Crash on Milan Road

Two injured when motorcycle slams into cars near Outback Steakhouse
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 6, 2013


A Norwalk couple was injured Friday after their motorcycle struck two cars on Milan Road.

Samuel Hay, 56 and his wife, Marlyn Hay, 65, were both taken by medical helicopter to a Cleveland hospital following the crash. Authorities at the scene said their injuries did not appear life-threatening.

Samuel was driving a Harley Davidson north on Milan Road, with his wife as a passenger, when a Dodge Magnum pulled out from the Outback Steakhouse parking lot, directly into their path, Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Eric Short said.

The motorcycle slammed into the Magnum’s front end and then ricocheted across the road. It struck a passing Mazda Protege before coming to rest against a curb, Short said.

Samuel and Marlyn were both ejected from the motorcycle.

Luis Hernandez, 31, of Sandusky, was the driver of the Magnum. He was not injured, and he was cited for failure to yield the right-of-way from a private drive, Short said.

David Kim is a Sandusky doctor who was driving the Protege. He and a nurse passing by at the time exited their vehicles and attempted to help both victims before ambulances arrived, according to witnesses.

Erie County deputies, Highway Patrol troopers and Perkins police and firefighters all responded to the scene. Officers blocked off U.S. 250 for about 45 minutes as they cleared debris from the road.


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Any clues on the bikers identity ? I hope they are OK

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"The motorcycle was headed north on Milan Road when it first struck a car that pulled out of the Outback Steakhouse parking lot, directly into the motorcycle's path."

Like I always say. Motorcycles aren't dangerous. People in cars are dangerous! The motorcyclist just pays the price for it!


So when the motorcycle rear ends a car like on Cleveland road about a month ago it was the car that was dangerous because it slow like it should and the bike did not? Like the motorcycle on rt. 4 I believe last year that tried to fly past traffic, lost control and killed himself, is was the cars that he was flying past were be dangerous? Not ALWAYS the cars. Just like not all bikers are the same.


Motorcyclists can be dangerous too. I had one pull right out in front of me and almost crashed because they were driving crazy. Half of them drive like idiots and are constantly speeding. They ride next to each other and are always over the line, etc. etc.


I feel the same way Nicole. I've seen motorcyclist pull out in front of cars almost as if they're daring the driver to hit them, although I know they're not before I'm jumped all over for saying that it just seems that way to me. Motorcyclists are just as much to blame at times for accidents as drivers in a car. They weave in and out of traffic because they can and - again in my opinion - they're taking a lot of chances that are unnecessary with not only their lives but the lives of others around them. And when it comes to a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic traking unnecessary chances, that one I've been a witness/unwilling party to when a motorcycle came up on me and apparently didn't like the fact that I was driving the speed limit and staying in my lane watching the trafic around me that was rather touchy at that time and decided to start acting like he was a pinball in a machine and going in and out around all the various cars that were in line just to get around everyone. He not only cut me off and I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting him which caused the person behind me to also slam on their brakes, but in watching the traffic around him he apparently did the same to several others. Don't know if it was worth it, if where he was going was that important, but I know it was a stupid move!!


People will risk their lives to make a left out of that lot. Just go around the building and use the light at Starbucks for all our sakes.

I have no sympathy for motorcyclists = it's all in the SILLY game they play. BUT that subheadline is misleading as it was clearly the car at fault.


Glad you changed your post. I dont consider something i do as a past time as a game. My life is not a game. I have to say I know some don't operate safely all the time. BUT it's just like saying that people who drive cars are asking to be in an accident because SOME motorists choose to drink and drive or street race. No ones life is a game! God bless these riders and prayers for speedy recovery!


Pastime = a game. Hope you don't end up with your brains on the pavement, but if you did it's because you chose to do one thing that is inherently more dangerous than another option. In a car it's a fender bender, on your loud "lifestyle" it's death and you made the choice. All of society is supposed to "look twice" for you pretend tough guys? Take responsibility and stop whining.

Bottom-line = even it the traffic accident was the car's fault the increased injury is your fault.


Unbelievable! My son was just in an accident on Sunday from someone thinking they could turn left out of the Outback Plaza! That entrance/exit needs to be right turn only! Anybody that drives in Sandusky knows how dangerous it is to try to turn left unto 250 without a light! So much traffic all the time! Quit being lazy! Drive down to the stoplight! I hope the bikers are ok!


I don't think there are an overabundance of motorcyclists that drive crazy or like idiots or that speed any more than car drivers. Car drivers do need to watch out for them as cars have blind spots and cannot always see them but far too many car drivers pull out in front of others, motorcycles and other cars.


I surely hope their alright.. I think all the motorcyclist should have to wear helmets and maybe have those flashing daytime headlights,,Those seem to stand out alot better than just one headlight on a sunny day.. Just saying.......


They have his name on the reflector page .. I think it was 57 year old Sam hays from norwalk. If I remember right


Duh...they have his name in this article as well

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Seems when there is a motorcycle involved the idiots come out in numbers to blah blah blah.