Traffic jam in Huron Township

Cars are lined up at Perkins Avenue/Cleveland Road Intersection.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 1, 2013


A semi loaded with cars was unable to negotiate a turn at the intersection.

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time for a new sign--NO Semi's. That's difficult in any case to make a turn and keep upright. Hope the driver doesn't get fired.


That intersection is outdated by 75 years! When is somebody in Erie County going to wake up and start planning a re-do.

Licorice Schtick

You need to know what your rig can and can not do. The driver is incompetent, either for failing that turn or for attempting it, and ought to be fired.

No Wake

At the least, you have to applaud the guy for not stopping with his trailer parked on the tracks. Car haulers and lo-boy flatbeds get hung up on tracks all the time, if I was driving one I'd make darn sure I knew about every crossing on my route. You can see how steep the approach is to Cleveland rd before you start crossing the tracks, this guy shouldn't have even attempted the movement. He would have had to back up to the Osborne Park entrance to turn around, but I'm sure a cop would have rather helped him do than then what ended up happening.

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the unsilent ma...

Wonder if they were headed to kaspers


With a Jeep sitting on top of the cab, where do you think he might have been heading?


That is a bad turn, I would bet he was following his G.P.S. cant think of any other reason why he would come that far down Perkins Ave.


that idiot lives on perkins ave just about a half mile west of that turn

Kevin G Ryba

Firefighter, this is the 'idiot' that lives 1/2 mile west of that turn. I have to point out your the idiot that thought it was me. For one, the driver was black, second I own a Peterbilt or drive a green and gold car carrier.
It's an impossible turn for a car carrier because they can't turn as far as a regular tractor trailer. The driver made the wrong call. In his defense he had a moment to decide at a limited sight intersection, once he crossed the tracks he was already committed to make that turn, had there been a shoulder instead of ditch, which he couldn't see, he may have made it.
I've hauled cars for over 30 yrs / 2 million mile and don't like 'idiot' assumptions.

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Ironicly driving through there the other day I thought, this would be a good place to have an underpass now, there is a lot of commuter traffic and the closest underpass east is Center street in Huron and Milan Road in Sandusky. They could buy some land and move it west about 100 yards with a center turn lane westbound and roll it into Perkins Ave. like they did Boose Road by the golf course.


I've been thinking the same thing recently.

Licorice Schtick

An underpass would take you below lake level. There is no easy fix; all solutions are complicated and expensive, and all the alternative routes are far away.

No Wake

There are so many things wrong with this intersecton..

Drivers taking a right off of Perkins can't turn their heads 160 degrees, and end up cutting off traffic doing 55mph towards them. The approach to the railroad tracks is quite steep, and many cars with large front and rear overhangs scrape on the pavement. You can see the chunks taken out! When there is a train - and that's every 5 minutes - traffic sitting on Cleveland Road turning onto Perkins will back everyone else up behind them. Traffic heading west will try to pass on the right at high speeds, dangerous for anyone walking or biking along the shoulder.

An underpass would require 15 feet of clearance, which after accounting for bridge structure and track structure, would take a pit about 20 feet down. I doubt you could dig approaches that deep without getting constant flooding problems, and they would be incredibly steep to join with the grade of Cleveland Road.

I feel like the best option would be closing the crossing. The railroad would love it, the hotel would love it, and the rest of us would have to use get used to using Camp rd or Remington.

With the way this intersection is designed, I can't believe this hasn't happened sooner. This could have easily happened to a tour bus, and it's a miracle this truck didn't get hung up on the tracks. As far as I can remember, there are no warning signs barring commercial vehicles from going this far down Perkins, just weight limit signs. Something needs to be done before this happens again, and I feel that warning signs would be the quickest and cheapest solution.


You must be crazy! The Camp Rd intersection with Cleveland Rd is just as dangerous if not more dangerous!

No Wake

How so? Cleveland road is at 45mph instead of 55mph, visibility is better because the roads meet closer to 90 degrees than 45 degrees at Perkins, and the railroad crossing is about 500' further away from the intersection.

It is on a curve, which isn't optimal, but there is quite a bit of vacant land on the SW corner which could be purchased for a realignment. At the intersection with Perkins, the land simply isn't there.

No Wake

double post


This is on the driver. PERIOD!


You got that right! He had NO business being on that stretch of road! ANOTHER PERIOD!

No Wake

I agree he shouldn't have attempted the crossing or gone into the intersection when he saw he couldn't pass. BUT, unless he was local, how was he to know he had no business being on that stretch of road? The only "No Thru Trucks" sign I've ever seen on Perkins ave is at Remington, telling you not to go down Remington. There should be one at Galloway and Perkins instructing trucks not go continue down Perkins.


A satellite image of that intersection shows roughly a 40 degree sharp turn if turning left (west) onto Cleveland road. Semi-trucks have a difficult time turning right or left at some 90 degree intersections.

A simple solution would be signs before the railroad tracks and at the road intersection prohibiting left turns by semi-trucks.