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Hollie Newton
Jun 16, 2014

50 years ago, 1964: The Erie County Bankers Association asked citizens of Erie County to help alleviate a shortage of coins for general business use. Penny pinchers were advised that the situation was so serious that the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland could implement a coin rationing program.

25 years ago, 1989: Children had been slipping and sliding down backyard water slides for over 30 years - and into hospital emergency rooms, said a consumer watchdog group who placed Wham-O's 'Slip 'n' Slide' at the top of its summer toys to avoid. Over 5,000 children went to the hospital in 1988 alone according to Consumer Affairs Committee of America for Democratic Action.

10 years ago, 2004: The State Department acknowledged it was wrong in reporting terrorism declined worldwide in 2003, a finding that was used to boost President Bush's claim of success in countering terror. Instead both the number of incidents and victims increased sharply. The error was blamed on faulty information.



Wham-o for sale at Woolworths and Jupiter now!


jupiter! oh, to be a kid again..


I still have my original set before they pulled the plug : )


Hollie Newton

My neighbor got a jart right in the calf when we were kids... good times, good times...


Stop It

One of my favs was a water rocket. One filled the rocket to the line and pumped air pressure by use of the pump on the side.

If ya pumped it a few more times than what the directions said, that rocket went outta eyesight.

Imagine what that would do do any part of your face if ya accidentally hit the send off lever at the wrong time.


I had a few sets of these, never had a problem. My neighbors also had these and in all reality we did learn a lot about physics. Today the only physics kids learn is watching their pants fall below their a-- and how to save a cell phone from a fall. So sad : (


Stop It

Tennis ball cannons made with the old steel pop or beer cans were my favorite over all. Highly portable and totally dangerous.

Wish I could find about ten steel cans to make two more. Aluminum cans, I don't trust to hold the explosive potential.


Just use less carbide : )