VIDEO: Watch the full cancer cluster press conference

Three Clyde-area families who lost children to cancer united Wednesday with their legal counsel to discuss new findings by the U.S. EPA that show evidence of toxic sludge at Whirlpool Park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 14, 2012


The park was a popular destination for area families since it opened in the 1950s to when it closed in the mid-2000s.

Watch the full press conference below.

To listen to the parents' reaction, skip ahead to the 38:30 mark by clicking in the timeline of the player.



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Wonder why it only affected the children and not adults as well that were at the park?


Wow, if Whirlpool actually owned the land and dumped toxic waste and put a park over it, I can see major problems for that company.


I've been saying for years they should delve deeper and check into the other (plastic) factories over there, and what they've been dumping . They haven't been that great at complying w/ EPA. Who knows where that stuff is ending up? Creeks or ditches, perhaps? which in turn flow into the soil.

Texx Reloader

Am I missing something here? Whirlpool has been a responsible corporate citizen for 60 years, and they contaminated the park? Abdoo buys the park "without" knowledge it was "already" contaminated, and tries to sell it back? Wasn't Abdoo the outfit that received the bid on tearing down the Fremont Middle School, and the bid was so low the School Board had to do some extra checking on the validity of the bid? Then shortly later the Village of Green Springs finds all kinds of trash in a residental lot (belonging to Abdoo), and from the Middle School. C'mon fellows, "two hands and a mirror."