UPDATED: U.S. 6 now open

Cleveland Road closed Monday through Friday
Andy Ouriel
May 23, 2014


UPDATE: The road is now open.
UPDATED: The road will remain closed through Friday according to state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers. Due to some unforeseen complications, the work had to be extended.
Previous story:
State officials have closed down a major corridor spanning through Huron Township near Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve.

Beginning Monday, Cleveland Road (U.S. 6) between Sheldon Marsh and Elizabeth drives is shut down for three days, weather permitting.

All motorists must detour off this impacted area, state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said. Westbound traffic, for instance, must take U.S. 6 to Ohio 2 to U.S. 250 to U.S. 6 to get fully around. Eastbound traffic must take a reverse route.

The scheduled work revolves around crews replacing an existing clay tile culvert with a new culvert pipe, which protect pipelines under roadways.

State officials expect the project to cost about $20,000.

For questions about the project, people can call 419-281-0513.



rye beach to boos(by bgsu)to camp back out to rt 6 (Barnes Nursery)

From the Grave

Dang it Bobby...

No Wake

There are certainly other detours you can take, but when a section of a major US highway closes down, the official detour route must stay on US/State highways. The design and construction of smaller county roads wouldn't be able to handle the traffic. You wouldn't want ten tour buses an hour driving down Camp road, and that's if they could make the turn off of Boos!

Dwight K.

Atleast Cedar Point won't be open


No, Cedar Point will be open..

Dwight K.

Hmm didn't know they were open during the week yet


Yea and Cedar Point could stay closed for that matter and the locals could have a nice quiet summer on 250 as well az all over the area


And then the local economy would collapse and you could have a peaceful existence in a ghost town.




Sorry, but you apparently don't know what real traffic is.


When you see the sign at Sawmill Creek turn around coming all the way down to the Eagles Club is not going to get you anywhere...the road is closed right after the Huron Eagles Club

Dwight K.

Yeah taking their sweet old time


I was sitting at Sheldon's this morning and there were hundreds of cars going towards Sandusky, turning around because they couldn't get through and going back to Rye Beach Road. The signs meant nothing because they either didn't see them or ignored them like lemmings following each other. It was creating a bottleneck. it's amazing to watch.

Dwight K.

I could give them the benefit of the doubt. maybe thought they hadn't taken signs down yet since they said it will be finished Wednesday and I'm not sure if SR had an update this morning...Kinda weird to just be sitting in parking lot.


If anyone wants to go to Sheldon's or the boat basin or the boat- launch ramp to enjoy the birds or a bite of food, where would you suggest they put the vehicle, Dwight?


It's amazing how many people in Erie County and tourist don't know how to read road signs...there are atleast 5 before the eagles club heading towards Sandusky!!!!!

GooseyGrandma's picture

It's just pathetic! I swear-- The roads they should FIX~~~ they don't! And the ones that could wait on fixing-- They go right ahead! Why doesn't the responsible Parties involved in the decision making Just Drive Out Here and check it themselves!!!!!!


Fri AM: Watching from Berger King in Huron--out of town school busses taking kids to CP not knowing of the road closure until they hit the light at Rye Beach while already making the turn. Also a car transport going to Kasper got into the mess.


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