Patrol sizing up reports

Investigations of trooper who allegedly gave sex lessons under review at OSP HQ
Feb 2, 2014


The Ohio State Patrol's review of reports and investigations into allegations a Patrol trooper watched porn and masturbated with a preteen boy is ongoing, according to a Patrol spokeswoman. 

"The Patrol continues to look into the allegations that were brought forward and into the investigations that have already been completed by the sheriff’s office and Family Services," public affairs commander Lt. Anne Ralston told the Register on Friday. 
"We have not initiated an administrative investigation at this time as we are still collecting and reviewing existing documentation." 
Ralston said the Patrol "would normally wait until the criminal investigation is complete before an administrative review would move forward." Sandusky County officials finished a criminal investigation earlier this month, opting against filing charges. 
Vitte also was accused in 2003 of beating a 5-year-old child and later head-butting the child's mother when she became upset. He pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of child endangerment, allowing him to continue to carry a service revolver as a Patrol trooper. 
Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt said his primary reason against moving forward this time was Vitte could argue he was teaching the boy to masturbate. A sheriff's report also states the prosecutor's office declined to seek charges because the time that's elapsed since the alleged incidents occurred — about five years ago — and the lack of any physical evidence.
Vitte's attorney, Dean Henry, told the Register that Vitte has been falsely accused. 
Stierwalt has declined to respond to inquiries from the Register for clarification and he has ignored public records requests for his file notes regarding the decision. 
Sheriff's detective Sean O'Connell never interviewed Vitte during the investigation. Vitte was in an Ohio Patrol police cruiser and led O'Connell and a deputy on a short chase after they attempted to stop him to question him about the allegations, but charges related to fleeing were never considered.
Ralston declined to respond to questions about a trooper using a state Patrol cruiser to flee another law enforcement agency. 
A Jobs and Family Services report filed late last year said family members reported Vitte had fits of rage and broke holes in walls and damaged doors when he became angry and also had punched and pushed another child, according to a sheriff's report filed by O'Connell. The report also included the allegations Vitte twice masturbated with the boy. 
Vitte refused to talk with O'Connell after the stop until he talked with his attorney, Henry. Henry told the Register he later conferenced with Stierwalt prior to Stierwalt's decision to close the investigation without seeking criminal charges.   
Vitte was returned to active duty earlier this month immediately after Stierwalt's decision.
"As his employer, we are now looking into those allegations and the facts that have been developed through the other investigations to determine our next steps," Ralston told the Register. 


looking around

It took national attention to force them to look at one of their own.......sad.


If this man didn't wear a badge, he'd be behind bars, NOT carrying a gun! Shows how, as usual, the blue line covers its own. Hypocrites


There's a story in the Toledo Blade about a Sgt. at the Toledo Trooper post (don't know if that's where Vitte is employed) getting demoted and sent to Fremont after abusing his office to harass his wife's ex husband and the father of his stepsons.

It's interesting because the story reports Gonzalez falsified police reports (including false child abuse claims) to harass a government employee which are serious crimes; but he ended up with only a 4th degree misdemeanor, basically a traffic ticket.

So the OHP appears to approve of men who abuse their office to harass women, children and anybody else they don't like. The Patrol just moves them around. Gonzalez will feel right at home in Fremont.

Another Sgt. from the same post accused of Domestic Violence.

Seen it All

After it's all said and done, they will probably just sent him off to Fremont Post with the rest of them. They will be "protected" in Sandusky County!!


Men in a position of trust. Men who abuse or otherwise harm others. Men who are protected by other men (and women) who are supposed to protect US. Maybe the State Patrol (and local Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, etc.) should take a good look to see how well that worked out for the Catholic Church, eh?


Wow, your insight is amazing! I'm sure the State Patrol, Police Departments, Sheriff Offices etc. are quaking in their boots now that Samantha Adams is on to them and their cover ups of misconduct!

How do you suggest people have law enforcement and prosecutors investigated and prosecuted for alleged crimes of violence against women and children?

It's a fact that the amount of violent crimes and sex crimes allegedly committed by law enforcement officers and government employees such as teachers, prosecutors, and other public officials dwarfs the numbers in the Catholic Church. So again, where do victims of government misconduct go to seek justice without fear of retaliation for reporting their alleged crimes?


How do I suggest people have law enforcement and other related personnel investigated and prosecuted for alleged crimes of violence against women and children? By bringing both the acts AND the cover-ups into the daylight. How do I suggest concerned and/or involved citizens do that? There are various ways, not least of which includes the media. What I do NOT suggest — ever — is anything like intimidating judges. I hear tell you get prison time for that, EB.

P.S. You're right insofar as relative numbers are concerned (between Catholic abuses, and law enforcement abuses). As long as it's only a relatively few boys being hurt, we should probably just let it go. It's not like it's important or that God won't forgive them for it.

thinkagain's picture

“As long as it's only a relatively few boys being hurt, we should probably just let it go. It's not like it's important or that God won't forgive them for it.”

So typical of you Sammy. Distort someone’s argument and then attack.


As usual, you can't be bothered to live up to your screenname. The point — doubtless obvious to most — is that ANY abuse, particularly of a child, is appalling and deserves to be punished in the harshest possible legal manner. It wasn't ME who implied that numbers that "dwarf" those of those abused by Catholic priests somehow made other abuses more serious or more deserving of attention and action!

