Patrolman gets tipped off, twice

An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper recently investigated for masturbating with a pre-teen boy not only has a history of domestic violence, but a history of being tipped off.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 23, 2014
When Sandusky County sheriff’s Detective Sean O’Connell told trooper Ricky Vitte Jr’s post commander of the allegations and arranged to interview him at the Toledo Patrol post late last year, Vitte got wind from someone that something was up.

He called the boy’s mother and asked her if she told child welfare caseworkers “everything,” according to a deputy’s report filed by O’Connell. Vitte then skipped out on the planned meeting with the detective and headed home.

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O’Connell and another sheriff’s deputy were en route to the post when the boy’s mother contacted them and told them of the call from Vitte. His post commander also called O’Connell and told him Vitte left work early and was headed home.

They turned around and headed there, too, arriving at the home before Vitte.

Lying in wait, they saw Vitte approaching the home, but he fled after noticing the deputy’s cruiser parked nearby. He stopped after speeding away at up to 60 mph with the deputy’s cruiser in pursuit. When he finally stopped, he refused to talk with the detective until he could talk with his attorney, Dean Henry, according to the report.

Henry, who has been working with O’Connell for the past 15 months as a special prosecutor for Sandusky County prosecutor Tom Stierwalt’s office, works as a defense attorney.    

He defended Vitte in a previous incident in which he allegedly assaulted a 5-year-old boy and the boy’s mother.

A 2003 deputy’s report about that previous incident states Vitte beat the boy until his buttocks were bruised and bleeding and then head-butted his mother when she became upset. Henry successfully defended Vitte in that case, pleading down his domestic violence charge to a lesser charge of child endangering.

The woman filed for a protection order against Vitte, but later dissolved it. Then, in a second protection order barring Vitte from contact with her son, Henry pushed to modify the order so the trooper could carry his service revolver and keep working as a road patrol trooper.

In another apparent tipoff this week, Vitte closed down his Facebook page just hours after the Register informed Stierwalt, O’Connell and Henry the newspaper intended to publish a news article about the allegations at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The Register sent Stierwalt and O’Connell an email a day prior with a list of questions about the allegations, noting the deadline for a response. An email also was sent to Henry, simply seeking comment as Henry had defended Vitte against the prior criminal charge related to the assault on the boy and his mother.

Stierwalt’s office decided Jan. 9 not to charge Vitte for the alleged sexual misconduct with the boy, according to O’Connell’s report, because of the amount of time elapsed since the sexual misconduct incidents and because there was a lack of physical evidence.

After the Register contacted him the following week, however, Stierwalt reviewed the reports again and said the main reason he didn’t move forward with the case was because he didn’t believe he could get a conviction, given that Vitte told the woman he was teaching the boy how to masturbate.

The boy told Erie County social workers Vitte twice showed him pornography while Vitte and the boy masturbated together, according to O’Connell’s report. The incidents allegedly occurred five years ago, when the boy was a pre-teen.

Vitte told the boy’s mother he was teaching the boy he didn’t need “to have sex with someone when he can fix those needs by masturbating to porn,” O’Connell’s report stated.

During the course of O’Connell’s investigation, Vitte was assigned to administrative duties at the post.

When the Ohio State Highway Patrol learned two weeks ago Stierwalt was not going to pursue charges, Vitte was reassigned to the road, where he’s been performing regular trooper duties since, patrol spokeswoman Lt. Anne Ralston said.

The patrol was aware of the allegations, Ralston said, but has not initiated its own investigation.

“We’re in the process of looking into those allegations to determine where we need to go administratively,” Ralston




John Harville

Hmmmm. Perhaps the Lucas County Prosecutor can step it?

Seen it All

Thanks for providing that link csnighthawk. I would think that going back to Toledo post in 2008 would be because bigger post/more opportunities. What I found INTERESTING in that article was that he left the Toledo post in 2003 and came to the Fremont post. Hmmm, the same year he beat that 5 yr old so bad he bled. Stayed in Fremont for 5 yrs, probably so his wrong doings could be swept under the rug by the wonderful folks running Sandusky County. I bet his personnel file would make a wonderful read!


