Injuries in U.S. 250 crash

Crash slows an already slow U.S. 250
Jason Werling
May 21, 2014


Two people were transported by squad from the scene of a two-vehicle crash in the 4200 block of U.S. 250 this morning. Traffic was slowed as Perkins Township fire and police departments cleared the scene.

Check Thursday's Sandusky Register for more information



Welcome to tourist season! Everybody looking for their hotels and a place to eat instead of what's in front of them!

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Exactly. I avoid rt. 250 like it's the plague from June through August.


After being rear ended by a tourist going to Halloweekends, in early October..... I avoid 250 until November!


Amen to that sister!


Stop it, ya big silly!




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RT 6 is closed for construction so all west bound / CP traffic is on RT 250, and 250 is down to two lanes for construction. Not real good planning on ODOTs part. Will be interesting if the RT 6 repair is not finished by the holiday weekend!


Yep. All the ways that are used to get to CP without a personal boat are backed up/blocked off due to road work.

Dwight K.



Exactly Dwight!! MORONS with a capital everything!!!! Let's leave all of the potholes and caved in streets all around the city in other areas for local residents to get screwed out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair bills, but boy oh boy, let's keep on widening these roads for the tourists DURING tourist season so they can keep on flocking in and messing up the city streets while they are here. I'm so fed up with living here during the summer time I can't stand it. And let's not mention how insanely unorganized the construction area at the intersection of Strub and 250 is! I literally sat in the turn lane to turn left onto Strub heading North on 250 today for 15 minutes because 3 cars got through the light every time it turned green before it turned red again. I can't figure out for the life of me why on Earth they would be doing construction on First street AND Rte 6/Cleveland Rd. At the same time right now!!


Someone with a whole mess of degrees and a lot of college education made that decision. Someone that does NOT live anywhere NEAR this area or familiar with the traffic patterns. Someone that doesn't really give a rats A. S. S. how long anyone sits at the stoplights, because they don't have any reason to be sitting there, it is not their hometown or where they live. LOL

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That sounds just like obamacare.....


Lane changes were a complete oversight. The north and south passing lanes were directly running into each other. The construction company had the lanes mis-managed. HORRIBLE!


Agree!! They either need to get somebody out their to fix that crap soon or post some police out there to direct traffic!!!!!

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Dude! Like locals drive any better. For weeks I have watched while driving through the road construction by the Veterans home, people never following the signage. Very simple five large white and black sine's that say "Through traffic use center lane". Do you think the construction worker likes having you nipping at their behind as they work to get that project done for your convenience?

The Bizness

Everyone relax, the 250 construction is no a 3 month project. It had to overlap tourist season at some point.

The First St. Construction would be done by now if the weather cooperated.

The Rt. 6 probably could have been done at a different time, but there is no reason to get your panties in a bunch over all this.

Just relax, go slow, and enjoy what the area has to offer.


The First street construction could have been done if weather would have cooperated?? I go down First street every day while dropping off and picking up my children from school. The signs stating construction is going on have been up for MONTHS UPON MONTHS, even before the snow started, so that's no excuse. I only started seeing them working on it about a week or so ago. The snow melted over a month ago!! They have no excuse as to why they put this crap off until the very last minute. Just like they kept going around town, and in some areas still are, putting down loose gravel in the pot holes. It takes more time, money and effort to do that and keep sending city employees out to the same pot holes to keep fixing them over and over again than it would to just do it right the first time!

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They have beem working on it for months, the weather slowed it down. You didn't see them installing pipes all winter long?