Huron woman dies in one-car crash

Ellen Gaskalla, 66, was lone occupant in vehicle that crashed Saturday morning on Frailey Road
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 17, 2013


A Huron woman died Saturday morning in a one-car crash on Frailey Road in Vermilion Township, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said. 

Ellen Gaskalla, 66, was pronounced dead at the scene. 

She was driving a 2003 PT Cruiser south on Frailey Road when at about 11:50 a.m., just north of Darrow Road, the vehicle went off the right side of the road, Highway Patrol Sgt. Joe Wentworth said. 

Gaskalla overcorrected to get the vehicle back onto the road, but the maneuver caused the car to flip onto its side, ejecting her from the vehicle and into a ditch on the east side of the road. The car also rolled into the ditch, striking Gaskalla before it came to rest upright.      

Gaskalla was not wearing a seat belt, Wentworth said.  

The vehicle sustained only moderate damage, its roof and sides slightly dented and scraped. It's unknown if drugs or alcohol were factors, and the speed of the vehicle when it crashed is also unknown, Wentworth said. 

No one witnessed the crash, and Gaskalla was the only vehicle's only occupant. 


The Answer Person

Click it or ticket. Dumb way to go.


I bet if they do an exam on her they just might find she had a medical problem that cause the accident
So it wouldnt have done any good if she was wearing her seat belt or not .Its just luck no one else was involved .

The Answer Person

@ Gene, Whatever you want to think is fine, but FLYING OUT OF A CAR IN A CAR ACCIDENT BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO WEAR YOUR SEATBELT, medical problem or not, will assure you of death...especially if the vehicle rolls on top of you. Have a nice day!

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We get your point and we all know seatbelts save lives, and yes if you stay in your vehicle your chances are better. I had five stitches on my eyebrow from standing on the back seat leaning over the front seat when a person ran a light and my mom slammed on the brakes. Inertia took over and I slammed into the radio knobs.

Yelling or typing in all capital letters is not necessary. We all make mistakes in life, sometimes they have tragic consequences to ourselves.

My thoughts to the family!


Tragic. My prayers go out to her family. The photo certainly shows more than "roof and sides slightly dented and scraped".


Ok let us not be crule her friends and family will probably see this and they don't need to see hate Ellen was a wonderful person and more kind hearted than a lot of other people in this world. and yes gene 44870 they are saying they believe something medical did happen. Only time will tell. Again if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all please.


I would also like to send prayers to her family and friends (and there were many) also to Kelly who was her friend and was the first on scene and stayed with her until help arrived. Kelly know your presence was God intervention so she was not alone. May God bless you also. Ellen you were loved and will be missed so very much.

God Of Thunder

Very sad, my thought s to the family... Which brings me to my point....

The paper edition said the family has not been contacted, so why is the SR printing her name???

Isn't the proper thing to do is not release the name until family has been notified????


Her family knows.