Ohio 2 lanes open

Westbound traffic was being detoured to Ohio 13 because of a crash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 23, 2014


11:40 a.m. — Westbound lanes of Ohio 2 near Ohio 13 are closed again after reopening briefly this morning. Emergency responders are handling multiple minor injury crashes throughout the area.

9:14 a.m. — Emergency crews are on the scene of a crash in the westbound lanes of Ohio 2 near Ohio 13.

Drivers should use caution in the area.

Check back here for updates as they become available


my oh my



I went by at 8:40 am and two cruisers had responded but no other emergency vehicles yet. There were two vehicles in the median, one of which had flipped. Drivers appeared to still be in their vehicles.


Not a pedestrian. It was a wrecker driver. Prayers.


so sad. Prayers for the wrecker driver!! I do not understand why people can't WATCH what they are doing. If you are on your phone get the hell off and pay attention!! If there is a accident, slow down, move over....not saying this person didn't but OMGosh!


Whatever happened to anticipating what's ahead when you're driving? You see a wrecker a mile ahead, or a car broke down, you move over and slow down. People have become so selfish and immune to their surroundings. Prayers to all involved ~ and the person that hit the wrecker driver, maybe you could use your experience with this to teach others some sort of lesson.


I live on berlin n police keep flying by..wgats going on now..its 1130


This is OPEN now!


Really sad about the wrecker driver


So sorry~GODSPEED Scott