Sandusky Speedway Swap

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Hollie Newton
Jun 1, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Comedian Joey Bishop, who emceed bar mitzvahs, Italian weddings and Ed Sullivan testimonials, would officiate the 16th annual Emmy Awards. The show would be telecast over NBC-TV. Both CBS-TV and ABC-TV had officially boycotted.

25 years ago, 1989: An estimated 20,000 Moslems marched through central London in a renewed protest of the novel "Satanic Verses," burning an effigy of author Salman Rushdie and calling for his death.

10 years ago, 2004: Kevin and Bev Jaycox leased the Sandusky Speedway, with an option to buy the track from owners Don and Cheryl Arnold. "I've always dreamed of owning the Speedway." Kevin said. "My family has been around the track either racing or as race fans for almost all our lives."



Where in the heck did they get this "picture"? It is surely NOT Sandusky Speedway. It's not even a picture, it's a screen grab from a video game of some sort. Why even attach a picture to an article, when the picture is absolutely FAKE? I do enjoy and appreciate when you have pictures to go along with your stories, the only thing better than reading the news, is seeing the news

Hollie Newton

I've never been there - didn't realize it was not the right speedway? 



Joking: you are right in a sense, almost. It is SMS, but so long ago it has not looked that way in many years. Probably last time it looked like that was when Bill Bader owned it.


No I'm sorry but that is NOT a picture. First off when Bader owned it, there were guardrails, no concrete walls, also half of the cars are Nascar cars, Bill Elliott and also Ricky Rudds #10 Tide car are present and the sponsor signage on the backstretch are not spaced like that, actually when Bader owned it none of the signs were there because they are mounted to and directly behind the concrete wall that Bentley Warren had installed when he owned the track. (many years after Bader) One other thing is that between the racing surface and the infield guardrail there is about a 10 foot section of grass,dirt and gravel, that runs the length of the backstretch at Sandusky Speedway. Trust me when I tell you that this is not only NOT Sandusky Speedway, but it is not a real picture at all. Look at it, it is computer generated.

Hollie Newton

Well at least I didn't pick the photo with palm trees in the background. That one I KNEW was wrong! lol



good point