One dog becomes a dozen

Temporary resident of the Erie County Dog Pound has 11 puppies.
Jason Werling
Jul 27, 2013


The puppies will be available for adoption when they are old enough.

Watch a video with the puppies for more information in the player to the right

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Aren't they adorable?!!


They're so cute!


o rly




I'm just curious...why don't you think the puppy is cute and adorable?


Because I think it is gross and ugly


Their mother is a bitch. bitch (bch)
1. A female canine animal, especially a dog.


Dogs, hockey, and basketball.....


ok, so because someone decided against having their dog "fixed" the humane society has 11 more "adorable" puppies to take care of and find a home for. Sorry, but not everyone loves animals. And, there is no way that I would want animals (and they are animals) in a bar or any other store with me. If you want to take them to Petco, that's ok, because everyone doesn't shop there.


The puppies are not at the Humane Society they are @ the pound. Lucinda was picked up by erie county dog pound from huron county dog pound because she was in huron county the longest of all dogs and erie county thought she would be an easy place; and she was.
She was scheduled to be fixed on the 20th of this month and went into labor two days before she was going to be fixed. This had nothing to do with the new owner's of Lucinda. No one had any idea that she was pregnant at the time because she was already thin when erie county picked her up. It was a shock to the employees and all of us volunteers that help them because no one knew.
She will be fixed once her hormone levels are low enough to allow her to be and once the pups no longer need her.


Thanks for all the information on Lucinda. I'm so glad she found a home. She looks like she'd be a great dog. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding homes for those adorable puppies.

I wish I could take one, but my dog is 16 and doesn't do well with other dogs. We took care of my mother's dog, and my dog hid under the bed the entire time mom's dog was here.


I have a 5 year old female dobbie mix and I foster a lot of puppies for the pound because they are so small and with all of the bigger dogs back there barking I just cant leave them there. My dog hides when they come and she gives me a look but she gets over it after a few days. The staff at the Dog Pound are excellent and they all love what they do. I can say that I am glad that they are there and really home the bill to allow the sheriffs office to take over never happens because it would be horrible for the pups


Love all animals, it's not their fault we domesticated them and made them dependent, I guess they could go back to roaming in packs and attacking us. lol


Why does Jason Werling use Perkins Township as his city address? Last I checked they had no zip code, they use Sandusky's.


There are a lot of cities that share zipcodes. It's just a post office thing. He probably uses Perkins Township because that's where he lives and pays taxes.

Jason Werling

sugar- Perkins Township is a dateline for where the story is taking place. The Erie County Dog Warden is in Perkins Township. If the story was from Huron, the dateline would be Huron. The dateline has nothing to do with where the person who posts the story resides. Hope this helps.


Rural King in Norwalk allows leashed pets.