Grand jury indicts Trooper Ricky Vitte

Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper lands felony charge of disseminating matter harmful to juvenile
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 9, 2014


A Sandusky County grand jury this week indicted Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Ricky Vitte on felony and misdemeanor charges of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile.

Vitte is accused of masturbating with a pre-teen boy while watching porn videos on two occasions. The alleged incidents happened in February 2009.

The Sandusky County prosecutor's office earlier this year said he had no plans of charging Vitte. In recent weeks, however, assistant prosecutor Norm Solze said the case was not, in fact, closed, and they were still investigating.

The grand jury indicted Vitte on one felony count and one misdemeanor count of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile. If convicted on the felony count, he could face up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine. If convicted on the misdemeanor count, he could face up to 180 days in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Vitte is on paid administrative leave until further notice, Highway Patrol Sgt. Vincent Shirey told the Register. Patrol administrators have also opened an internal investigation.

Pick up Thursday's Register for the full story.




does he still have his job?


Duhh.... He's union


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Stop It

Wow. This is good news. Way to keep on it, SR.


Wonderful news. However, a cynic might postulate the indictment is a result of Assistant Prosecutor Croy's candidacy for judge in Ottawa County.


Face it, if the Register wasn't on this he would NEVER have been indicted.

And while they're at it, I think the Grand Jury should also investigate the prosecutors office and find out if there is any connection with them and Vitte, why else would they not pursue this until the Register kept making them answer questions.

And maybe the Sheriff should be questioned as to why Vitte ignored and fled a law enforcement officer who stopped him for questioning. Lets not stop there, lets ask Vitte's superiors that question too and why THEY didn't pursue charges.

Some of the BEST investigative reporting I have witnessed since the Clinton fiasco. Kudos to the Register on this and many other reports they have not stepped away from.

Locoboriqua1970's picture

I am sure his" masturbation instruction class" he held with that young boy will be a big hit in prison with the fellas....


Thank you Sandusky Register for staying the course and not letting this just slowly go away. This child now knows that people care about his well being, no matter how this plays out.


Lotsa celebrating and chest thumping going on.

The easy part is over. Getting a GJ to indict on a child sex case is only slightly easier than indicting a ham sandwich. Now the work begins.

I hope against hope that there is more admissible evidence than has been reported. Often there is. Sometimes not.

Either way, the Register and the faceless mob win. If he's convicted, they forced Sandusky County to do its job. If he's acquitted at trial it means the prosecutor's office is ineffective.

Congratulations in advance.

Stop It

The case is NOT OVER. Neither is the other one you called as such, just because a renta judge did a commercial.

Edit to add: Does the Blue Streak reference commit you to the color of your uniform? Could be black as well, but that wouldn't set well in the City of Sandusky.


Your comment is interesting on different levels. By reading this I get the impression you doubt the intelligence of the jury panel and/or the way the case was presented by the prosecutor. Either way it doesn't seem like you would be happy with any other result, other than this criminal walking free. There has to be sufficient evidence in order to even charge a person with a crime. With this particular case, because of who he is and represents in the public, a great deal of time went into making sure there was evidence. Try to understand, what is being reported and coming out about this person is only the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine all the other secrets and lies that may never be known. It appears you are supportive of Vitte and that is your choice. He needs all the support he can get right now so I think the rest of us rational thinking individuals can do without your support. The children, mother, and other family members who have had to deal with this situation deserve to have justice sereved. Ricky Vitte Jr. needs help for the sake of himself and any other child he may come in contact with. What he has done is wrong on so many levels, even if you want to buy into the whole "teaching" story, it is still wrong and he knows!

dorothy gale

Great news!! Wasn't he also accused of child abuse and domestic violence? Would be nice to see him charged with those offenses as well, the more charges the better chance this psycho scumbag will do some time.


Here is an opportunity for OSP to do what is right along with John Born.


Good Job SR! This made me sick from the beginning and Thank You for the continued questioning, you seem to do that with a lot of questionable cases and we are seeing some justice!


I agree. Also the folks at J4J&E deserve credit for their Petition to the Governor as that likely had an impact on the prosecutor's office reconsidering this case. There were likely a few calls from Columbus to Fremont.

witch hunter

"one Down" More justice to go!


Still should be suspended......without pay... for osp for violation of policy to reflect the patrol in the most positive light possible.
How creepy is this guy???




Should have been arrested a long time ago. Pervert!


About time. grand jury got one right. Justice will be served here. Wish it would for J4J and the burdine's , cordell"s and others in Sandusky county.


5 years too late, but at least this first step has taken place. Even though I don't think very highly of several reporters (especially LEASTerhold) at "The Rag," I tip my cap to the work you have done to publicize the activities of this CRIMINAL. Nice work Matt and staff.