First Street now open

Thruway to Cedar Point now open with fresh paint and asphalt
Jason Werling
Jun 1, 2014


After several months of construction First Street in Sandusky is now open to traffic. The road opened sometime during the day on Friday and is one of several main thoroughfares to Cedar Point.

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Stop It

I've never seen that street so empty of traffic.


The paving is not complete.


hey s.r. you might wanna check that out. i live on a side road off of first and road close signs are still up


I wonder if the detection loops have been replaced? Is that just the intermediate layer or the finish layer? Will it be closed during the week and only open on weekends until its finished?


Smoothest street in town....leading to Cedar Point. So many other streets in need of work....

Stop It

Sure can tell it's Ohio biker week. Saw parades all the way from Fremont to Norwalk on Rt.20.


Looks like they won't be back for a while to finish it. Why did they waste time stripping it if it isn't finished?


It's definitely not open. I put the road closed barricades up personally... It has intermediate asphalt, that's it. There's still curb repair to be done before surface is laid. And FYI- it's striped to keep ppl from hitting one another head on... That and we had some yellow paint just laying around and were bored...


Thanks, Motodick for your information.

I thought that First Street couldn't possibly be finished , and if it was , it would have been a terrible job.


It's not far off. Most of the residents have been very understanding. It's definitely better than it was already tho




Might still have some finishing touches to do but it is open. I drove down First St from Meigs to Cedar Point Rd at 9AM this morning to take my granddaughter to work.It was nice. Now I can take First to and from work again. YAY!


All that work and the concrete curbs look like crap.

Dwight K.

Um I believe it was said that they haven't finished....


OPEN?? I just went that way because I read it was open! IT'S NOT!! Maybe we that live in this town just don't matter~open it for Cedar Point!