Day 3: Triple Homicide Trial of Curtis Clinton

The trial has wrapped up for the day. Watch video updates from the Erie County Courthouse.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 31, 2013


UPDATE 2:09 p.m. — Prosecutors questioned three witnesses Thursday morning before dismissing jurors for the weekend.

• The first person to testify was a 19-year-old Clyde girl, who was 17 when Clinton raped her in his Camp Street apartment about a week before Heather Jackson and her children were killed.

She told jurors she knew Clinton through his then 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend, and she had gone with that woman to his apartment that weekend to spend a few days in Sandusky.

That Sunday evening, Sept. 2, 2012, she and Clinton went out to a bar, where he placed his arm around her several times and she refused his advances.

On their way back to his apartment at about 3 a.m. Monday, they argued about his advances and she told him she would find a ride back to Clyde.

When they returned to the apartment, Clinton spoke with his girlfriend and the victim tried to call her boyfriend several times for a ride.

But he didn't answer.

Eventually, she put on her pajamas and started watching a movie while Clinton and his girlfriend were in his bedroom talking.

Soon, they left. Clinton returned a short time later and sat beside her on the couch.

Then he placed he hands around her neck and started to strangle her. She wrenched away, but he wrapped his arm around her neck from behind her.

She pleaded for him not to hurt her, and told him she would do whatever he wanted.

He walked her into his bedroom, told her to take off her clothes and raped her.

The assault continued for hours, she told jurors.

At one point, he choked her until she passed out and she went in and out of consciousness about three times.

At one point when she woke, she saw him taking pictures of her with his cell phone.

Then he raped her again.

Sometime around 6 a.m., he agreed to take her home — she told jurors she figured she'd survived the night, so she could survive the ride home.

He dropped her off a street away from where she lived in Clyde and she walked home.

She went into her bedroom and was sitting on the floor, crying hysterically, when her mother found her.

Then her parents took her to the Bellevue Hospital for treatment. Hospital personnel there sent her to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo so a sexual assault nurse examiner could collect a rape kit for evidence.

• Lisa Dettling, a registered nurse and sexual assault examiner, told jurors about her exam of the 17-year-old victim.

She collected swabs from the victim's body and photographed red marks on the front and the back of her neck.

• Dr. Dana Scala-Barnett, a forensic pathologist and deputy coroner with Lucas County, reviewed photos taken during the autopsies of Jackson and her children.

In each case, she found they died of ligature strangulation. She also found evidence of trauma to both  Jackson and Celina's genital areas.

• Jurors were dismissed at about noon, and are set to return to the courthouse Monday morning at 8 a.m.

Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter said the state was finished presenting witnesses at about noon.

Defense attorneys were to speak with Clinton this afternoon, and be prepared to present any witnesses on Monday.

On Friday, attorneys will meet with Tone to finish procedural parts of the trial, submitting exhibits for the jury to examine and deciding on what instructions will be given to the jury before they are allowed to deliberate on the charges.

After the defense presents any witnesses, attorneys will give closing arguments and the jury will be read their instructions.

They could be deliberating on Clinton's guilt by Monday evening, depending on how quickly the trial concludes.


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— Due to graphic testimony, viewer discretion is advised —

Watch live and past video from the trial in the player below



How about taking the picture of Randleman's sorry a** out of this event. I'm tired of seeing his face.


Have they started the video of the trial?


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You know, nobody deserves to die, especially innocent children. But when you willingly hang around people who do drugs something bad is gonna happen!!! I really feel for the innocent children brought into this type of life!!! I'm not sayin in any way that the mother had it coming to her, so don't go there! The mother played a part in this by not distancing herself and her kids from such activities! This thug needs to burn!


I NEVER agree with your comments but this time I have to admit that you make some really good points. No disrespect at all to this young lady or her family but it really is wise to associate with people that are not shady. Especially if you have young children. Having said that, the first witnesses did not seem that honest and probably wasn't the best company for her to keep either. I have to repeat that this is still not her fault and definitely no fault of the kids. Fact is, you just don't know what you don't know. I will not judge anyone for their "activities" but we all need to make good choices!


I agree Cowboy. Members of the family have stated she had problems but was trying to fly right. I'm not pointing fingers, no one is perfect nor deserves what this beautiful family went through. I only hope it is exposed to other mothers in similar situations with similar addictions just what happened, and the real dangers that are out there even in a moderate community such as ours.


really cowboy all the said that she has done perks and she wasnt hanging around with him idiot listen before you open your mouth

sandtown born a...



I'm willing to believe that most of the people she hung with had rap sheets. By the way, that's not normal!


Right, that isn't normal. Who knows all the crap he was on.


