Cats available for adoption

The following cats are available for adoption from the Erie County Humane Society.
Tom Jackson
Feb 8, 2013


• Peter is 10 months old is up to date on vaccinations but is not neutered. Peter is friendly & playful.

• Sid is 5 months old is neutered & up to date on vaccinations. Sid is a energetic & playful young guy. 

• Candi is 2 years old spayed & up to date on vaccinations. Candi is friendly lap cat.

• Porter is 2 years old neutered & up to date on vaccinations. Porter is a friendly cat.  

• Cajun is a 3 yr old neutered & up to date on vaccinations. Cajun is a friendly & cuddly lap cat.





Do some cats get adopted still intact to potentially reproduce ?


Really Katelih Trailer, reproduce?? do you know how many cats have to be put to death because idiots like you want to want to have more cats????!!!

all cats should be spayed or neutered!!


No idiot..I don't want ONE more stray cat in my hood..Thats why I wonder WHY the cats are adopted out INtact !


cats are always spayed or neutered before they are adopted out


No, in fact, they're not. I have a little girl on my lap right now who was adopted from the Humane Society. She's plenty old enough to have been spayed (they do it quite young now), and had been there long enough for surgery, but she wasn't. (Is this where I also complain that the price for an unaltered animal was too high? )

When I adopted her, I did have to promise to have her spayed. But then, I actually keep my promises! She's getting fixed this week. But I wonder how many people DON'T...?


See Peter's description. If ALL cats are "fixed" before adoption,then why bother saying if they are or aren't? Never doesn't really matter.


`katelih has a point that needs to be answered appropriately...not in a rude manner! Katelih, the value of telling that a cat or a dog is neutered or spayed is a message to potential adopters that this is a significant aspect when adopting a shelter animal in any county of Ohio...many folks are not well informed about animal care and health/social conditions. It being as mentioned in the article is a positive move to prove that this wonderful pet will be already to have in your arms and taken home! It also enhances the value and the direction of the Humane Society or Private Shelter as a viable means of saving animals from terrible situations due to human neglect and abuse. It has been a good long time since I have read or commented on any of the Register's animal articles. It has been 2 years this past jan. that my Maggie passed away. I have found many ways to remember her and do good for the continued education and safety of many dogs and cats. I belong to a special group of indiviuals who rescue animals and transport them to their safe shelters and furever homes! Under the new direction of Barbara Hargreaves there have been many changes. And her leadership and those changes for our Humane Society will continue with her guidance and our support that will be better than the Society has ever had in the past! Watch and see what is about to happen! david e. morgan of milan, ohio


Thank You bookmaker ! Wishing you continued success ! You and Maggie were very fortunate to have found each other. Thanks for all you do!