The golden voice rests

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Hollie Newton
Apr 17, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: The Sandusky Plaza Boat Show was slated to run all week long featuring Bay Bridge Harbor, Inland Seas Boat Co., Vacationland Marina and Huron Lagoons Marina. Two outboard motors were to be given away to lucky participants.

25 years ago, 1989: At the age of 75, Karl Bates was giving that familiar voice heard on Sandusky's WLEC-1450 AM for the past 31 years, a well-deserved rest. Bates was ending his career that started in 1937 at WJW in Akron and peaked in the 1940s and '50s in Washington D. C. with Walter Cronkite and President Harry Truman.

10 years ago, 2004: About 21,000 American soldiers in Iraq who were to return to their home bases would have their tours extended at least three months to help combat the surge in anti-occupation violence, defense officials said.


Fibber Mcgee

Had the honor of working with Karl for several years. One of broadcasting finest professionals. Still remember the stories that Karl told. Also, you could not beat him at punning.


Karl Bates with this and that. I remember his voice as a kid.


We, the family of Karl Bates, would like to thank the Sandusky register for remembering our father, our grandfather, and our great grandfather. Karl was a wonderful man. He was our life long compass and we a grateful that others remember him too.


Karl Bates...and a little chat about this and that. Priceless...