with "ethics" everyday in my job and I have had many classes on them. They stretch to far for those who are too concerned with others lives when they need to think of themselves. These same people who concern themselves with everyone's business for problems like this would NEVER step up and help someone in need. I guarantee that.


Further more, he is a "leader of the community" so he should be held to a higher standard and follow ethics. We didn't have ethics 200+ years ago and if we did we would have the queen on our money instead of leaders of freedom. Just because they are a "leader" does not mean they should not be able to express their own comments or thoughts freely. That is part of the problem in this country, leaders are too afraid to piss off the vocal complainers who call ethics and PC in to question to do anything even if it is for the good of the country/state/county/city.



ahahahhahahaa hilarious! People on the outside of some jobs have no idea how demented humor can be! I think it's funny AF!


Boy, sure beats standing around the 'ole water cooler, trying to solve the world's problems. I guess everybody is HUMAN after all. Has "Animal House" really invaded the VPD? Stay tuned! Same "Bat Time" same "Bat Channel"!


That is some funny stuff!!! There must be some good comraderry in the VPD. As far as it being written on govt equipment and therefore theft...get real. These guys spend an outrageous amount of time serving and protecting and you wanna bust there butts over this. It's miserable people that look for things to complain about.


Ironic that the source is anonymously mailed to the paper.

And then they complain about the usernames on here.

Hmmm, smh.

Julie R.

Ironic is right. I have a gut feeling this was a bit of sabotage done only to get the police chief's derogatory remarks out there about the former Vermilion mayor, Jean Anderson, who is running for mayor again.


Chief Hartung states he wrote it on July 31, 2013, which is the date of the first and only issue. However, the document appears to have been faxed or received by a public office on September 27, 2013. Your gut feeling appears to be correct and it looks like it has Stumphauzer's fingerprints all over it.

Julie R.

This was so unprofessional and juvenile it's pathetic. One would think the people in Vermilion would be embarrassed to have a clown for a police chief like that one. On the other hand, you're right. It not only has Stumphauzer's ~ not to mention mayor Eileen Bulan's ~ fingerprints all over it, it also has the fingerprints of Baxter & Co.

Julie R.

That Lorain County law firm has their fingerprints on a lot of things in corrupt Erie County. The reason the jokes in the county go to great lengths to cover it up is because the jokes in the county have their fingerprints on them, too.

Julie R.

That Lorain County law firm sure did have their fingerprints on that fraudulent transfer of my elderly mother's half to property seven months before her death. So did her Huron attorneys. Considering how a former auditor authorized that sneaky criminal transfer and the former recorder knowingly filed fraud documents ~ not to mention the PROSECUTOR that oversees those offices ~ I would have to say the COUNTY sure did have their greasy fingerprints on it, too.


BNJJad: It doesn't matter if everyone is doing it, it matters if you are doing it and got caught. Does everyone have to follow the leader?
People need to use common sense which I don't think exist anymore.

Colonel Angus

There are some really uptight see you next Tuesdays around here.

Chief Hartung

A few points to correct.....
1. I have no idea where the page 5 of 9 stuff came from. That was on Jessica's copy from whoever sent it in. This was sent to several different places by different means. I heard about this a few weeks ago from other reporters. Jessica would have to answer that.
2. There is no political involvement. This was a result of an internal matter. This has nothing to do with Mayor Bulan or Jean Anderson or the election.
3. Most every story has a hidden meaning based on an event that occurred. I won't try to defend the content but try and take into consideration there's more to the story than what you read. I don't really think Steve Davis is a jerk. He knows that. The "Hot Sister" comment had nothing to do with his sister and was an entire story by itself.
4. It really did take 15 minutes. Microsoft Publisher has a template for newsletters. There was only about a page worth of writing and the story was already there. Not really a whole lot to it.
5. Whoever said my photo looked like I still has part of the cheeseburger in my mouth, that was funny.
6. My lunch break was in my office. I never indicated I was at home when I wrote this or denied writing it in my office.
7. Any suggestion Ken Stumphauzer was involved in this is pure nonsense.

Julie R.

Are you absolutely certain about 2 & 7, Chief Hartung? After all, I noticed you didn't include your law director or your mayor in your satire piece.

BTW, where did you ever get a Quarter Pounder/w cheese for your lunch break at 8:48 a.m.? I thought McDonald's only served the breakfast menu until 10:00 a.m.


Hey Chief just remember: Most don't have a life. Or - "Small town/small minds."

Julie R.

Hey Chief Hartung, one of the complaints about the fired Sandusky police chief Kim Nuesse was how she wasn't keeping Kevin Baxter and Sheriff Lyons informed of secret drug raids.