I hope Vitte pulls over the wrong drug dealer.


Thanks for this Register. Most here hate this behavior from a public servant. Watch Ricky's future, bet it will unravel.


This is not right, its like condoning his actions, makes you wonder about all the skeletons in this Posts closet.....How can this creepy man be around children, can you imagine a child left alone w/ him?


So why isnt he charged with speeding as well as unauthorized use of a vehicle as well as eluding. Is it just me or do all the law enforcement get away with alot more stuff than any Civilian i've ever known? Let alone any other charges that may be coming up, im not even mentioning them just yet. Oh wait, Sandusky county again, go figure.........


Good point! Why didn't O'Connell arrest him and press charges himself for fleeing and eluding? He didn't need an Indictment, as he was present and witnessed the crime.


I know... there is nothing funny about what he did but couldn't help but chuckle at this comment on the Huff Post...
"He would get off if the case went to trial."


Did Ohio State Highway Patrolman Vitte,Jr make a video of this boy while they were viewing the pornographic material?

Was it adult or child porn they were watching?
Why no investigation?
Doesn't even his employers want to know about his character?


@nighthawk, Ricky was not interested in the video being shown, thats irrelevant.

Vitte was only interested in seeing a naked boy masturbate, that's what he was watching.

He is a pediphile, spanking the other little boy gave him thrills, too.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there will probably be another boy coming out soon. Two incidents with two half naked boys, is not a coincidence.

It's like mice, when you see one, there are ten you don't see.


This nasty SOB better not find a loophole to crawl out of, either. Seems like everybody walks anymore (except Curtis Clinton).


@Dick Tracy, Thank you.
I never gave it a thought that there might be other victims than these two.
If there aren't at the present time then a probability in the future.
A sad situation.


Video coverage on this... Really hope someone breaks up the good Ole' Boys club over in Sandusky County!


MamaC, thank you for posting that Young Turks link. I and others need all of the help that we can get.

I noted over 1200 comments to the video Published on Jan 22, 2014.

Anybody have an official photo of this sicko, poor excuse of an Ohio State Trooper in his uniform? That should be a public record.


Congrats, to Ricky! You got your 15 minutes of fame!

Congrats, to Stierwalt! You got your 15 minutes of shame!

Thanks so much for making our area a laughing stock, you idiots!


Thanks mamaC! Good video! It says it all!


Listen to Tom Stierwalt go good ol' boy with who he thinks is Ricky Vitte Jr. Promises to call Vitte's attorney Dean:

Sal Dali

I wasn't able to find the Policies and Procedural Manual for OSP, however,I did find this 4501:2-6-07 Code of ethics and oath of office. (9) They shall so conduct their private and public life that the public will regard them as examples of stability, fidelity and morality. Got to wonder what the moral ethics of Sandusky County actually are allowing this pervert to wear the OSP uniform and disgrace the entire state. Masturbating in unison with a young boy while showing him porno is their idea of moral? Sick..


"Were in the process of looking into to those allegations" says Ralston.

They have known since November? And they aren't really allegations, since Ricky himself already ADMITTED he did it!

How long does it take to see this guy is a ticking time bomb?


I was...


That front page article totally discussed me. This man should have been thrown in jail years ago! Just because he is a Highway patrolman, gives him no special rights that, the rest of us don't have! If that had been my preteen son or my baby ,I'd want to kill him!


Why don't you show a better picture of this creep without the sun glasses, so we all can see his face! I want to see his face plastered on the front page of your paper , like the disgusting things that he did to the children and woman he came in contact with?

John Harville

This man hates children and has abused them. And still he wears a uniform and goes on working.

Another man wants only to teach children. And he's out of a job.

Seen it All

Anyone want to get ahold of this man's BIG BOSS, here is the address:

John Born
Director,Ohio Department of Public Safety
1970 West Broad Street
P.O. Box 182081
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2081

Perhaps, if he got enough letters of outrage, he would do a little investigation on his own how this creep gets to keep a gun and badge!
If this is just left in the hands of Sandusky County, we ALL know what happen... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!