First Street closed

Road has had intermittent closures recently, both lanes to be closed Thursday.
May 22, 2014


First Street will be closed to all traffic east of Lane Street to just west of Farwell Street for road repair work beginning at 7:00 am on Thursday morning until approximately 5:00 pm.



Um First St has been closed since last fall.



Licorice Schtick

Um, no. It was open to local traffic. Now, not so much, apparently.


Yea where have you been s.r. its a mess down here


Omg I wish you people would read before you comment it will be totally closed in that area, the road has been open to local traffic


I usually take First St home from work. For the last couple of months I haven't even been able to get to Farwell, had to turn off before Lewco and go down to Fifth St. (which is a pothole nightmare)


i say we hire people who aren't afraid to work in bad weather. the road is tore up to hell and looks like they are getting nothing done. gotta love watching a group of guys watching one guy dig a hole.


Okay Sandtown07, what is your job? Do you work in an office with a nice comfy chair? Have you even lifted a shovel?

Jason Werling

First Street has been closed to anything other than local traffic and many people have still risking their shocks and struts by driving through the mess. Currently the road is completely shut down to any traffic either way.


Even all tore up it's still a smoother ride than going down Fifth St and many other streets in the city!


Exactly It's Me!!! I have to go down Fifth to take the kids to school now and it's a pot hole NIGHTMARE!!!!! It was absolutely INSANE after the snow finally melted and they kept throwing loose gravel in all the deep potholes for months!!! Went down the street today and they must have gone down there and put some tar down again because it was fresh and black and I heard it splattering my undercarriage when I drove through it!! This city is a mess!!!

The Bizness

I really think the roads are ok compared to places like Toledo,Lorain, and Elyria .


Are you walking or using an ATV? I spent $2,100.00 in repairs for 2 cars that were damaged by Sandusky streets in 2013.

The Bizness

Nope I drive a car.


I love watching the news when they show the crews filling potholes while they are still filled with water or while it is actively raining. How do they expect that to do anything? What a waste of time and money.