Injury crash slows Columbus Avenue traffic

(UPDATED) Thursday crash occurred at intersection where traffic lights were removed
Andy Ouriel
Apr 11, 2014


 Sandusky officials knew there might be consequences for not replacing a traffic signal at Columbus Avenue and Parish Street after a December snowstorm rendered the device useless.

Sure, they’d save some money by installing stop signs on Parish Street, rather than a four-way traffic signal. But they knew it could compromise commuter safety.

Their fears became a reality Thursday, when the intersection saw its first significant crash since the light was removed.

Luckily, no one sustained any major injuries, according to police.

Sandusky police cited East Parish Street resident Jacquelyn Teeman, 69, with failure to yield.

Teeman’s vehicle allegedly blew by the stop sign on Parish Street, slamming into a car headed south on Columbus Avenue, Sandusky police Lt. Rich Braun said.

In December, after the light came down and crews installed makeshift stop signs, Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said city officials considered replacing the light. There have since been no major discussions about the intersection.

Officials are urging drivers approaching this intersection, near the Sandusky U.S. Post Office, to notice the changes:

•Those driving on Columbus Avenue no longer have to yield when they approach and pass through the intersection.

•Those driving on Parish Street must always stop and yield to traffic traveling on Columbus Avenue.



Now, perhaps, they'll reinstall them.....

Licorice Schtick

Right. Don't look at the data, make decisions based on guesses and clueless opinions. How about a traffic light at EVERY intersection that has a crash? Which would be all of them. Then we won't have any crashes. Wait. What?


I sure hope so!


I'm assuming the driver who was on Parish St. was not paying attention (possibly texting) and ran the stop sign. There is no reason for a light at this intersection because traffic flow is much better there now.


People run red lights all the time.......

New mom

Traffic flow is horrible now. I have friends and family in that area and it can be so hard to turn onto parish st. Put the light back up

Licorice Schtick

It's the Post Office. It's in a stupid place. Thanks, Ronald Reagan.


How can it be difficult to turn ONTO Parish Street when there is no stop sign in either direction on Columbus Ave? If you're northbound on C-bus and want to turn left onto Parish, I could somewhat understand your point, but isn't there a turning lane for that and 2 other streets (slightly south by the old ice cream parlor and the church) where you can turn to get to the post office?


Keep the light down. If you don't like it; don't go that way. Traffic flow is much better on Columbus Ave. without it.


Agree, keep it down traffic flows much better..instead put one at Bell Ave by Columbus and Campbell. There is a fire station on one end and a police/sheriff station on the other end. That turn onto Bell Ave if traveling north on Campbell is dangerous, nobody slows down and one day someone is going to get killed. And lower the darn speed limit there, there is a ball park and kids running all over during the summer, instead they raised it to 40mph when the ballpark was put in. Ridiculous and dangerous for all the kids running back and forth since parking is limited during games and people park all over the street. With 2 emergency sites and a park, a light on each end and reduced speed limit should be a priority for safety.


The best thing they ever did was install the lights. I remember that we would see a crash on that corner every week or so, once the lights were installed that was greatly reduced. They need to put them back up, or there will be many more, people do not stop there at all. I would definintely avoid that corner, it,s just a matter of time before your precious vehicle gets hit and you get hurt. Go ahead and tempt fate.


Stop signs work great when people pay attention. Just like red lights.....


Accident was god's will, as with all things, right?


Try turning right out of the post office to Columbus Ave. It is nearly impossible to turn onto Columbus without waiting 10 minutes in line. Wouldn't be surprised if it is backed up to the stop sign at Caldwell and Parish at times. I refuse to use Caldwell to Perkins at all anymore. I'm scared I will damage my car ( One of those pot holes is going to swallow someone up soon, car and all) :-) Someone will die at that intersection and they will put the light back up eventually.

Dwight K.

People can just pay attention and learn to drive


Agreed, but you could be paying attention and following the rules, and the guy that should've waited to make a left turn rams into you while you're going straight. Point being, you may be paying attention, but that doesn't guarantee other people to pay attention.

Pterocarya frax...

Pay attention to this city of Huron officials.


Well the lady that was cited, LIVES on E. Parish, you would think if anyone was used to the new stop sign it would be her. I agree, that the flow of traffic on Columbus ave. is far better without the light. There isn't a traffic light on any of the other surrounding intersections, and there doesn't need to be one there either. If you don't like it, simply turn left out of the Post office. Problem solved, wow that was hard.