Vitte denies sexual abuse

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Ricky Vitte Jr. completely denies allegations he masturbated with a pre-teen boy while the pair watched pornography, Vitte’s attorney Dean Henry said Thursday.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 24, 2014


Henry also said Sandusky County Sheriff’s detective Sean O’Connell never interviewed Vitte, to his knowledge, nor didO’Connell speak with Henry during his investigation of those allegations.

Late last year, when the now-teenage boy told social workers Vitte twice made him watch adult porn and masturbate with him, Vitte allegedly justified the actions to the boy’s mother, saying he was teaching the boy about sex, O’Connell’s deputy’s report stated.

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The woman filed for a civil protection order against Vitte after that conversation, according to court documents.    “I am here to obtain a CPO in order to provide protection for my children due to information involving an open case against Ricky Vitte Jr.” she wrote in a petition for the order.

Henry said it’s never been clear to him how the motion for a protection order relates to the masturbation and pornography allegations, despite the fact he was Vitte’s legal representation for both, and the boy’s mother explicitly states the reason in her petition.

After O’Connell completed his investigation, and before Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt declined to file charges, Henry conferenced with Stierwalt about the masturbation allegations. During that meeting, they discussed Vitte’s possible defenses, Henry said.

“My client absolutely and categorically and completely denies … all of those allegations” Henry said.

Stierwalt told the Register his main reason for not presenting the case to a grand jury was because Vitte could argue an affirmative defense.

Henry, however, said he did not recall discussing an affirmative defense when he and Stierwalt met to review the allegations.




A loud mouth skunk.


What's the real truth here? Sounds likes a lot of damage control going on here!


Obama’s ‘Lame duck dynasty’


Maybe he and Henry practice this in Henry's office when he's going over the accusations. Of course the desk is between them.


Of COURSE he denies it.


"Ricky Vitte Jr. appears to be holding onto his job, despite the evidence against him, and he’s on road duty according to the Highway Patrol. So if you are driving through Sandusky County today, this Patrolman whose kids say he beats them and punches holes through walls in anger, whose girlfriend says he headbutted her and beat her 5 year old son, whose ex-wife and a Sheriff’s report say he had a sexual encounter with a pre teen boy; this trooper could be the one pulling YOU over for speeding even today."

John Harville

DEan Henry also began his defense of Todd Helms, imprisoned Clyde-Green Springs Superintendent, by saying his client was innocent of all the allegations.
Vitte gets to go back to work - according to the News-Messenger - because the Prosecutor refused to prosecute because Vitte might present an "affirmative defense". Henry denies any such discussion.
Regardless... a Grand Jury investigation does not include possible defenses.
Let us not forget Stierwalt and Henry worked together on the Limberios case.
Once again, a Sandusky County Prosecutor does not trust a minor.

John Harville

"I'm not sayin' I'm gonna charge ya." SV at the end of the tape.

12 times the 'prosecutor' says - even a few times in legalese - he shouldn't be talking to "Vitte" BUT keeps on talking.

what the?

This guy is just jerking everyone around!


Especially young boys!


This is starting to really stink. Imagine an adult masturbating with your 12 year old child, really ?


he would probably be a dead adult to be honest...but hey it is Sandusky County and they obviously play by different rules there...


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Darwin's choice



How about spanking a child bloody? Or evading law enforcement?


The mere fact that he spanked the child until the child bled. That's abuse, and doesn't look well on the law enforcement community.


Cops= a waste


Take a look at the OSHP Facebook page. People are leaving posts and comments about Ricky. He is bringing a lot of shame to his co-workers.


As well as he should DT. Bet Ricky is nothing more than a **** *********. Hope his Post Commander F's with his future too.

Simple Enough II

Think about this, as this concerns me deeply in regards to psychotropic drugs. In the past he has been reported to display "aggressive " behavior, so maybe he has seen or is seeing someone who has prescribed him drugs to address those "outburst", so can those same drugs "if" prescribed be altering/effecting his thought process? Not an excuse, just asking the question.


Psychotropic drugs do have mind altering effects. However, they tend to dull or decrease sexual drive rather than heighten it. One of the most common complaints from people on those medications is low to absent sex drive. Lets pretend for a moment that the medications could cause heighten sex drive, still does not explain this situation unless there is an underlining desire for young boys and/or male genitalia. Nice try though, almost as good as "I was just teaching him".


You raise an interesting point, not from an excuse stand point but concerning the bigger issue of police officers, judges and other officials in positions of power not having to disclose if they are taking psychoactive medications to treat a mental illness.

That said, as noted by the commenter above, psychoactive drugs usually decrease libido. Moreover, male police officers are usually the last people to seek mental health help, despite high incidences of alcoholism, domestic violence and other mental health issues.

It's more likely he's a problem drinker with anger control issues and a fetish for prepubescent boys.

Darwin's choice

^^ THIS ^^