Vitte pleads not guilty

Ohio Patrol officer accused of sexual misconduct with a child appeared in front of Judge Barbara Ansted this morning
Courtney Astolfi
May 5, 2014


Nearly six months after he was first accused, an Ohio Highway Patrol officer entered not guilty pleas this morning in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court. 

Ricky Vitte Jr., who was fired by the Patrol last month, was accompanied by his attorney, Dean Henry. 

Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt took evidence to a grand jury in early April despite his earlier decision in January to drop the investigation of Vitte, saying he didn't believe he could get a conviction because Vitte could argue that he was teaching the boy to masturbate.

That decision sparked a firestorm of criticism after it was reported by the Register and Stierwalt changed his mind. 

A grand jury indicted Vitte on two counts of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile. 

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So will Judge Ansted remove Dean Henry from representing Vitte Jr in view of the fact that she appointed him as a special prosecutor for Sandusky County at the request of Stierwalt in another case and that appointment has not apparently ended?

Mr. Henry is a very busy man of late representing two just fired public employees accused of sex crimes with pre teen and early teen males.


Why was I not surprised to see Henry's name associated with this case? I thought that he was fired recently though. Guess he's like one of those cockroaches that can survive even a nuclear blast! Well I really hope that this child can get the justice that he so richly deserves and that this creep ends up buried in a hole so deep in a jail cell that it takes the sun till 2 in the afternoon to find him!


This is all a dog and pony show, when its all said and done he will get his job back and all will be swept under the rug. Sad but we all know this will happen.

dorothy gale

Of course he pled "not guilty" and he probably WILL get his job back.

Stop It

They will have to hold that jury trial in another state. That guy's story was plastered all over the internet.

Julie R.

Sad to say but I agree --- this is nothing more than a dog & pony show. After the firestorm of criticism dies down, he'll get his job back on some scam technicality. (they're probably already having secret meetings) Sort of like the Sandusky cop who got his job back plus all of his back-pay because the city's hired out-of-town attorney failed (yeah, right) to follow the proper procedure with the filing of the paperwork.

Of course, that case didn't even come close to what this Vitte is accused of, but nevertheless, wait for it.


Vitte , so you are really going to put this kid through the wringer, man up , fess up , straighten up and go away......


AGREED queenjhb !!! HE'S A PIG along with those who are pretending to display justice in the judicial system!

WAKE UP VOTERS, if this goes south VOTE THEM ALL OUT !


I love Vitte's picture in the News Mess. He has a frown on his forlorn face and the side shot shows his double chin. He sure doesn't look like the tough guy that abuses women and children.

No job. No friends. No family. The only thing he has now is his buddy Dean Henry, and that only because he pays him.


Don't forget.... he's got his union.


and what does this teach us about UNIONS that we already don't know!

Ralph J.







Here's the link to the dismissal of the criminal case against him in Erie County Common Pleas Court. Judge Binette granted the dismissal at the request of Baxter without prejudice which means the State can bring the case again. http://clerkofcourts.eriecounty....

From the records he was charged in Sandusky Municipal Court with pandering obscenity a felony of the second degree last year. That case got bound over to the Common Pleas pending indictment. Baxter dismissed the case before presenting to the case to the grand jury apparently claiming there needs to be more investigation.

IMO, you're right ..this stinks. Does Protzman know people or does he supply people with certain items? You need to get after the FBI in Toledo or Cleveland and ask them to take the case to the US Attorney for review.


he lost his metro and his ssi money. I hope this doesn't mean that he will get all of this back and then some. he got to molest my granddaughter and gets paid to sit home in a home that is paid for from taxpayers!!


The original charges are for pandering child pornography (selling it). Are you alleging he also molested your granddaughter and that he used her in the child pornography?

It doesn't mean the case is over, it just looks like Baxter isn't taking it very seriously. Have you contacted any advocacy groups to help you? This sounds very serious. I am going to bed and will try to find some names for you to contact in the morning.


are you working on Vitte or Protzman?




If we live our lives without expectations, we will have no regrets. We expect the so-called legal system to take care of these issues and when they don't, to our specifications, we regret not doing something about it. They will experience punishment from the laws of Karma, without fail. Remember that we just won't see it in the news.


did not use her in porn. or at least not the porn the police have. he had access to our baby her whole life as she considered him her uncle he was her aunts live in. we stll don't know why she never told on him.


Here's the name and contact information of a leading expert on human trafficking. Child pornography and sexual abuse of children is a form of trafficking. She is a professor at the University of Toledo and works closely with the Governor and federal law enforcement officials on trafficking issues. She has claimed that a big problem with prosecuting sex crimes against minors is the fact that the predators are often politically connected and thus are able to avoid prosecution. al

Please call or email her and ask for direction on how to get federal authorities involved in prosecuting the case as it appears the local prosecutor isn't doing his job.

Celia Williamson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: HH2622– Social Work Department
Phone: 419-530-4084




@reading you are absolutely right. I always thought I was diligent in watching out for predators and I was wrong. I was a fool for not seeing.


Please don't be too hard on yourself. Predators are EXPERT manipulators and that is how they get away with it for so long. You did your best and that is all that anyone can ask of you. Just remember to be thankful that he is finally going down for his crimes against children.


pptrsha, hey , predators are great at deceiving those that trust them, you are not at fault , your grandchild is one of many victims , we all believe you, wishing you justice and all the best.