Motorcycle, car crash in Huron

At least two injured in crash at Rye Beach and Cleveland roads
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 30, 2013


Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers and Huron police are at Rye Beach and Cleveland roads, where a motorcycle and car collided at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Witnesses at the scene said two people who were on the motorcycle were not wearing helmets, and they were ejected off the motorcycle.

Erie County deputies and Huron firefighters are also at the scene.


Ohio State Highway Patrol dispatchers said the driver of the 1990 Kawasaki motorcycle was Brian Gilbert, 27, of Elyria. His passenger was Samantha Phipps, 25, of North Ridgeville.

The car involved was a 2006 Mercury Milan, registered to a person from Washington, Pa.

The Kawasaki was headed east on U.S. 6 and the Mercury was headed west. The Mercury turned south onto Rye Beach Road, but did not stop for the oncoming motorcycle. Witnesses at the scene said the ensuing collision ejected Gilbert and Phipps off the motorcycle.  

Dispatchers said the incident remains under investigation, and a citation has not yet been issued to the driver of the Mercury. If the driver is cited, it would be for failure to yield the right-of-way.

A spokeswoman at Firelands Regional Medical Center said Gilbert and Phipps have since been released from the hospital.



I hope that everyone is ok. The danger at that intersection lies in the fact that there are so many directions one has to watch, including traffic from the vehicles entering and exiting the shell station.


My husband was at that intersection when this happened. The motorcycle was just sitting there waiting and the car plowed into the bike. Sad. People please look where you are going!

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The Hero Zone

Agreed, reading. Add to it that the two lane road becomes one quickly and between both people speeding up to get in the lane or those who don't know/pay attention it can get dicey. Also some people on that double lane left turn don't know how to stay in their lanes...

As an aside, when was the last time Huron got new squad cars? Those look like the same ones they had back when I was in high school there and I graduated in '00.


Everytime there's an accident, people chime in about how dangerous its location is, but, somehow, thousands of other drivers managed to negotiate that intersection safely that very same day.

What that, and so many other intersections need, are competent, responsible drivers who pay attention to signs, pavement markings, and signals, and maintain situational awareness.

I am tired of seeing my tax dollars spent re-configuring sections of road that I've been easily traversing for years because a string of incompetent drivers has given the road a reputation for being unsafe


I live in the Rye Beach area and was sitting outside enjoying the nice night when I heard all of the sirens. There were a lot of sirens for quite awhile so much so I thought maybe a fire was occurring. I pray that everyone is okay. I wish people who ride bikes would wear helmets and proper leather attire. I know it is not as fun but living instead of dying or suffering TBI is more fun.


"reading signs" is right. I do everything in my power to not let people out of the Shell station who want to head south on Rye Beach. They need to stop being lazy and get on Cleveland Rd first, then turn left on Rye Beach. It should be curbed for entry only rather than that ridiculously wide entrance/exit.


That area is horrible especially during tourist season. Hopefully everyone is okay.


How long does it take to update this story? Come on, Register, report the news.