Families start their own testing for Clyde cancer cluster

Several families with children who died or have been stricken with cancer in the Clyde area have hired their own environmental testing firm to start testing various sites in a countinuing search for answers.
Mar 4, 2013


Testing will begin today, according to a news release from a law firm hired by the families. 

Joel Hebdon, an environmental engineer and a specialist in hazardous and nuclear waste policy, sustainability and environmental program management, will conduct the tests.

"Mr. Hebdon will be doing dust particulate testing in various attics in homes in the Clyde area in hopes of locating a timeline of airborne particles that may solve the mystery as to what has been causing the recognized childhood cancer cluster in Clyde," attorney Alan W. Mortensen stated.  

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Hebdon plans to retrieve testing samples of the sludge at the bottom of the Clyde Reservoir on Tuesday and from the lime sludge at the Clyde Water Treatment plant on Wednesday, according to the news release.


John Harville

Unless they test the old Clyde City Dumpsite, the present dog park which was the sludge pit for years, various backyard dumps, and other sites that have been mentioned, they still won't find the villain.
And what happens if those attics are found to have carcinogens?


I wish them well in their endeavor to over-ride the EPA gov't POS.
It ain't gonna be easy. It's Sandusky Co., afterall.

nosey rosey

What a waste of time & money. Better not find out later than any taxpayer dollars went to this.


I do not agree with you. It is not a waste of time and money, and what difference does it make, who is going to pay for this? Obviously, you are not affected by this cancer cluster, or you would have a different opinion. I only hope for your sake, you never have to be affected by it.


I thought we found the culprit at Whirlpool Park?!?!?

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

That's what the state and politicians want you to think.