Take a ride on the drug bus

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Hollie Newton
Apr 16, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Plans were revealed for the construction of a new $100,000 nine-hole golf course and pro shop in Huron Township. G.W. Didion asked Huron Township Planning Commission to rezone 86 acres near the Boss and Bogart roads intersection. 

25 years ago, 1989: Industry spewed at least 22.5 billion pounds of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals into the nations' air, land and water in 1987, the government said in a unprecedented report that officials called "startling." A top EPA official said the enormous amount of chemicals was "unacceptably high."

10 years ago, 2004: The Erie County Senior Center took its 18th prescription bus trip to Canada and saved more than $700,000. The folks on the bus trips are people who do not qualify any assistance or discount programs. They just want to pay a fair price for their prescription drugs.



i will be driving the drug bus. thinkagain's house will be my first stop!


i will be picking up gays also. im sure he will not mind sharing his seat!


GASP! What? Saving money on prescription drugs? Canada? That's anti-American!

Stop It

It goes higher than that..IT'S ANTI-GOD, I tell ya!!! The all forgiving god is just gonna get bent and raise his hand and........(anything in Genesis will work here)

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No need for anymore bus trips since 0-bamacare is helping more seniors save more money on their prescription drug costs. I bet they miss the bus trips.