Willard mother dead in Seneca County crash

Woman's 7-year-old daughter injured, flown to Toledo hospital
Sandusky Register
Jun 25, 2013


A Willard woman died Tuesday morning when her car struck a tractor-trailer on a Seneca County road, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said.

Victoria McKelvey, 38, of the 800 block of Dale Ave. in Willard, was pronounced dead at the scene. McKelvey's daughter, Electa McKelvey, 7, was flown from the crash scene to a Toledo hospital, where she remains in serious condition. 

The crash was at about 11:10 a.m. at U.S. 224 at Ohio 587 in Loudon Township.

McKelvey was driving a 2003 Pontiac Vibe south on Ohio 587 when her car ran a stop sign at U.S. 224, troopers said. The vehicle ran into a 2011 Freightliner tractor-trailer that was headed west on U.S. 224.

The driver of the tractor trailer was Bryan Hughes, 34, of North Leutz Road in Oak Harbor.

McKelvey, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from her vehicle, troopers said. Electa was in a child's booster seat on the left side of the car's back seat, although troopers said the the girl's booster seat was not properly secured.

Electa was taken by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

Seneca County deputies and Bascom firefighters and state transportation workers assisted at the scene, as the road was closed for about three hours.



What a terrible tragedy.Would a belt have made a difference,who knows,it's too late now.Not familiar with that intersection.Is the sign flashed,hidden obvious etc. Blessings for the youngster and families.


Would a seat belt have prevented her from being EJECTED? VERY likely. Still being alive, VERY likely.

As for "blessings" for the daugher and family? I think god has "blessed" them enough already. If he/she/it doesn't do anything to stop the accident, is he/she/it just there for the follow-up? kind of lazy on god's part.


The sign is not flashed or hidden! I came down 224 maybe 10 minutes before that! Was the sene of another fatal accident maybe 2 months ago!


The stop signs on both the North and South side of the road are outlined with flashing red led lights.


The sign is not flashed or hidden! I came down 224 maybe 10 minutes before that! Was the sene of another fatal accident maybe 2 months ago!

The Answer Person

sene? How about SCENE?


RUNNING a stop sign, NO seat belt, critically injured daughter because this "mother" couldnt even use a child seat right. Any reference to her should have quotes around the word "mother" it appears she was one in name only


I don't know this woman or family, and I don't know the circumstances surrounding this tragedy. However, I wanted to say that because her child was found not secured properly is not all that uncommon. We had the SHP come to my daughter's preschool for free child seat inspections and most people had their carseats secured improperly. The officer conducting the seat inspection said the number of people who improperly secure the carseats is an astoundingly high percentage. It's always prudent to allow someone knowledgable to show you how to correctly secure a carseat/booster. That being said this is a sad story...now a mother is gone and a child injured, plus another driver who has to live with these images.


TboneWalkerJr...AKA, The Grim Reaper.


One should have respect for the dead and the families of deceased persons. We have no right to judge others, especially in death.


A stop sign is much smaller than a motorcycle yet drivers fail to see the motorcycles. There needs to be a better system in Ohio to bring attention to drivers that a stop sign is ahead.


Make them LOUDER.

sandtown born a...

I hate how some always have a negative comment to post on these kind of stories. That must really suck that your life is so bad you feel the need to spread the negativity to everyone else. A mother is dead and her daughter is critical show a little respect


So sad


That sign needs blinker lights and rumble strips

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Where does it end? Personal responsibility and the need to pay attention are key. Cell phones and other distractions play a major roll. This is sad and the only people that can curb this are the people operating the motor vehicle. If the other vehicle had been smaller, those people may be the dead today!