Mathematical reform

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Hollie Newton
Feb 20, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Sandusky's public school kids grades one through four got the "new math". The kids love it said elementary superintendent Dorothy Shaffer, because "they are learning to discover and create mathematics instead of merely memorizing it."

25 years ago, 1989:  County officials unwilling to make recommended budget cuts should be required to publicly explain their reasoning, the Erie County Commissioners said. The cuts were an effort to correct the county's $1.1 million deficit.

10 years ago, 2004: Decorizons would move from its location on Columbus Avenue to The Stone House on Perkins Avenue because of the Sandusky State Theatre's expansion. The framing shop originally opened in downtown Sandusky in 1977.



I was a victim of the "new" math. It was a disaster and I had to play catch-up to learn what I had missed. This is a good example of the educational establishment pushing change just for the sake of change and unfortunately they are still doing it today.