You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas!
White women need to just stop hanging/messing with black guys. It's bad enough they kill there own people at alarming rates, If a guy (especially a black one) is knocking on your door at 3-4 am there is nothing good coming out of it, you may hate my comment but it's true! Ladies focus on your kids not on your relationships! men come and go. Your a "baby's mama" for a reason wake up and stop being a "baby's mama" to 3,4,5,6 kids and get your priorities right.
There's bad all around and as parents it's our responsibility to do our best to keep the undesirables away from our children. Leave a clean lifestyle as much as possible, we all make mistakes learn from them! not repeat them over and over again.
all Cowboy is saying is heather could and should have made better decisions that ultimately cost her and her children's life. we can't go back only learn what we can and move forward. I just pray that the family gets justice and are able to heal some from this nightmare.


This has NOTHING to do with interracial dating. Any woman can "hang/mess" with whomever she chooses. Lay off black people. You sound really racist! Huronguy? DUH!!!!!!!!!!


That's how they want to sound. I have seen plenty of beautful interracial people. And if I'm not mistaken most whites are killed by whites.


You are not mistaken sandtown!

sandtown born a...

I think you meant to say most blacks are killed by blacks


That is also true!


Most whites are killed by other whites like I said. Blacks kill more blacks because that is who they are around. Whites kill more whites because that is also who they are mostly around.

Simple Enough II

Huronguy, the older we get the more we look back on some of our actions and choices and may regret them, she was 23 years old, she was still very young and making mistakes, it happens, but yeah she did make some mistakes that utimatly came to this sad conclusion. And I agree don't be mudsharkin.


does anyone know why they ended for the day? I was unable to watch.


I wondered that too. Maybe because it's Friday?

sandtown born a...

It's thursday


LOL! You are right! Silly me!

looking around

No recap of todays testimony?

Jason Werling

Recap is being typed and will be posted soon.

looking around

Ahhh I see now there was a period where the webcam was not used and a description of the testimony is provided, last testimony was shown via cam and court recessed for the day. Sounds like tomorrows testimony will be another very rough day for the family.

Jack Frost

I knew her and her children, they were beautiful childen. She was a wonderful kid, such a shame that she had to die. Milner's cousin was also known to go to her house and party, but since he's a paid informant by SPD, his name and activities are all hush hush. I hope this guy gets the needle, and I hope young people quit dying because of drugs. I hope this will be a lesson for others. It's not a black thing, or a white thing, rich or poor thing. It's a drug thing and the cops and judges are as guilty as the dope dealers.

looking around

Sounds like this guys treatment of women is very much like how a pimp would treat the women he enslaves to work for him. How a women can be attracted to a scum like this is beyond me. There has to be some wires crossed.


You got that right!

looking around

In doing a little review maybe someone can shed some light on this. 1997 Clinton 28 commits murder and s sentenced to 13 years, prosecutors at the time said he murdered a female friend because she tried to hide his then 14 year old girl friend, the girl who allegedly was hiding the girl then has sex with Clinton and is murdered. Fast forward Clinton now 41 is released from prison with little oversight is tooling around in a Cadillac and has a relationship with a 19 year old girl who is impregnated by him. Her 17 year old girl friend tells her to tell him that she is 18. They both are spending the night with this 41 year old convicted murderer which results in an alleged rape of the young girl.

Somehow a 23 year old mother of two children becomes associated with this man. Although others say they know nothing of him, his number is in her cell phone with records of text messages exchanged with him at 3 am in the morning!

Where do these peoples paths cross? Why would any young girl be enticed into a relationship with men like this? How can he seemingly have so much power over independent thinking individuals.

Folks, it's a tough trial and testimony for any family to sit through and many here claim to have first hand knowledge about a lot of things, no one wants to look at a darker side, but with relationships like these, surely they exist.

If you have young daughters, they need to know the consequences and be taught to steer clear of these situations. That can only come from honest conversations and a close watch.

There are times where political correctness is prudent, in these types of conversations I think it like you see it!


Jack Frost's comment is spot-on! This is not about race or class. This dude could be whiter than an Easter lily, and he'd still be a peece of sheet. He's a middle-aged ex-con, and no young mother (black or white) should have gotten involved with him. Parents, let this be a lesson: if your daughter develops a taste for bad boys, don't fall for the horse hockey that intervening "will only drive her away." If you have to, handcuff her to a radiator until she comes to her senses!

red white and blue

^^^jack frost^^^your comment is spot on they need to get rid of obrien nice judge but to nice we need more like lux and they need to start going after doc. That perscibe these pills

Jack Frost

I also know Judge Lux personally. A no nonsense judge that is fair but stern. Judge Lux should have to review each sentencing case coming out of Erie County and give his approval or disapproval. Huron County is a joke, if I ever get in trouble I want it moved to Huron County, say "I'm sorry, I'm very very sorry." And walk. I also have seen what these "Pain Management Doctors" do. They are pushing more drugs than low level dealers on the street. They get busted, they just move and open a new pain clinic. Might get a 1 year suspension.