Patrol releases names of crash victims

Pileup involved two areas of the Turnpike in chain-reaction crash Wednesday
Mar 13, 2014


Update 9:45 a.m. — The Ohio Patrol released the names of the victims killed Wednesday in a weather related 50-car pileup on the Ohio Turnpike Wednesday afternoon. 

Those killed in the first crash zone - that involved approximately 16 vehicles - have been identified as  Hannah Matheny, 20, of Parma, who was a passenger in a Ford Focus and Grzegorz A. Piwowarczyk, 42, of Palatine, Illinois who was driving a commercial vehicle. 

The second crash zone, involving approximately 20 vehicles, resulted in the death of Janice M. Robb, 66, of Schererville, Ind.  She was a passenger in a Chevy Venture.

A Patrol trooper also was severely  injured, the Patrol said in the news release.

Trooper Andrew Clouser, 29, was transported to Firelands Hospital in Sandusky with severe injuries.  He was later flown to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where he is currently under observation in the intensive care unit.

The crash remains under investigation.

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Earlier today: The eastbound lanes of U.S. 20 near Clyde remained backed up this morning from traffic re-routed off the Ohio Turnpike after an accident Wednesday that killed three people and injured an Ohio Patrol trooper. 

The Patrol worked overnight attempting to clear traffic and re-route it. The accident at the height of a winter storm triggered a chain reaction involving 50 semi-trucks, cars and SUVs. 

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What a nightmare


Sadly, this was preventable, if not completely, then to a degree. Driver training is deficient. No one "deserves" to experience such a catastrophe, but there can be no question that most of the vehicles involved were traveling too fast for the conditions and in violation of ORC 4511.21

"...No person shall operate a motor a greater speed than will permit the person to bring it to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead."

If you couldn't stop in time, even if you couldn't see what you hit until it was too late to stop, you were driving too fast and breaking the law. Period.

Clearly, too many drivers don't understand this crucial safety principle.

ALL drivers should be required to re-test periodically. That would also solve the problem is removing no-longer-competent elderly drivers, without age discrimination.

William Jeffers...

I agree completely, but I continue forward breaking the law out of fear of those behind me breaking the law and more confidence in may ability to react in a car, then a semi coming up my rear. It's just scary and I tell my kids to stay off the Turnpike. Would rather have them in a ditch on Rt. 20.

Also, witnessed an accident in a construction zone on Turnpike. Both vehicles stopped, so I also got out of my car for 10 seconds and told both drivers to get the F--K out of the construction zone and then exchange info before somebody gets killed as semis flying by us within 6 feet at 65+ MPH because nobody slows down in construction zones either. You are correct - "Driver training is deficient" across the board.


The storm happened at the worst time. Unfortunate chain of events. Gods speed to the the people that have left us behind. Hope trooper clouser and all the other injured make a speedy recovery


There is currently a semi crash on the east end of Fremont. I have a friend who has been sitting for an hour on RT 20 east near RT 19.