Whirlpool, land owners seeking agreement for testing

Whirlpool officials say they hope further testing will be carried out soon at the former Whirlpool Park in Green Springs.
Tom Jackson
Nov 21, 2012


The land’s current owners, Jonathan and Robert Abdoo, and Whirlpool have argued about terms for Whirlpool to carry out further testing under U.S. EPA supervision, but the two sides have agreed to meet on Nov. 29 in an attempt to hammer out a final agreement.

Tests carried out by the U.S. EPA revealed PCBs and heavy metals on the site, located at Township Road 187 and County Road 181 in Green Springs. There has been speculation the find could be linked to the Clyde-area childhood cancer cluster.

See a 2010 Ohio EPA watershed assessment here and an EPA report on the Clyde city dump here

Get the details on what's holding up the agreement in Wednesday's Register. 



The argument is undoubtedly over who will pay! I thought once you bought the land it was yours, lock, stock and barrel.(full of toxic waste or not)

here in ohio

Whirlpool already said they would pay to clean it up !


Whirlpool only agreed to clean it up to commercial level not residential level.

the office cat

Jonathan Abdoo will have a hard time selling his 'residential' desire to anyone who goes to the site and sees the piles of construction waste from Fremont Middle School and probably other locations dumped at the site by Abdoo Brothers Demolition; Abdoo Wrecking; Abdoo Enterprises; and others in his family. Drive past, Sandusky Register.... take pictures of all the construction waste - especially the roofing materials ON THE SITE of the basketball court that it 'contaminated'.
Abdoo Bros. Demolition, incorporated just December of 2011, is listed as owner of 1937 CR 181... just across the road.... and this debris is just what can be seen from 181 and turning right down TR 187.
Somebody just wants money....

nosey rosey

I've heard he is a real piece of work. Was recently charged with pulling a knife on someone in a bar because of the other dumping in a residential neighborhood in Green Springs. I've heard him described as a real bully.