'We live in a crazy country, we really do'

The Young Turks have their take on troubled trooper story.
Jan 25, 2014


This local story has garnered national attention including The Young Turks on YouTube.

Watch the video in the player below


Licorice Schtick

What's in the water around here that makes us so good at making national news, not in a good way?

Truth or Dare

It has nothing to do w/what's in the water, but in this case, everything to do with abuse of power.


How embarrassing !

Truth or Dare

More like disgusting, shameful and criminal! Gotta give props to Marlene Boas, at least her clinical expertise hasn't been tainted by what's in the water!


Sure looks like the Sandusky Register's reporting in those quotes. No attribution?

John Harville

The comments all have been attributed to the point they are a matter of public record.
But go ahead and parce it, so you can move attention from the case.
What would TYT do with the SCCS gay marriage story?