Stierwalt talks?

But it wasn't Ricky Vitte Jr. on the other end of the phone. Click here to listen to the call
Jan 23, 2014


Audio released late Tuesday of an alleged phone call between Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Ricky Vitte Jr. and Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt is a fake.

Or a half-fake.

Click here to listen to the call (includes objectionable language)

Tiffin attorney Dean Henry, who represents Vitte, said the voice on the recorder is not his client, but he seemed to suggest the person who answers the phone in the recording is Stierwalt. 

Stierwalt did not return numerous phone calls from the Register seeking confirmation.

Henry said he has asked for an investigation into who impersonated Vitte Jr. He declined to say what agency he asked for help.

The audio was received by the Register via email and through Twitter. The email shows it was recorded with a program called "SpoofCard," which is designed to "disguise your caller ID." The program makes it appear the caller is calling from a phone number with which the person being called is familiar.

Two people with Twitter accounts told the Register the call was made to Stierwalt, but the caller was not Vitte Jr. They both said the "SpoofCall" was made by a person associated with "Anonymous," a loosely affiliated anti-corruption Internet group. 

The audio lasts just over three minutes.  

"Is this Tom? Is this Tom?" the caller asks. 

Stierwalt voice: "It is."

VV: "Tom, It's Ricky Jr. How you doing?" 

SV: "I'm just wonderful. How are you?

VV: "Not so good. Not so good. I'm getting lots of emails and lots of people are ganging up on me on the Internet."

SV: "Gee, me too."

VV: "So what are we going to do?" 

SV: "I'm not sure what we can do, except ignore it."

The Vitte voice asks if Stierwalt is considering changing his mind. 

"There's no charges. There's nothing there to charge you with," the voice that appears to be Stierwalt replies, telling the alleged Vitte he is prohibited from speaking with him because he is represented by an attorney. Stierwalt tells Vitte Jr. he will call Dean Henry in the morning.    

Henry told the Register Vitte Jr. has been falsely accused; he did not abuse or masturbate with a boy.

“My client absolutely and categorically and completely denies...all of those allegations,” Henry said.  




Dean Henry gave a comment to the Sandusky Register? But, refuses to on other matters?! Hmmm Dean your smelling even more fishy now.


Well said mama c


What is the story here? It looks like Anonymous tried to trick Stierwalt into talking with a represented individual; Stierwalt, knowing this is not allowed, refused, and notified the individual's attorney. The ruse failed. Stierwalk did the right thing. What is the story?


It looks like the story is that The Register wants ti ingratiate itself to Anonymous, and printed a non-story as a signal that it will print whatever crapola it is sent.

Matt Westerhold

It appears you're talking to yourself, Turduckenbreath. But a prosecutor talking specifically about a high-profile criminal investigation would be a news story, without any doubt. A prosecutor being tricked, if that did occur, would also be a news story, and an attorney asking for a new investigation also would be a news story. Those are the reasons it's a news story, not the reason you suggest.  

Matt Westerhold

That's right, Matt. 




Hey Turd, I notice you just created a screen name to comment on this article. I also notice that you used a really big word for a Turd. "Ingratiate" , isn't a word that we see everyday in these comments.

Now who would come on here to protect a prosecutor, that is protecting a pedophile?

Obviously the Register printed your "crapola", so yes they do print anything.

While we have your attention Tom, I have a question for you. Would you let Ricky watch movies with any of your grandsons?


Good question, Dick!


"....created a screen name to comment on this article."

Nope. I've been around here for quite a while, but usually don't want to engage with those who comment.


Well, maybe just maybe you should not comment at all. Expecting to state your opinion but not listen to other's response to it is not something you should expect.

Chris vanscoy

Does anybody from Sandusky County do their job? Stierwalt doesn't prosecute anybody, O'Connell doesn't arrest an officer for speeding and evading the law, Wukie doesn't show up to crime scenes, Overmeyer destroys evidence.


Chris vanscoy

I don't think so, Chris.


Why do their jobs? Who holds them accountable?


Sandusky Register is who holds them accountable. Story after story of their covering each other's butts!

Carlos Danger

Spoof calling - a common tactic used by tabloid reporters (and criminals) in order to trick the recipient of the call.  And apparently a tactic condoned if not actively supported by the Register.

Carlos Danger

Amen Carlos


Also used by concerned citizens to expose potential "good ol boy" networks that protect possible predators from being brought to justice.


Amen erin!

Chris vanscoy

Hey Carlos, is your refrigerator running?

Carlos Danger

I prefer "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"


By doing this all that was done was set up the public to have sympathy for the accused for being a target. Makes one wonder who really called if you think of it that way!

Chris vanscoy

"I've been called a mother f'ing SOB son of a b**** mother f'er" I was thinking the same thing Tom, I just never said it out loud.

Chris vanscoy

Those are all common character traits I found in Stierwalt, Wukie, O'Connell , Overmeyer and Dean Henry. Although Dean Henry has a few extra ones. Maybe this is why they're all so close friends or family.


In all honesty, I feel that Stierwalt is way, over qualified to be the prosecutor for Sandusky County.

He needs to step down, and get a job with the Toledo Diocese. They could use his expertise in protecting pedophiles.


@DT, and Ricky would be a good reference!

Chris vanscoy

Movie night at the Vitte house tonight 8pm. Dean Henry and Stierwalt will be present. Who's coming?



Julie R.

I'm confused here. Does this mean it was NOT Ricky Vitte, Jr. on the other end of the phone but it WAS Tom Stierwalt, who thought he was talking to Vitte ....... or does this mean the whole thing is a spoof and it wasn't either one of them?


Sandusky countys elite got each others back, how touching.