Semi jack-knifes on Ohio 2

Erie County Emergency Management Agency called for diesel spill
Luke Wark
May 15, 2014


Local authorities responded to a crash on Ohio 2 for a jack-knifed truck in Huron Township on Thursday afternoon.

The Erie County Emergency Management Agency responded to the scene to keep 80-100 gallons of diesel fuel from spilling into Mudbrook Creek. 

There were no injuries as the driver of the truck refused treatment.

The Huron Fire Department, Erie County Sheriff's Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol and SpillTek also responded to the scene.



How did a semi jacknife there? Or is that near the entrance into 2?


Good question!!!!!!


wow and it's not a triple crown?


It was on Rt 2 right before Rye Beach Rd. going west. I was not that far behind him and we all had to slow and let the emergency crews merge in. It was raining really hard that's all I can guess. Everyone was going pretty fast - me included.


I am pretty sure another one of there trucks was in another crash a week or two ago. Must hire only the best or real cheap outfit hiring rookies...