Stop It



Yes any abuse is appalling, especially when it is committed by those sworn to serve and protect! So again, what are you doing as a citizen, not an anonymous poster Lady Sam, to ensure all the those abused children and others whose rights were allegedly abused by LE and other Government officials are not further abused but protected?

Also, you've been asked three times for proof to support your
statements concerning alleged threats. Where does one find the content of these alleged threats because the statements are not published anywhere in violation of the First Amendment you claim to value.


What have I PERSONALLY done concerning abuse? I've sheltered victims. I've testified in court. I've helped victims relocate. What have YOU done?

As for the proof of threats/intimidation of a judge by the infamous Elsebeth Baumgartner, I suggest you look at court records. You know, the ones involving a CONVICTION? And a prison sentence? Yes, those.

Julie R.

Intimidate a mean old arrogant rent-a-judge that gets paid with taxpayer dollars to say what the corrupt sitting judges tell him to say? Oh, come on already. Have you ever witnessed any of those corrupt old boys in action?


@Sam Adams:

There you go again, no proof to substantiate your claims of sheltering victims, testifying in court or helping victims relocate. Provide us citations to court records or public records because you are not credible as an anonymous poster.

Case in point: There are no court records that state the content of the alleged "threats" that you claim intimidated a judge. The Conviction and Sentencing documents you claim support you are available on the internet but the documents do not contain any statements. So where else should one hunt to find these alleged threatening statements?

By the way, since you claim to be an advocate for victims: What should Vitte's victims do to obtain justice?


You won't be getting any proof of my work with victims of abuse, either. Such court records are often sealed, and for good reason. I'm sure if you think super hard, you'll imagine what those reasons might be. I feel the same on a personal basis. I'm not going to reveal any names or specific circumstances to you or to anybody else. It's not about what I do or don't do; it's about what someone else MIGHT do, and what the victims have already had done to them.

Why don't you reveal YOUR name and other information about yourself, Babo? You're not credible as an anonymous poster. (Actually, you're not credible anyway judging from much of what you've posted here, but let's see you put YOUR money where your big mouth is!)

Julie R.

Gee, SamAdams, do you really think anybody, including Elsebeth Baumgartner, could "intimidate" one of those mean old you-know-what rent-a-judges that the courts in Erie County are forever using?


TRULY intimidate? Probably not. But then most of the idiots who threaten politicians are no real danger, either. It's just that the Secret Service can't afford to assume they're dealing with just another moron every time someone makes such a threat.

Meanwhile, judges who issue orders against such things may or may not take the threats to heart, but I'm pretty sure they take the defiance seriously!

Julie R.

You lost me. Who threatened an idiot politician?


She obviously doesn't know what she is talking about, so ignore her.

The Secret Service investigates true threats against the president and other federal officers, not state judges. She also missed the whole legal point that in order to criminalize speech in this country there has to be a "true threat", so as not to chill legitimate criticism of political commentary.

Ned Mandingo

Domestic violence, fleeing and eluding? I want this scumbag striped of his rights to own a firearm and in prison where he belongs. Once he is where he is there i am sure they will give him a few lesions, lol


O, they're investigating themselves? That should work out fair.


I respect and honor those who choose to be police officers. To put your life on the line for people you do not know on a daily basis is extraordinary.

Mr. Vitte is a wife beater, child abuser, and sexual predator. That this man is not in jail is surprising. The fact that he is a police officer with a clean record is unbelievable.
I would never choose to have contact in any way with a person who is as depraved and Mr.Vitte. the fact that he wears the badge to protect us is a true embarrassment and humiliation for every police officer. Shame on those who are his superiors. SHAME.


He acts out in rage, carries a gun? Trys to elude police, And all the other disgusting stuff, what does he have on his superiors? Looks really suspicious to many people. Maybe they fear him as well. They are allowing this monster to grow & grow til he will be totally out of hand.


Yeah but aren't we really glad? Glad to see *&%^$ like this draw attention to what happens too much. Quality L.E. realizes they work for US & hold high standards. Ricky...well at that age his name speaks volumes. Glad you are on your way out Ricky.


The back and forth of trying to oust another is negating the importance of this article/situation. Correct me if I am wrong but the majority of people commenting are announomous on here and for good cause. Look at this particular case and tell me why anyone wouldn't want to stay announomous. This man has escaped charges for obvious crimes, imagine what else he is capable of if he and his fellow law enforcement officers know names. Do your part to help provide justice, even if you do it behind a mask.


Thank you for raising this issue and I apologize to all for responding in kind. However, I do not understand why some people (especially those who claim to be constitutionalists and or victims' advocates) feel the need to bully people or discredit them by trying to expose their identity and then libeling a private person when they themselves are posting anonymously.

Also, you are right, it is distracting from the important issue herein which I believe to be: How do victims of LE and other public officials obtain investigations and prosecutions? Where do they go without fear of retaliation?

The SR published a second story on the pattern of OHP moving around officers who abuse their power based on the 2 posted links above. So the issue remains if OHP administration's solution is to move abusers (much like another hierarchal organization did with suspect priests) and the county prosecutor won't do anything where do the victims turn for redress?

I intend to write the Governor and the Ohio Inspector General and request an investigation into OHP and Stierwalt. It might be a start at least.