Clinton talked; attorneys want statements quashed

Court reviews video interviews he made with police immediately after his arrest on murder charges. Click here to get photo gallery.
Jessica Cuffman
May 29, 2013


Attorneys for accused triple murderer Curtis Clinton are trying to suppress incriminating statements he made to police just before his arrest last September.

Prosecutors played the first half of his interview with Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman in Erie County Common Pleas Court Tuesday morning, stopping the tape after about an hour, when Clinton’s attorneys say he asked for a lawyer and should have no longer been questioned.

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In the first half of the interview, Clinton, 42, remained dressed in a hospital gown and pants, as police picked him up from The Bellevue Hospital where he’d been admitted a day after allegedly killing Heather Jackson, 23, and her two children.

He tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills in a Clyde hotel, police have said. 

Sandusky police started looking for Clinton after obtaining cell phone records that showed he was the last person to talk to Jackson before she was killed on Sept. 8. In his interview with Wichman, Clinton sipped water and talked about his relationship with Jackson.

He’d met her only five months before the killing, after he’d been released from prison after serving 13 years for the 1997 killing of an 18-year-old Fostoria woman, Misty Keckler.

Though he was in a relationship with a 19-year-old girl when he met Jackson, Clinton said he would meet her to have sex from time to time and would help her out when she needed money.

“I grew up with her boyfriend,” he said. “When we see each other, we see each other.”

Before the point in the interview where Clinton’s attorneys contend he asked for a lawyer, Clinton described where he’d been and what he’d done in the three days before his arrest, sometimes saying he couldn’t remember what happened and that his days were mixed up.

After Wichman confronted him with the phone records and he admitted to being at Jackson’s house near the hour she was strangled to death, Clinton fell mostly silent before stating if he had an attorney, he would talk.

When Wichman asked him for clarification, he said he needed a counselor.

In the video played in court, Wichman left the interview room. Then court officials stopped the tape.

On the stand Tuesday, Wichman said he later returned and continued the interview under the belief Clinton did not want an attorney.

During the second half of questioning, Clinton made incriminating statements, Wichman said.

Police arrested him after the interview, charging him with aggravated murder in the deaths of Jackson, her 3-year-old daughter Celina and her 20-month-old son, Wayne Jr.

He also is charged with two counts rape, for assaulting Celina and for an attack on a 17-year-old girl about a week before the killings.

Jackson and her children were found strangled to death in her John Street house Sept. 8. Jackson was naked and her body placed under a mattress in the home. Her children were clothed and found lying in a closet.

Clinton faces the possibility of the death penalty if convicted of the crimes.

His trial is set to start Aug. 5.

Judge Tygh Tone said he would issue his ruling early next week on defense attorneys motion to suppress the second half of Clinton’s interview.

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It's God's job to judge him. Let's arrange that meeting.


I hope the cops did not mess this investigation up!

Julie R.

This is one monster I would actually pay to have a front-row seat just to watch him get the needle ...... but then with all the appeals that will follow it won't be for 20 years or more.


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Now you wouldn't want him to be denied a fair trial, would you?


Of course not.

Julie R.

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I too hope the police did not mess it up by not letting him have an attorney when he asked for one. Even though he did say some incriminating evidence let's hope that helps put him away


Isnt the point of a trial to hear all the evidence even if there incriminating themselves..etablishing guilt I cannot believe that these people that are defending this murderer and baby raper can even sleep at night. It makes me sick ...especially to know he served time for murder before and was allowed on back on the streets after only 13 years he never should have been unleashed back on society in my opinion


I am afraid I must have missed something...who are this monster's lawyers?


Robert Dickson from Cleveland I think. I was looking up past articles and people were saying it's the same lawyer that defended the guy who killed Officer Dunn unless something changed


Funny, he wants his statements squashed and I want his head squashed. Maybe when he gets sentenced he will meet one of the Outlaws that got raided in jail and they can give him real justice.

Julie R.

I wish they would have let that young girl's brother go at him. Just thinking of those little babies make me sick. I literally HATE that ugly soul monster.


It is obvious this lawyer has no character, no decent convictions, no ethics. It's lawyers like him that give the good ones a bad name.

Julie R.

I don't agree with your comment that it's lawyers like the one representing Clinton that give the good lawyers a bad name. This lawyer is a public defender, isn't he? A public defender's job is to represent monsters like Clinton, who don't have the money to hire their own attorneys. This lawyer is just doing his job.

On the other hand, if you want to see the lawyers that give other lawyers a bad name try the ones that go out of their way to start trouble in other people's families for no other reason than they know they CAN --- like the ones that prepared new fraud power of attorneys and new fraud wills when an elderly client was in the end stages of Alzheimers without the knowledge of two of her family members. And how about the Lorain County attorney (for a hefty fee) that prepared a quitclaims deed that falsely stated the fraud power of attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder was on file in Erie County to fraudulently transfer the incompetent person's half to property and then a new fraud TOD Deed that defrauded a 4th family member.

Now THOSE are your lawyers that give other lawyers a bad name ..... but they by far are not the only ones around with no character and no ethics. If they ever get the Clerk of Court records online I'll show you some more.

Julie R.

4shizzle made a short but sweet comment about lawyers. (I personally thought it was hilarious) I then say "LIKE" in reference to 4shizzle's comment. 4shizzle's comment then was removed because it "contained Off-topic comments" ...... and mine was removed "because it contained Personal attacks (including: name-calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights)"

Duh ...... that doesn't make any sense.


Suppressing part of an interview-lol! Suppress it. Whatever. He's going to burn in hell anyways. He was going to burn in hell after that poor fostoria girl. How's this-just let him out of jail. Nick has some good ol boys that will keep the cops busy....