Update: Eastbound lanes of Edison Bridge reopened

All lanes now open.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 19, 2014


Update 4:04 p.m.

The Ohio State High Patrol's Sandusky Post reported that the eastbound lanes of the Edison Bridge have reopened to traffic.


The Ohio State Patrol Sandusky Post is reporting multiple crashes on the east bound land of the Edison Bridge due to blowing snow.
Troopers are detouring traffic from the east bound lane to Ohio 269.

West bound lanes are still open.

Please avoid the area if possible.



Wow if only they had closed it like they have in years past


My exact thought after reading the article the other day!


So, do you think ODOT should close every road when it is drifting? Yes, it was temporarily closed due to crashes, but this happens in the summertime as well.

4-wheeler al

the old bridge never closed. except Jan. 1978 1 day

Common Sense

I would disagree with you. I was at my in-laws home in the late 80's when my brother-in-law was stuck on the opposite side.


I think the old bridge was closed forever in 1986?

T. A. Schwanger


I think 4 wheeler Al was stating when the new Bay Bridge closed for weather related issues, the old Bay Bridge would stay open.


Your right...