Triple Homicide Trial: Death penalty for Curtis Clinton

Watch continued coverage from the Erie County Courthouse.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 14, 2013

UPDATE 3:31 p.m. — Erie County Common Pleas Court erupted in a screaming match Thursday afternoon as Judge Tygh Tone handed rapist and killer Curtis Clinton, 42, three death sentences for the killings of Heather Jackson, 23, and her children, Celina, 3, and Wayne Jr., 20 months.

Clinton provoked Nick Fee, brother of Heather Jackson, into a rage when Clinton had the chance to make a final statement to the court.

Both Clinton and Fee stood from their chairs and deputies and police officers held them back from one another across the courtroom.

Clinton, dressed in orange jail garb, handcuffed and shackled for the hearing, was quickly placed back into his seat by deputies at the defense table and Fee settled into his chair in the jury box, seated behind his mother and father, Jodie and Herb Lynch.

Tone finished the hearing out, tacking on the life sentence for Clinton raping Celina, with an additional 10 years for Clinton's other crimes.

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During the half hour hearing, Jodie Lynch made a statement and victim's advocate Sarah Reynolds read a letter from the family of Misty Keckler, an 18-year-old woman Clinton strangled to death in 1997.

Elizabeth Sebetto, 19, a woman Clinton raped about a week before killing Jackson and her children, also read an emotional statement to the court.

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dorothy gale

Unrepentant, arrogant, evil, psychopath. I simply cannot believe this monster's attitude! And he will appeal and appeal and appeal, wasting time, money, and oxygen. I am sickened.


i cant believe he said that what a waste of life


what did this piece of flesh say, my computer @ work doesn't have speakers

BULLISDEEP's picture

You will just have to watch it on one that does have speakers . No one can print what was said, it would just get deleted by the mods anyway .


He pretty much proved that he is what he is...a guilty piece of trash. Anyone that could kill small children like he did is not worth keeping alive. I will give his victims the only justice I can by never even thinking of him or saying his name. He should have never even been born and the rest of the air that he breathes is just a waste. Looking forward to the day that poison is injected into his veins. Nick, I feel for you man, take pride that you got the last word and this guy will never hurt someone again. Nick, you can live the rest of your life knowing that you stood strong and everyone knows that if, given the chance, you would knock every single tooth in his mouth out and make him feel your pain. Northern Ohio stands by you and your family and everyone is much safer and lives have been saved from the loss of your sister. I feel for you deeply and all of my thoughts are with you and your family and no trace of this piece of trash will ever cross my mind.

Brick Hamland

He said "they can kiss his a**" and then a bunch of "f" words

Bada Bing

What did he say on his way out to nick about his mom?


That's what I was wondering? He said something along the line "tell your mother", that's I could understand.

red white and blue

I'd like to stomp on his head till he died! I hope aftrr what he said it ruins his chance for appeal they should fry him today I think he should of had a gag on he shouldn't be aloud to say nothing!!!!

looking around

Finally we see the true Curtis Clinton not in a shirt and tie, but in orange prison garb, cuffed and running his mouth! A far cry from what defense attorneys would like to present him as! I just wish Nick could have gotten his hands on his throat!


I am glad Nick Fee didn't get to him. ONLY because he needs to be there for his family. In my heart, it would be justice for Nick to do with him exactly what he wishes!


Nick I would be contacting some arien bros. I'm sure they would love to know what that piece of trash did to one of their own. Some romen noodles and a phone card goes along way to a inmate already facing life. Their will be plenty of white lifers that would gladly stick a shank in this losers neck. After he gets placed at Chilicothe or Southern Ohio Cor. Facility he will be with almost all lifers and if it was my family I would be on a mission to get this man what he deserves, and that's not 3 hots and a cot for the next 20 years while going through appeals. That's for damn sure. I pray for the Lynch family and I know the community is behind you. My heart and thoughts are with you


Been waiting to hear what you had to say. I'll donate money to the romen noodles and phone card.


He'll be on death row in a cell by himself with no other inmate contact.

HS Sports Fan

Way to go Nick for speaking what we are ALL thinking. Our prayers are with the family. After watching Clinton, how can he even waste anyone's time denying these crimes. Can you imagine how out of hand he can get. Whoever let this man out of prison should be locked in the same cell with him. In my eyes they are also a murder. An appeal will only keep him alive in prison, what a way to live. Curtis Clinton is the biggest low life piece of crap this area has EVER seen, hands down.


This guy is getting exactly what he deserves. I get why some of the commenters are upset but you sound just as evil and dangerous as Clinton. I am glad it is over and the family got justice!


Really? Just as bad and evil as Clinton?
It's not the blood of an innocent man we want shed. It's that of a soulless, demented, quadruple murderer, rapist, phediphile POS that doesn't deserve to walk out of a courtroom.
We are nothing like Clinton!


It's queertracker...........he supports Obama. His opinion means nada. That is all.


Pucker up please!

Home Town

All I can say is this punk got what he should of , and that is the Death Sentence. I just pray that it comes fast and does not take the next 20 years. I have known Heathers Mother for around 45 years , we grew up on West Market St. And my Heart goes out to here and her family. God bless all of you !!!

red white and blue

Aeversole^^ shank would be to good for him I want to see them tourcher him before they shank him!!!


It makes me wonder what could have ever happened in that man's life to create such a monster? How could anyone do the horrendous things that he has been convicted of and still walk away with no remorse or care? God, it makes me want to choke him until the life leaves his body, but it just would lower me to his level. What could possibly happen in a person's life to create the unfeeling, murdering, rapist who has no care for anyone in the world? Are people born like this--or does it happen through a childhood filled with physical and mental abuse? Does anyone know the history behind Clinton, such as his parents(or lack of) or anything that may have caused him to become a hate-filled murdering #$%? Lot's of questions I know, but I am just trying to make sense of this senseless tragedy, where not one, but TWO young women have lost their lives and two beautiful babies were taken from us much too soon. My heart goes out to all the of the family members who try to make sense of this horrible travesty, may God be with you all.


People can be this way because of genetics, life history, or just feel they have the right to do whatever they want to others.


How? They are born evil. NO way to convince me it was simply a sick act. I hope he meets a fate that we can only imagine.

red white and blue

He isn't the only clinton in prison says moutains about that family


I grew up with some of his family and its bs to judge them all. His mom was always a hard working women of faith and his sister is also a woman of faith and a pastor so you can keep that comment to yourself. What he did was his doing only and there is family members who feel he got what he deserved just like the rest of us.


Glad to hear some of them have some dang sense.


logistics, I wonder too. He had to have been cruel to kids ,animals, old people, his mother said he was such a wonderful man. She may have defended everything he did, no matter what, made excuses for his behavior. He may have been abused, cant say, maybe just liked sick porn and snuff films. I feel he destroyed innocent lives, snuffed out so cruelly and painfully. He chose to do this, now the family have to go on, one step at a time, birthdays, holidays, year after year. They honor the victims by being strong, they have stood strong to honor the love they still have for Heather and her dear children. Blessed be.


What is the point of 3 death penalties, life in prison, Plus 10 additional years?


If the 3 death penalties get appealed and lowered/dropped, he still will have a life sentence, plus 10 additional years to keep him in prison and off the streets...