Turn lane closed

Traffic signals are too low and are being replaced
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 4, 2014


Effective immediately, on East Perkins Avenue, the left turn lane onto Remington Avenue will be closed for approximately 10 days. Existing signals for the east bound traffic are too low; frequently being struck by traffic. 

Please use caution in this area and watch for stopped traffic.



This should be interesting come "rush hour" traffic. Hard enough to turn left when the lane was open.


You folks don't know what a real rush hour is... :-)

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Haa Haa Haa correct! I spent a week in NYC a couple weeks ago!


Oh my yes I will take a Sandusky rush hour any day over one in some big city. Milan road is enough for me on a Saturday during the summer.


Wow, only 10 days to fix a low hanging light that is now causing traffic chaos! What possibly could be more pressing? A burned out streetlight somewhere?


Must be union workers


Did you ever think that the parts have to be ordered, manufactured, and shipped before they can be installed?


Saturday midday in lower Manhattan is an experience you'll never forget. Nothing in this area even comes close, thank God!


I thought SR said first street was open?? I tried to use it today and it was still CLOSED! It was blocked off about halfway down.


Lol.. The turn lane has been closed since Friday at least. Now it's an alert???


Yep! Same here~went down First Street today because I read it was opened~NOT!! This city needs to get it together in more ways than one!!!!


first st IS NOT open they are not done paving and fixing curbs. s.r. reported it wrong.

Jason Werling

It's me- First Street was open to traffic for the weekend and they are now working on it again at Farwell. Sorry for any inconvenience, we were just excited and wanted to let our readers know.

YoMamma — The city sent out a release Tuesday on this and we were looking into why the cones were set up as the road looked fine.