Vitte hires new attorneys

Tiffin attorney Dean Henry out
May 23, 2014


Hello Tom? Listen to Stierwalt's mysterious phone call

The attorney who often works as a special prosecutor bowed out Thursday as defense counsel for fired Ohio Patrol Sgt. Ricky Vitte Jr., who was accused last year of showing pornography to and masturbating with a pre-teen boy. 

Dean Henry, Tiffin, worked closely with Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt as a special prosecutor and talked with him prior to Stierwalt's decision in January against seeking charges against Vitte. Stierwalt said his main reason, at that time, for not seeking charges was that Vitte could argue he was teaching the boy to masturbate.

Henry told the Register in February he and Stierwalt talked about possible defense strategies Vitte might use if charges were brought, but not the strategy Stierwalt cited as the reason he decided to drop the investigation of Vitte. 

Stierwalt's decision against seeking charges sparked a firestorm of criticism from across the state and country after the Register first reported it.

He reversed course in April, deciding to take evidence to a grand jury, which indicted Vitte on two counts of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile.

The Highway Patrol fired Vitte just days after he was indicted, after initially refusing to review the allegations and reinstating him to full-service duty after Stierwalt's decision in January. 

Stierwalt has never provided any clarification or expanded on his reasoning initially for not seeking charges against Vitte. He also has not provided any information whether other possible charges related to the sexual nature of the allegations were considered when he took the case to the grand jury. 

Vitte hired attorneys Lorin Zaner and Theodore B. Tucker III to serve as his defense counsel, according to court records. 

Henry, Zaner and Tucker could not be reached for immediate comment on Friday. 

Dean Henry speaks and he's not happy



Zaner is a big bucks attorney and plays hardball. Very connected and he's used by prosecutors and lawyers when they get into trouble.


Teabags are strained strainers.


Check your bedroom video collection. Is there anything there that could be considered "matter harmful to a juvenile"? Any 'toys'? Anything your 12-year-old might discover? I know of a 15-y-o girl who took the boy next door into her parents' bedroom and showed him videos she had discovered as well as her Mom's toy.
BTW... is discussing masturbation on this site where anyone can gain access "disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile"?
All Hail the Register for igniting a nationwide firestorm.


ONE MORE THING.... is it okay in this public 'nationwide' forum to discuss the 'sexual nature' of the event since it allegedly involved sexual activity between males? Should our teenagers be reading about that?


Sounds to me like Dean Henry may know a little too much to defend a Not Guilty plea. And Contrary Ann, your ignorance to the situation is not surprising, based off your previous comments. Again, please obtain a copy of the public records and actually read them. This situation involved (if my math is correct) a 28 year old MAN and a 12 year old boy.


Truely a disgusting matter!!!!

Ralph J.

Any 12 year old could look up information on the internet about masturbation. There is no need for a grown man to have a hands on demonstration for young boys. Former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired by Clinton for her statements about sex education for children including using the word masturbation. The holier than thou crowd was in an uproar.


Vitte should go to jail. You or I would if we had done this!

Stop It

I just don't get the whole teaching to masturbate thing. It comes natural. There is no need for classes or manuals.


Again deertracker is right. Different rules for different people.


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