Car strikes, kills pedestrian

Portions of West Bogart Road closed
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 23, 2013

UPDATED 9 p.m.: Troopers said the victim is Edward Bikulcius, 85, of the 800 block of W. Bogart Road in Perkins Township. It's unknown if he died at the scene or later at the hospital.

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A car struck and killed a pedestrian on West Bogart Road Tuesday evening, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.

The victim's identity has yet to be released and Highway Patrol troopers are still at the scene.

A Chevy Impala was headed east on West Bogart Road when at about 7:30 p.m., near Normandy Court, it struck a pedestrian. The crash scene is just west of Columbus Avenue.

The 800 to 900 blocks of W. Bogart Road are closed until further notice, troopers said.




Prayers to the victim and family!!..I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to walk on the side of a dimly lit road at night time!!...In the last couple of months alone, I have nearly hit 3 different people that were walking the dark roadway between Eats and Treats and the Convenient store on Perkins avenue because you can't see these people in the dark until you are right up on them!!!....And I am a VERY careful driver, but had I been a few inches to the right, on any given instance, I would have hit these people at 45 mph, as that is the speed limit on that stretch of road!...Please people, if you must walk after dark on the side of the road, wear light colored clothing and if possible, a jacket or shoes with a good reflector!...Also, do NOT walk as close to the road as possible, walk in the grass, whatever you have to do to not be on the actual road!....Sorry if I sound like I'm ranting, I just know how very scared I was when it was me who almost hit someone walking in the dark...again...prayers for the victim and family! :(


Does anyone know who it was. Prayers go out to both familys.

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Prayers for the family


Wow. You're a real piece of sh**


Prayers for the family


I'll bet if it said VOTE NO you wouldn't say that !!! :o)

The Bizness

This area desperately needs more rights of ways for cyclists and pedestrians commute. We have had bunch of these stories in the last 6 months. Thinking about this man and his loved ones.


You're kidding right? That area is semi-rural. If you want more rights of way for bicyclists and pedestrians they should be limited to main throughfares like 250 and Perkins Ave and downtown. Take your idea to the county along with a check to pay for it. So few people use bikes or their feet for transportation you are not likely to find anyone that is willing to spend tax dollars for it.

The Bizness

You are kidding right? Huron did what I am saying on this very road. I agree with you on 250, and Columbus Ave. Being able to safely ride a bike from Sandusky, to Perkins, to Huron using Columbus Ave. and Bogart Rd. sounds like a great idea to me.

Spending tax dollars on infrastructure improvements sounds like a terrible idea does it not?


Spending tax dollars on infrastructure improvements sounds like a terrible idea does it not?

Only if those improvements are beneficial to job growth and increasing the income of area residents. Things like bike trails which would be used by a small minority but cost millions to install and keep up won't create jobs. Let's put money towards projects that will benefit most area residents and bring jobs before we worry about luxury items like bike trails.

The Bizness

I completely disagree with you. Bike lanes, get people outdoors, and create a sense of community. This area is heavily traveled by cyclist and we would create even more of a draw for cyclist to come to our area.

By widening roads a couple feet, you improve infrastructure white also giving people an alternative means of transportation. Healthier people, you could argue increase the value of the area.

Many companies want to be in an area that they see is progressive when it comes to alternative transportation and out door activity options.


KnuckleDragger indeed... Interesting that he places zero value on the most important reason for infrastructure maintenance and improvement: public safety. I'm not surprised, since KD's political party is well-known for putting profits above public safety. We, of course, know where that leads...BP oil spill...exploding grain elevators in Texas...bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

Odd that a party who supposedly is so worried about America's future cares so little about Americans' safety in the present.

The Bizness



I wonder if he was walking with traffic,instead of walking against traffic.
If he was walking against traffic he would have seen the car.If he was walking with traffic he wouldn't have seen the car. I used to live in the country with no lights. If I was out after dark I was always careful to walk against traffic.


Sunset time: 6:46 PM

Did the driver have headlights on as required by law?

What about having your vehicle under control at all times?

Blame the dead pedestrian. Dead people cannot talk as to what really happened.


the stupid comments never cease to amaze me! posting on the SR won't ensure a thorough investigation by the police. generally they investigate everything thoroughly even though it may not measure up to your insane standards.


Unless it was an older car, most turn on headlights automatically when it starts to get dark. Just sayin'.

G George I du kno

I think you are all jumping to conclusions! Let the Police investigate and they will figure out exactly what happened. It takes time and I am sure there will be an update at the conclusion of everything! Why make accusations and assumptions when all the facts haven't been reported!


"I think you are all jumping to conclusions! Let the Police investigate and they will figure out exactly what happened. It takes time and I am sure there will be an update at the conclusion of everything! Why make accusations and assumptions when all the facts haven't been reported!"

I am asking questions to make sure that a proper investigation will take place. I recall that an Ohio pedestrian was killed because she wore dark clothing several minutes before sunset. The driver was not charged. The victim was blamed.


Yes, because we all know the police check this comment section for proper procedures on how to do a "PROPER INVESTIGATION". Good thing you listed those questions for them, otherwise they might have forgot.


WONDERFUL. thank you for posting that




What a #$%@% way to die. Living good at 85 and this happens right by the house. So sad for this man and his family, to both familys. RIP.

Simple Enough II

Hope the driver wasn't using a cellphone at the time!


It is sad these things happen, another of our greatest generation lost!

Ironically I was asking myself the day before this happened while driving on Strub road about all these signs I see now a days, some very large. Is it not law that the small political signs must be up no more than 30 days before an election then taken down the following day? If you leave a sign up for over a month should you not need to buy a sign permit? What are the rules and who is enforcing them?


Anyone who has driven for a few years knows the total lack of respect shown to other drivers (Road Rage). rolling stops and pulling right out in front of you to where you hit the brakes hard. These same people are driving by you when you are walking close to a road or on a bicycle. We are all familiar with the sun in our eyes early mornings and late evenings. To bicycle on Bogart Rd., I know it's okay by law, is suicide. While walking you should face the traffic and be ready to jump out of the way.


well the law says you're supposed to ride with the traffic and most likely you wouldn't have time to 'jump out of the way' no matter which way you were going. cars are faster than bikes.


To the screen name cowards bobshumway92 and voteno that sign is in my yard and had nothing to do with it. Have some respect for the mans family. Keep your ignorant, hateful comments to yourself. Or come see me in person. J. Balduff