Travel ban for the Ohio Turnpike

Ban applied to high-profile vehicles; lifted at noon.
Jan 27, 2014


There is a travel ban on the Ohio Turnpike until 12:00PM (noon) due to high winds. This ban applies to HIGH PROFILE VEHICLES. Below is a list of the vehicles that are banned. 

- All triple-trailer combination commercial vehicles
- Box-type double-trailer combination commercial vehicles in excess of ninety (90) feet in length.
- Mobile home / Office trailers.
- Boat and horse trailers towed by passenger vehicles or pickup trucks.
- High-profile campers and enclosed trailers, which are defined as trailers designed for a person of average height to stand in.



It is about time they start shutting down the highways if people are being too stupid that they have to travel in this weather and cause injuries to everyone else by playing bumper cars. Some one has to have some sense and not cause a repeat of the Indiana roadways.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The number of people shopping and going out to eat during a level two is ridiculous. Try staying home so those who must be out (i.e. people who are required to go to work) can travel more safely. We don't need the extra cars increasing their risk of travel.


If you allow extra time, go slow, and leave enough room between cars, driving is not that dangerous. I will say there are TOO Many people that think just because they have an ALL wheel drive vehicle it means they are invincible. THOSE are the people that cause the problems. SLOW DOWN. There is NO Need to shut down the roads or restrict people from going places. I do however understand restricting high profile vehicles on the turnpike. The wind is really pushing things around, even my car was getting pushed around.


Driving is not dangerous. The drivers are. The ones driving on dry pavement doing 15-20mph on a 70mph road are a traffic hazard. If I could only drive 15mph on Rt.2 I would turn around and go home

Simple Enough II

I'm no looking forward to the drive home this coming morning as the drive in was interesting with the winds then & the drifting, but I had to go to work, and so far both jobs I pulled had me out side working on equipment that froze up........