Car strikes, kills pedestrian

Portions of West Bogart Road closed
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 23, 2013

UPDATED 9 p.m.: Troopers said the victim is Edward Bikulcius, 85, of the 800 block of W. Bogart Road in Perkins Township. It's unknown if he died at the scene or later at the hospital.

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A car struck and killed a pedestrian on West Bogart Road Tuesday evening, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.

The victim's identity has yet to be released and Highway Patrol troopers are still at the scene.

A Chevy Impala was headed east on West Bogart Road when at about 7:30 p.m., near Normandy Court, it struck a pedestrian. The crash scene is just west of Columbus Avenue.

The 800 to 900 blocks of W. Bogart Road are closed until further notice, troopers said.




Since the accident wasn't anywhere near Strub, yes, it's still ignorant.


MY sign is on Bogart Rd. . Who are you besides a "screen-coward" ? And I doubt your story. kids don't randomly hide behind signs and "dart" in front of cars. nice try.



The Bizness

You are, it seems like after reading this discussion.

The man with the sign is obviously not ignorant since he made the sign, and he is trying to educate the people in the community.

lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated


Apparently all of the Justice for Jake people. Those signs are huge.


Kelly I agree with you. No matter what the message is on the sign.

Good 2 B Me

Yes they do. We always used to do it growing up. I still see kids do that regularly.


Who are you my cowardly friend ?




Having driven past his sign, apparently he is unaware that it is sitting within the right of way and in order to be in compliance with the law it needs to be moved back approx 10ft. If the victims family figures this out he will likely be sued whether it actually played a factor or not.


I always wonder why these yes voters feel the need to erect monster signs that support their cause. Regardless if this particular sign was involved in this accident or not, it's dangerous. What are the regulations regarding these signs? Is there a size limit? If not, there should be.


Yep, same for the Justice for Jake signs.






Wow--you are really something. I'm guessing since you don't like the Justice For Jake signs, you're not a mother, are seriously misguided, know one -or are one- of the 3 people that were there when Jake died, and lastly, are a simpleton.

Just Thinkin

AHH ! reading these posts takes me back to my childhood and first grade, thanks for the memories,i can still here my classmates bickering and pointing fingers over , well childish things . PS May god bless and be with all involved,

Just Thinkin

Perkins,you cant use a 4x8 sheet of wood ,but if you cut off a 6 inch triangle from each corner it brings it into the legal square ft, size, notice all big signs have the corner's cut, !!




Hey Bob keep talkin! Your true ignorance just shines right on. I would like to apologize to the family for the lack respect shown by voteno and bob, This is not the forum for the negative trash.




Humble pied.


How are the levy supporting signs any different than the "Justice for Jake and Ella" signs??


And it might not be a bad idea to walk against the flow of traffic when you have to walk on any roadway and never go with the flow of traffic .You can see them as well as they can see you , and always wear light color clothes .

Perkins Resident

I wasn't going to comment on this out of respect for the families involved, but I feel I need to. Before I do, my thoughts and prayers are with the families, both the driver, and the deceased. I drive a lot around here and I see the large signs in question every day. These signs are a lot bigger than the standard signs that are handed out by businesses and political candidates. I feel there should be a size limit and a placement location clearly spelled out in the law. There are a few rather large signs placed about the area that concern me. Their size and location are my major concerns. I ask that anyone reading this that has any sign on their property to please take another look at size and placement of their sign. Not all are of concern to me, but there are a few. I will not point any one in particular out. Please everyone just take a second look. Thank you in advance for doing so. People drive like they are in a race and their are enough distractions inside their vehicles. Let's do our best to keep the distractions down outside the vehicle. We can all do our part and help keep our community safe for all.


What a tragic accident...Sympathies to the family of the victim, but sympathies also to the driver (unless the driver was impaired, but that doesn't sound likely right now).

I do a lot of walking myself, but have never had a problem. My mommy taught me to look both ways before crossing the street! In areas where there are no sidewalks (like this one), it's up to the pedestrian to stay off of the roadway however he or she can. If the car didn't swerve off the road, then, like it or not, this was entirely the victim's fault.

Signs CAN be an issue at corners where crossing traffic can't see well. But a pedestrian can peek around the sign, or go to the other side of the sign, to check for oncoming traffic. Again, it's sad but true: STILL the pedestrian's fault.

Eph 2 8-10

Someone asked me if there were any poisonous snakes in the Sandusky area. I said just some people.


Kelly, just saw your comment on the same signs. Where I live, there is an overabundance of them. I'm not saying anything against the message at all, trust me, it's a great way to show support (for that cause, supporting the levy, or even NOT supporting the levy, whatever the case may be). To blame it on the sign is ridiculous. Let's think of the man whose yard it was in for having to experience this, the driver of the car for what they'll have to endure for the rest of their life, and most importantly, the loss of Mr Bikulcius' life.


Okay really almost all of you are acting childish. Have some class. If you wanna argue, argue face to face good god not on the internet


Whether you are driving or walking, there are going to be obstacles that you will encounter and have to maneuver around; i.e., signs, shrubbery, other vehicles, and people. It's called responsibility. May God be with both families at this time.

Erie Countian

I heard on the radio this morning that the victim was crossing the road. I'm thinking that the victim was just getting his mail and didn't get back across the road before he was struck. I live on a rural road and I've always been thankful my mailbox is on MY side of the highway, because people drive fast, often above the speed limit. Driving out here I frequently see people running across the road to retrieve their mail and then running back before the next car comes along. If you miscalculate the traffic's speed, you could easily be hit, especially at night on a busy road like Bogart. I don't think signs had anything to do with this, and those commenters who are using the reports of this man's death as a snarky means to joke about or promote their "Vote No" or "Vote Yes" agendas should be ashamed of themselves. Sympathy to the family of the deceased and prayers to the poor folks that hit him. A tragic accident, indeed.