GUILTY VERDICT: Triple Homicide Trial

Watch live video of the trial with updates from the Erie County Courthouse.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 4, 2013


UPDATE 5:13 p.m. — Guilty, on all counts.

After about 4 1/2 hours of deliberation, the 12-person jury found Curtis Clinton, 42, guilty of five counts aggravated murder, three counts rape, one count aggravated burglary, and on all accompanying specifications.

The penalty for the aggravated murders includes the possibility of the death penalty.

The same jury who heard the criminal trial will return for the mitigation phase Nov. 12, to hear evidence and make a recommendation as to whether Clinton should be sentenced to death.

UPDATE 12:07 p.m. — The jury is out.

After about two hours of closing arguments Monday morning, Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone read the jury their lengthy instructions, sent them to deliberate and ordered them sequestered until they deliver a verdict in the triple homicide case against Curtis Clinton.

Clinton, 42, accused of killing Heather Jackson, 23, and her two children, Celina, 3, and Wayne Jr., 20 months, faces the death penalty if he's convicted.

He also is charged with aggravated burglary, the rape of Celina the day she was killed, and the rape of a 17-year-old Clyde girl about five days before allegedly committing the homicides.

During closing arguments, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter recapped the testimony of the witnesses who took the stand and the 160 pieces of evidence the jury will be able to review.

Whatever doubt jurors have, whatever other plausible explanations Clinton's attorneys asked them to consider, there's once piece of evidence that can't be explained away: The sample recovered from Celina's genitals that matched Clinton's DNA, Baxter said.

The jury will decide Clinton's guilt on five aggravated murder charges, three counts rape, one count aggravated burglary and about a dozen accompanying specifications — including those that would state his crimes could merit the death penalty.

If Clinton is found guilty, the jury will likely break for a week before returning to hear the second phase of the trial, called mitigation, where they would determine whether or not he deserves to suffer capital punishment.

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have you heard anything new yet


I'm wondering if it's a good thing or bad thing it is only 5 days to this trial? Also wondering about the DNA, why on earth would he plead not guilty and waste our time? I can't hear the video right now would love to see what the closing arguments of the defense are. Praying JUSTICE is served.


What I don't get is why all the delays when this guy had no defense and his lawyers offered none? This trial could have happened a long time ago. Big waste of taxpayer dollars especially when the family was okay with life/wo parole!

Brick Hamland

All killers plead no guilty because you can't enter a plea of guilty to a felony. Then they fight it so when they are eventually convicted, in this case there are no arguments or defenses (not even the typical police misconduct, illegal search and seizure, evidence issues, etc). because that way when they go to prison they can tell all the others inmates that his lawyer screwed him and he didn't do it. Blaming it on the lawyer (since 99.9% of inmates all hate lawyers) helps them relate to other inmates and keeps their street cred... I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night

looking around

It's been my understanding from the small town gossip that It was the father of the children that pressed for a trial and death sentence. Lots of particulars in the jury instructions concerning multiple charges. This could take awhile for the jury to sort it all out. They have a lot on their plate.


Yea!!!! Justice has been served.

looking around

Watch the verdict tape between 1330 and 1430 time approximately, I can't imagine what Clinton and his Lawyer shared that they found comical. Not much emotion to a man found guilty on all counts that now could face the death penalty.


Yes, I'd like to know what was so comical too.

Big Momma

Me too. But hey, we can all have a chuckle when they stick the needle in his arm.


When they stick that needle in his arm he will smile out the other side of his face.


I can almost guarantee this scum will get death...and it will be well deserved, hell is waiting on him!!!!!


Sept 12th sentencing date, why so long, this is crazy! Never have seen Wane Jackson, the husband and father in the courtroom?

BULLISDEEP's picture

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 5:46pm

Sept 12th sentencing date, why so long, this is crazy! Never have seen Wane Jackson, the husband and father in the courtroom?

IT'S NOV 12 next week.

Jason Werling

Sorry lugnut, we had a typo. The trial will start back up a week from tomorrow. Tuesday, November 12.

Raoul Duke

He was blinking like Nixon.

dorothy gale

I sure do wish we could make the punishment fit the crime in this country. Life in prison? This monster will be segregated from the rest of the inmates and won't get what he deserves. Death penalty? Too quick and easy. Why can't he be tortured and killed just like his victims were?


Why wasn't the defendant standing during the reading of the verdict? I sense a lack of formality in this court. Maybe they could have brought a cot in and let him sleep.


hang him high.

2cents's picture

I still have a hard time understanding what brings out the monster in people. To just strangle the life out of these people while they stare you in the face. I do not think that he should spend any time in jail, just do away with this thing, he is not human, he could not be human to do these things!

Big Momma

Oh they weren't staring him in the face. He strangled them from behind while raping them. (Sorry for the mental picture, but this guy is an animal)


Sad part is there are whole bunch more in the Erie County jail like him waiting to be tried for murder. AND there are folks running around town just waiting for a chance to murder. Makes you feel real safe doesn't it?

Good 2 B Me

He deserves to suffer a long time before being killed. Unfortunately, people will feel sorry for a beast like this. I hope that this Jury has enough nerve to do the right thing and give him Death!

I would love to go a few rounds with him for Heather and the Babies!


The real sad part is, if he is sentenced to death, he will live another 25 years, wasting the counties money on his appeals. Meanwhile he will get free health care, dental and eye care as well. The system will do their best to keep him alive only do put him to death 25 yrs from now the entire system needs reworked. We need express checkouts..if the dna matches n he been found guilty, take him straight to death row, give them a week, n be done with them..

Good 2 B Me

I agree. Sadly, the system has allowed countless appeals and a slow process to insure that he is treated humanely. Makes me sick.

He treated Heather and the kids inhumanely, what is the difference? What makes him so special?

Ugh. I am hoping for "Prison Justice" once he gets sentenced.

red white and blue

I can't believe his counsel finds anything amusing during this trial there as much of a scum as he is


If only they would drop him off at my residence for tea & crumpets...I would make sure it would be the longest several days of this pathetic cowards life.

red white and blue

Lugnut^^^ u couldn't have said it any better let's make that exspress thing happen


What a sad situation. This guy should of never got out of prison. I wished they would quit showing pictures of the brother unless he shows a little more respect for his sister in the way he dresses for court.


The way Nick dressed for the trial has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that Clinton is a pure monster!!!!....I wished the whole time that Nick could get his hands on Clinton just ONE time!!...Now THAT would be justice!!!....Apparently some people were too worried about what people were dressed in, because that was the very least thing from my thoughts! And how dare you even suggest that Nick showed disrespect to Heather!?!?!...He sat through the whole trial and listened to and saw graphic details of what that scum piece of human waste did to his sister and niece and nephew!!...I think he deserves an award for not jumping out of his seat and beating the %*&$ out of Clinton, because God only knows how very hard that must have been for him not to do!!!

Stop It

Now. Since we have this tech called DNA evidence that is irrefutable, can we do without appeals and all that happy crap?