Jack Ruby sentenced to death

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Hollie Newton
Mar 14, 2014

50 years ago, 1964: Jack Ruby was convicted today of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, and sentenced to death in the electric chair. Defense Atty. Melvin Belli said "This jury wasn't even concerned with listening to our arguments. Railroad? This was a kangaroo jury."

25 years ago, 1989: At the Movies: Police Academy 6, Skin Deep, The Burbs, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Dream a Little Dream, Her Alibi, and Rain Main.

10 years ago, 2004: The Army was spread so thin around the globe that when it needed fresh combat troops for Iraq in the fall of 2004, it would have little choice but to call on the same soldiers who led the charge into Baghdad in 2003.



Same is true about people who witnessed the Twin Towers collapse. Same is true about witnesses in the Freeway Ricky Ross scandal. The government doesn't hesitate to silence American citizens.


Man, I could clean up selling tin foil hats to this crowd.

Stop It

You could do a lot a s#*t. But you don't. You preach one liners from a book of fiction and say everyone that smokes MJ is stupid, lazy and gets their pets high and you hate anything abnormal to you sexually. That's it with you. A three song LP. Flip the disk, your rant is old.


You forgot abortion, guns, liberals and the death penalty. If you’re going to be my personal troll boy, I expect you to pay attention.

Blaming God for all your shortcomings is the easy way out. Man up and except responsibility for your lot in life.


I have books that believe the assassination was masterminded by the Cubans, military-industrial complex, CIA, Mafia,Texas right wingers, LBJ and Russia. Or any combination of above.

I have spent years reading these books. I still don't have a clear answer.

This event was my generations 9-11. I can tell you where I was at that time and how I spent the next 3 days. All a vivid memory.


As I have said many times, the motivation is money. The gun manufacturers do not make any money unless there is a war going on somewhere. Kennedy was getting in the way and whomever ordered the hit stood to make a lot of money from starting or continuing a war. It's the same now and will always be 'same story, different characters.'