Dogs available for adoption

The following dogs are available for adoption from the Erie County Dog Pound:
Tom Jackson
Jan 18, 2013


• BRISTOL — 1-year-old female Labrador mix. She is full of energy and very sweet. She does great on a leash and likes to be around people. Bristol also does great around other dogs and cats.

• KASEY — 6-month-old female Schnauzer mix. She is a big cuddle-bug and loves to be around people; she also likes cats and other dogs. Kasey is a pup and will require training and lots of attention.

• POLLY — 2-year-old house broken, crate trained female Boxer/Pitbull mix. She is very sweet and likes to go for walks on leashes and play with toes. Polly is a special needs pup as she is deaf and requires just a little more attention. She will need a fenced-in yard to keep her safe as she would have the potential to wander around. Polly is available now  
• ALFRED — 5-month-old male Pitbull Terrier mix (not housebroken). He is very sweet and loves cuddles. Alfred does not know how to walk on a leash and will need to be trained to adjust to walking on a leash. Alfred is available now (names of potential adopters will be taken first.)
• KING — 1-year-old housebroken male Pitbull Terrier mix. He is very energetic and would require a fenced in yard and someone who is very active. We are currently taking applications.
• PIPPA- 3-year-old female housebroken Boxer/Pit bull mix. Pippa is hearing impaired and needs you to speak to her directly. She will also require a fenced-in yard because she is unable to hear and could wander off.





Pippa, the beagle in the video, and Alfred found their forever homes today! King needs to be in a home w/out cats or small dogs--he is great with kids.


I wonder why Pippa and Polly are deaf??? Poor things. They are beautiful! I hope they ALL find very loving homes. We adopted a Huskey mix in 2011. He is seriously one of thee best dogs ever! He chose us, and is awesome with our daughter. Sleeps with her and everything! <3


It is very common fro bully breed when they are white to be deaf. More common than what you would think. Check out the FaceBook page Deaf Dogs Rock, you wouldn't believe how many are out there and are in need of a home