Just out of curiosity, did you?


I still think it was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time! I'll bet he's an absolute riot off the job too!

Julie R.

Good thing Nuesse didn't use the computer at the police station to write satire or the clowns in the county probably would have come up with some idiot charge against her --- like maybe "possession of criminal tools." (i.e. criminal tool: the computer) Wasn't that one of the idiot charges that the county clowns got the disbarred attorney Elsebeth Baumgartner for?

Chief Hartung

Julie R.
1. You failed to notice the "time stamp' was made two months after the letter was written.
2. Kevin Baxter and the Sheriff have nothing to do with me.
3. I have enough respect for Mayor Bulan that if she wanted my resignation, she would only have to ask for it. That makes me positive on 2 and 7.
4. I'm not up to speed on your politics enough to figure out what you were getting at on the last post, so I'll leave that for someone else.

Julie R.

(1.) I didn't fail to notice the time stamp was made two months after the letter was written because, to be honest, I never even read your satire newsletter until today. Also, no offense but I really didn't think it was all that funny.

(2.) What do you mean Baxter and the Sheriff have nothing to do with you? If Sandusky's fired police chief was crucified because she didn't keep Baxter and Lyons informed of secret drug raids, why wouldn't the police chiefs in the rest of Erie County have to do the same thing? Hard to believe there are only secret drug raids in the city of Sandusky.

I also find it odd that first, who would have the nerve to pilfer through a police chief's desk and second, if the person was that offended by it why wouldn't they just send it to your city law director or your mayor instead of sending it to the Journal and Register?

Sorry, but I don't believe it. I stand by what I said --- this was just an unprofessional and juvenile way to get what was said about your mayor's opponent Jean Anderson out there.


Julie R., who died and made you Columbo? Fingerprints all over it? Where do you come up with all this "outside the box" thinking and unfounded allegations? Lorain county, Erie county, sabotage, election fraud, must have been this, must have been that. How the hell did a simple "internally" generated document become a "Watergate" type issue with you? If's and But's, If's and But's, could you go a little more to the extreme? I think not. Your opinion is your opinion, but that's all it is. Leave the investigative work to the qualified people Detective!

Julie R.

I didn't say anything about election fraud. I just said in my opinion the only reason some anonymous person gave Hartung's satire to the Journal and the Register wasn't because the unknown person was 'offended' by it --- it was only because of the up and coming mayor election and they wanted to get what was said about Eileen Bulan's opponent out there. I said the same thing about the reinstatement of the two fired Sandusky cops when the Erie County courts (Tone & Binette) publicly chastised the city and the city manager over the firings --- it's election time and their buddy Murray is running for city commissioner.

Also, public records show that Chief Hartung doesn't even live in Erie County. Like your law director, Ken Stumphauzer, he resides and pays property taxes in Lorain County.


Quote: I have a gut feeling this was a bit of sabotage done only to get the police chief's derogatory remarks out there about the former Vermilion mayor, Jean Anderson, who is running for mayor again. Sounds like a fraudulent statement to me about the election. What shall we call it?

Julie R.

Call it whatever you like.


Julie nobody likes a prude.

Julie R.

I'm not a prude. Had the satire not included comments about Eileen Bulan's opponent Jean Anderson, my opinion would have been different.

As for the satire --- once again, I personally didn't think it was all that funny. The satire that I used to enjoy were the ones that a Bryan DuBois used to write for the SR --- especially the satire over the Kim Nuesse firing. I didn't like DuBois after I found out that he set the disbarred attorney Elsebeth Baumgartner up because he was afraid of the corrupt old clowns in the Erie & Ottawa County legal system, but I still found his satire hilarious.

And last but not least --- for good reason I detest Baxter & Co.'s favorite Lorain County law firm of Stumphauzer & O'Toole that Vermilion's law director Ken Stumphauzer belongs to.


Chief Hartung wrote the following"

"1. I have no idea where the page 5 of 9 stuff came from. That was on Jessica's copy from whoever sent it in. This was sent to several different places by different means. I heard about this a few weeks ago from other reporters. Jessica would have to answer that."

Looking at the 4 pages, I see the following:

Page 1 (8 of 9)
Page 2 (5 of 9)
Page 3 (4 of 9)
Page 4 (2 of 9) I noticed the "page 9" on the original copy

"Inside this issue"
Horoscope 2
Porn Review 3
Easy ODI tips 4
Mustached Guide 5
Another K9 Fundraiser 6
Cooking With Dave 7
Whine Review 8


Julie you don't like guys..heard over coffee that Liz is a whack job. That opinion was from 1that worked in the realm of her.