Trial on track to start Oct. 28

Accused murderer could face death penalty if convicted in slayings of mother and two children.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 19, 2013


Curtis Clinton’s murder trial remains on track to start Oct. 28.

Attorneys finished selecting the jury pool Wednesday. A total of 74 people will return to the Erie County Courthouse to see if they’ll be chosen as the final 12 to hear the case against the accused triple murderer.

Watch Nick Fee, brother of Heather Jackson, on Between the Lines HERE

If Clinton is found guilty of murder in the deaths of Heather Jackson, 23, and her two children, he could face the death penalty. In a second phase of the trial, the same jurors would decide if he should face the death penalty.

Clinton, 42, is accused of strangling to death Jackson and her daughter, Celina, 3, and son, Wayne Jr., 20 months, in their John Street home on Sept. 8, 2012.

He was also charged in the rape of a 17-year-old Clyde girl a week before the homicides, and for the sexual assault of Celina the day she died.

Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone will oversee the trial. He said he may conduct a hearing next week to rule on any last-minute motions prosecutors and defense attorneys file before the trial starts. Otherwise, the case will proceed as scheduled.

The Register plans to stream video of the trial live at

Coverage will begin after the final jury members are seated.


Clark W. Griswald

I vote public hanging for this turd

Tsu Dho Nimh

Prayers to the people sitting on the jury. I could not handle hearing the details of this crime.


May God grant the family and the jurors the strength to get through this trial.

red white and blue

I wish they would publicly hang him for everyone to see better yet publicly stone hi m to death!

Julie R.

I want a front row seat when he gets the needle.


Even if they find him guilty and give him the death penalty-he and his scumbag lawyer will continue to appeal and the taxpayers will have to pay for his jailtime. Maybe everyone will get lucky and he will get stabbed and slaughtered in prison-just what he deserves!!


Most prisoners that are convicted of crimes against children typically find themselves the center of unwanted attention and the guards look the other way. From what I've heard it doesn't take to long either. So while - if convicted that is - his lawyer may be filing appeal to get him off for whatever sentence he's given, he'll be getting a whole other kind of sentencing on the inside from his fellow prisoners that don't take to kindly to anyone that harms a child.


let's hope that it happens very very soon

2cents's picture

"the sexual assault of Celina the day she died"

3 years old, this guy is not human in my eyes! Where is Al-Qaida when you need them with a dull .....


It's heartbreaking.


The only problem with the what this scum will get while behind bars is...the guards will have legal problems while he is in the care of our wonderful system. Look at what is happening to the guards in the case of the Castro scum from Cleveland. The guards are the ones under the microscope because he was found dead in his new home. Castro was just trying to save the taxpayer some cash. The only thing that he had done correct in his sad life.

red white and blue



You know i'm torn about this---he doesn't deserve death because it's the easy way out but he doesn't deserve to sit for life because he will get everything paid for him. Scum of the earth.