Car, semi collide on U.S. 6

Two people taken to Fremont hospital
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 14, 2013


Two people were taken by ambulance to Fremont Memorial Hospital on Wednesday evening after a car slammed into a semi-trailer on U.S. 6, triggering a second incident in which a semi-trailer overturned.

The crashes happened at about 6:15 p.m. near North County Road 232.

In the second incident, a semi-trailer went off the road and overturned while trying to avoid the initial crash scene.

The Hyundai's driver was taken by ambulance to Fremont Memorial Hospital, as was the driver of the second semi-trailer, Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Angel Burgos said.

The incident began when the Hyundai rear-ended the first semi as the two vehicles were headed west on U.S. 6. The second semi, headed east, swerved to avoid the crash scene, but it ultimately overturned into a ditch, with the trailer hanging over the edge of a bridge above a nearby creek.

"He might have needed to take some kind of evasive action to avoid the car," Burgos said.

U.S. 6 remained closed at County Road 232 Wednesday evening.

The overturned semi leaked some diesel fuel at the scene, prompting an arrival from Sandusky County's hazmat team. The leak appears to be contained, Burgos said. The identities of the drivers were not immediately available.


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Yep, came across that way last Tuesday and drove through Fremont to grab the Ohio Turnpike so I did not have to drive on that section of death highway!!!!


It's not the highway, but the people not paying attention. As a trucker myself, I experience on a daily basis the realization that there's no respect for 18 wheelers, and the space they require to stay safe.


DO not take me wrong as I have many friends that are truckers and the utmost respect for MOST truck drivers, but as in most instances there is ONE bad apple in every bunch. I just had one pull out in front of ME on Monday. I was on Rt 20, at the 420 interchange in Stoney Ridge. He made a rolling slow down at the bottom of the T-intersection. Then proceeded to pull out in front of me as I was doing 62mph. I had 4 cars behind and slammed on the brakes praying to god I was not a$$ended. Now, I am the first to let a trucker merge when no one else will but I will also be the first one to YELL at the top of my lungs when they are the ones in the wrong. I also know that many of times the 4-wheeler is the one that causes the problems and the semi gets the short end of the stick. People need to put down the PHONES and pay attention!!!!!

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24, you would have to read my previous posts about this section of RT6. I have made them for a number of years, what I would like to see is at least add a center turn lane for just a little more wiggle room. Is that so much to ask? So many of these accidents are just a little left of center, as well as the failure to yield at the rural intersections.


Just a few years ago, there was NO problem with the road. IT is the fact people do NOT pay attention. Be it the GPS and tourist, texting (young or GROWN UPS)or as my husband just saw on his way to work reading a damn book! What ever happen to paying attention to the ROAD? Watching the traffic around you. Looking at the road in front of you, looking at the mirror to see what is going on behind you. Do you not remember drivers ed? Or do they just not teach it anymore?

God Of Thunder

People think they can text and drive with no problem.. Most of these nitwits can breathe and chew gum at the same time.. If everyone driving wouldn't worry for 15 minutes about what all of their friends are doing on updates every 30 seconds, the roads would be much safer.. Don't know if this was the cause of the original crash, but I guess i had to agree with ladydye and just vent... I see it every day and don't try to defend yourselves, those of you who are going bad mouth me. You put me and my family in danger everyday...


Car slammed into the semi-trailer? Maybe a little more info. If it would have said semi, then I would assume it was the Cab of the truck but it says semi-trailer. If the car rear-ended the trailer some distraction probably occured. These big trucks can be very hard to see at times especially when drivers become pre-occupied. I'm starting to think that those texting and driving are worse than drunks, they do it while sober. I'd like to think drunks can at least drive better sober but those texting lack respect.


I should add that driving while intoxicated is lacking respect also.


Yes, I don't like that Route 6 between Sandusky and Fremont. Drove it last Friday and was very cautioous. Too many people want to speed on that road. I did see a state trooper pulled over on the side of the road watching traffice. Later into Sanduskty County I saw a deputy sheriff watching as well from a side road.

Stop It

412 and 101 is a much safer route.


I like 412, not as many tourist!

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I never took 412, was coming from Indiana through Bowling Green and going all the way north to the Turnpike seemed to far. Still a lot of deer strikes on these roads at night as well as traffic. Tough call!


Driving safe between cars and semi's is a two way street. I sat at a stop light one time and watched while three semi's (traveling together - same company)came from the west. The first one went thru the caution, the other two went thru the red light. Then, one merged into my lane (went from each driving on a one lane road into a two lane highway). Maybe he didn't see me, but if I hadn't had quick reflexes, it would have been bad.


The stranges thing about that potion of 6 is that I have never seen really heavy traffic in that area . I guess People take it for granted and think they can travel with a blind eye
I can not recall the last accident before these two on rt 6 , or at least I cant remember .
All one can do is to slwo down and pay attention , And try to remember that schools will start up so allow for delays when you leave to do your Daily plans .Lets try and make this a accident free school year and a smooth start to the new year

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Jimmy Ego aka Raoul Duke where r u cup cake?