Jack Ruby sentenced to death

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Hollie Newton
Mar 14, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Jack Ruby was convicted today of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, and sentenced to death in the electric chair. Defense Atty. Melvin Belli said "This jury wasn't even concerned with listening to our arguments. Railroad? This was a kangaroo jury."

25 years ago, 1989: At the Movies: Police Academy 6, Skin Deep, The Burbs, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Dream a Little Dream, Her Alibi, and Rain Main.

10 years ago, 2004: The Army was spread so thin around the globe that when it needed fresh combat troops for Iraq in the fall of 2004, it would have little choice but to call on the same soldiers who led the charge into Baghdad in 2003.



Re: "Lee Harvey Oswald,"

And the Dallas Police didn't tape or transcribe their interrogation of LHO why?



If you ever have a little extra reading time I own over 150 books on the JFK assassination that you can read. One of my many hobbies.

When I get to heaven one of the first things I want to find out is who really killed JFK.


I think that Jim Garrison asked one h*ll of a lot of yet unanswered, but extremely pertinent questions.


Garrison was a true maverick prosecutor. In addition to the JFK assassination he championed integrity in public office by bringing criminal charges against the judiciary in New Orleans for theft in office, bribery and other alleged crimes.

They (judges) retaliated against him and tried to discredit him by charging him with criminal libel, a thoroughly discredited crime in this country. His criminal case went to the US Supreme Court (Garrison v Louisiana) and was decided in tandem with the landmark Free Speech case NY Times v Sullivan (related to silencing the press concerning the civil rights movement and MLK), both decided in 1964.

Anyway, I was a child at the time and my first instinct was LBJ had something to do with it. To this day, I can't explain the vibe other than "out of the mouth of babes".


Re: "LBJ"

There was no love lost between LBJ and the Kennedy crime family.

RFK as U.S. A.G.?

ABSOLUTELY no possibility of collusion there huh?


I concur, Contango. After reading his book "Crossfire", it's hard to believe that there wasn't a cover-up. And this is from someone who poo-poohs about 98% of conspiracies.


Heaven? LMAO!!


What's that supposed to mean?


Nothing. It's the sad effects of Alzheimer’s.


Not really. Some of us just don't believe in things for which there is no evidence. Most scientists don't believe in deities, heaven, hell, Santa, Easter Bunny, ghosts, demons or Unicorns. Personally, I think I'll side with the smart guys, but you're entitled to believe in whatever you want - as long as it doesn't impact public/national policy.


Re: "you're entitled to believe in whatever you want - as long as it doesn't impact public/national policy."

Back at you.


Actually you're incorrect about most scientists not believing in God. e.g. Blaise Pascal.


"Pascal's Wager" is a cop-out. He reasoned that a belief in a non-existent god wouldn't hurt anything, but that failing to believe in a god that DID exist would result in damnation. The problem? Without faith, professing to belief is immaterial. An omniscient god would certainly know who truly believed and who was just hedging his bets!

That being said, you're not wrong. The majority of EVERYbody (scientists included) has a belief in a higher power. The majority is just a little smaller among scientists.


Well we disagree and agree. I was referring to Pascal's life and how he lived it not just the "Wager" which you mischaracterize. My point was the majority of scientists like the majority of people believe in a Supreme Being. You agreed.

I found life or medical scientists tend to have greater faith than physical scientists and greater than the public; but in both camps the majority believes in something besides themselves.


"We are arguing like a man who should say, if there were an invisible cat in that empty chair, the chair would look empty; but the chair does look empty; therefore there is an invisible cat in it.”

― C.S. Lewis

Nothing is as it seems, neither is it otherwise - Zen koan

"Stand before it - there is no beginning.
Follow it and there is no end.
Stay with the Tao, Move with the present."

- Tao Te Ching


So you're an atheist? That explains the Obama vote. Game. Set. Match!


I have spent a considerable amount of my free time analyzing this conundrum. I still do not have a definitive answer.


Re: "definitive answer."

Barzini ordered the hit on Vito Corleone.

Read "The Godfather." It's 'really' a book on Machiavellian-style mgmt.


Stephen King's (fictional) book on the subject is fascinating. In an afterword, he describes the amount of research that he did (massive), and which parts of the book are true (insofar as history goes, MOST of it) and which are products of his imagination. It's been out for awhile, but I only recently got the chance to read it. For those interested in the JFK assassination, conspiracy theories, etc., it's a good read!


The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA):

"Kennedy was very likely assassinated as a result of a conspiracy."

IMO, Garrison was probably correct: a coup d'état occurred.


"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." - The Wizard of OZ


I agree, Sam. It was an interesting read.

4-wheeler al

the mob ,Gov. LBJ Too many Females between the white house and the JFK and his brothers.


One rumor: JFK was getting ready to pull the plug on CIA covert activities in Vietnam.

Kinda noticed that the U.S. escalated involvement under LBJ at the prompting of McNamara (for which the SOB later apologized).

It's the CIA's job to actively seek out new "financial opportunities" for the Military Industrial Complex.

"WAR IS PEACE" - "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

Kottage Kat

Sam Adams,
Could you give title of book,please.
Thank you


Book title: 11/22/63


Coaster beat me to it. I'd also note that anything you can get Coaster and I to actually agree on has GOT to be good, LOL!

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The Hero Zone

I was thinking that this whole time reading the conversations! It was a good chuckle, but a reminder that even comment "veterans" lurking on the SR site aren't always at or down each others' throats.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.” ― Mark Twain


My favorite part was finding an intact bullet on the floor of the hospital.
Then there is the single bullet theory of what happened in the car.

Stop It

WTF? Does anyone think that someone will claim they were in the conspiracy or that they killed Kennedy after all these years? They are either dead or missing.


One sidelight of the conspiracy is the number of potential witnesses who met untimely deaths in the few years after the assassination.


Same is true about people who witnessed the Twin Towers collapse. Same is true about witnesses in the Freeway Ricky Ross scandal. The government doesn't hesitate to silence American citizens.

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Man, I could clean up selling tin foil hats to this crowd.

Stop It

You could do a lot a s#*t. But you don't. You preach one liners from a book of fiction and say everyone that smokes MJ is stupid, lazy and gets their pets high and you hate anything abnormal to you sexually. That's it with you. A three song LP. Flip the disk, your rant is old.

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You forgot abortion, guns, liberals and the death penalty. If you’re going to be my personal troll boy, I expect you to pay attention.

Blaming God for all your shortcomings is the easy way out. Man up and except responsibility for your lot in life.


I have books that believe the assassination was masterminded by the Cubans, military-industrial complex, CIA, Mafia,Texas right wingers, LBJ and Russia. Or any combination of above.

I have spent years reading these books. I still don't have a clear answer.

This event was my generations 9-11. I can tell you where I was at that time and how I spent the next 3 days. All a vivid memory.


As I have said many times, the motivation is money. The gun manufacturers do not make any money unless there is a war going on somewhere. Kennedy was getting in the way and whomever ordered the hit stood to make a lot of money from starting or continuing a war. It's the same now and will always be 'same story, different characters.'